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Reading One by One

She opens a book And turns its pages One by one And you Delight in each picture. But it was not always This way. In the beginning You twisted And turned And looked Around, You grabbed And chattered And laughed at the dog, While mom kept reading, Savoring each picture, Softly laughing, Turning pages One by one. Though you played,  You stayed on her lap, And the little By littles Captivated; The one By ones Enwrapped. Now  When mom reads You melt into her lap, Sinking into each word Your mother whispers, Savoring books One by one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I visited my daughter and son-in-law for our grandson's first birthday last week, we were treated to the vision of our birthday boy snuggled in his mom's lap listening to her read a book.  His attention was intense.  He studied every picture, though he was relaxed and leaning back on her in her lap.  She reads 2 books to him every night before he goes to

In the Heat of the Moment

We've been out for a cooling drive in the air-conditioned car.  Getting out of the car, the warm, humid air hits me.  Pushing open the door to the house, there is very little temperature difference. The dog greets me saying she needs to go out and then maybe have a little bit more water. The cat is yelling something about the dog pushing past the chair barricade and eating all the cat food in his bowl and, that being said, I'd better do something about it, or else. The cat food is in the laundry room where I suddenly remember that load of clothes in the wash that have to be put in the dryer before they begin to sprout, OR having already missed the window of opportunity, either have to be washed again or taken outside and set free. Ah, they are still sweet smelling.  I grab more clothes and start another load of wash while they dry. With those chores done, I towel off, grab a half dozen ice cubes and throw them in a glass with water post haste, before I give in to the incl


Tickled pink Phlox last week. Well, yesterday they dug up around the house in Friendship to put in the new drainage, hook up the septic, take out the bulkhead and kill some flowers. We lost our lilac bush in the process.  We were going to try to save it, but it seemed too difficult.  We may try sticking it back in the ground, but for now I'm going to try not to mourn the loss of it.  It wasn't very large anyway. The forsythia got to be spared.  As the lawn was ripped up beside it, the poor, little, defenseless forsythia was probably shaking in it's roots...probably soiled itself...... but how would you know? Forsythia is to the left of the ditch in front of house. Flummoxed Phlox this week. I took cuttings of the old fashioned rosebush and brought them home in case that didn't survive the upheaval.  But when we got out there, it looked as if they had potted the rosebush and quite a few of the Phlox, so we may have saved some of the original flowers and p

Walter Reed's Gulf Station

Today's Poetry Friday is being hosted by Rena J. Traxel at On the Way to Somewhere .  Head on over and click on links to some other great poetry sites.  She is also hosting a contest that you may be interested in.  Have a wonderful day wherever you are! *********************** On Wednesday, I took a drive out to the area in which I grew up.  Many days over my ten years there were spent in front of Walter Reed's store waiting for the school bus.  I was able to stop and talk with the current owner of the property and reminisce some about growing up nearby.  The building won't be standing much longer it appears.  The front is being propped up now.  If you look closely you will see that the top is not a pitched roof, but one of those facades that goes straight up and has a step up kind of side.  It used to be a Gulf station with pumps out front.  But the inside is what I loved the most! Walter Reed's Gulf Station and General Store, Woolwich, Maine Walter Reed

15 Words or Less Thursday

I visited Laura Salas' 15 Words or Less Thursday , and wrote this bit to go with her posted picture.  Go there if you would like to read others, try it yourself or just see the picture. Monkey chased by T Fell into the mud, Mired, now history, Making crude in crud. ©Donna JT Smith

Relax and Enjoy

Found at the Kittery Trading Post * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Days  Of Summer, Like diamonds - Precious and few Guarded and hoarded, Luxurious and glorious, Bedazzling our lives; Priceless summer Days! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ©2012, Donna JT Smith