Friday, April 12, 2024

K is for Kind

Good Words Alphabetically: K is for Kind

Okay, let's double up on K today, the 11th letter of the alphabet. Today's poem type begins with K.
A Kyrielle is a French form of rhyming poetry written in quatrains (a stanza consisting of 4 lines), and each quatrain contains a repeating line or phrase as a refrain (usually appearing as the last line of each stanza). Each line within the poem consists of only eight syllables. There is no limit to the number of stanzas a Kyrielle may have, but three is considered the minimum.

Some popular rhyming schemes for a Kyrielle are: aabB, ccbB, ddbB, with B being the repeated line, or abaB, cbcB, dbdB. This one is aabB, ccbB, ddbB, eebB.

Lavishly Kind

If everyone had empathy
and lived lives with some sympathy,
there would be fewer we would find
who fall short of lavishly kind.
you do not have to love all jokes,
nor like all manner of rude folks;
but with this power of the mind
attempt to be lavishly kind.
For every being started living
with baby's smile and laughter giving,
and then their journey came to wind
on rough roads not lavishly kind.
It's your commission to attend
to beings lost and needing friend;
no matter if you're not inclined,
be the one who's lavishly kind.

By Donna JT Smith ©2024

I really wanted the word "bounteously" in there, but it just was overloaded with syllables. You have half a line's worth in that one word!




  1. Donna, welcome back to Poetry Friday this April! I enjoyed browsing through your alphabetical good word list. This Kyrielle looks like a fun form. (I will add it to my list to try.) I liked the slight change in the repeated line, and I especially like the idea of "lavishly kind."

    1. I used the "repeating phrase" option with "lavishly kind". I was going to try to find a way to work the whole line, but it was too finicky!

  2. "Be the one" - exactly nailed it! Wishing all would read this, Donna!

  3. Yes it does work well! Loving this!!🥰

  4. Hi Donna, how clever, and what a lovely poem, full of kindness, you know, the lavishly kind. :)

    You have a way with words.
    Sending smiles to go with them, Jenny

    1. Having fun! Thanks for stopping by and reading! I have to read and comment on tons tomorrow!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Really fun NPM project, Donna. I love all the K sounds (and also the L ones on your next post).

  7. Challenge met, Donna, and beautifully! This was lavishly lovely.


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