Friday, April 26, 2024

W is for Whimsy

Good Words Alphabetically: W is for Whimsy


Often we must have a plan to get a good job done
Practical and to the point and mostly not much fun
But sometimes on our straight-laced path we need a bit of whimsy
A bit of “who knows what’s in store”, a touch of something flimsy
Nothing crudely horrible to give us pause to cringe
Just a bit of who knows what, a little bit unhinged
When there’s nothing pressing that needs doing on the dot
that’s the time to take a break and do the stuff that’s not
Responsible and grown up, dependable and sure
To try something that’s more whimsical, silly, fun and pure
Have a wiggly, jiggly giggle, add a whirly twirly spin
Sweep the cobwebs from your brain, let pink cotton candy in.
Get a chocolate ice cream cone. How high you can swing?
Blow some bubbles, pop them too. How loudly can you sing?
Fly a kite, and dig in sand, try standing on your head.
I wouldn't recommend though, to be jumping on the bed...
But do some things just on a whim, a path not trod in years
and see if maybe for a while you'll turn some fears to cheers.
Tomorrow you'll be practical and all grown up again
But today for just a little while get a crayon, toss the pen!

By Donna JT Smith ©️2024


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  1. Cute. It has been a while since I've had a wiggly, jiggly giggle.


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