Friday, October 14, 2016

Change of Heart

Thank you Michelle H Barnes and Kenn Nesbitt for the October prompt of writing a poem to and for your mother.  I have written other poems that have my mother in them, but never this one.  I guess I feel like she's been gone long enough to write it, but now I wish she'd known that I realized all she'd done for us.  So, though belated, and I can't see her face as she reads this in Heaven, here it is, for You, Mom:

Change of Heart

I cannot imagine
A stronger woman, wife, mother.
I was, and still am,
Determined to be like you.

You were not
Brought up the way most
Kids were.
In a tough life
You grew all
The more determined
To survive and thrive;
A different person
Than those around you.

I would never be abandoned;
I would get no coal at Christmas -
Jokes would be funny not hurtful;
My questions would have answers.

As a child,
I could not comprehend
The enormity of the difference
In my life
Made possible
By your young heart’s decisions;
But now I know.
Thank you for
Not just surviving,
But loving life,
Changing lives,
Loving me more
Than you should have been able.

Determined to be like you,
I was, and still am
A stronger woman, wife, mother -
I cannot imagine.

by Donna JT Smith

On Irene Latham's post today, she mentioned titles and how we come by them.  I realized this poem had undergone a few title changes on paper and in brain before I settled on its "meant to be" title.
I went through something like this:
"Change"... "Never Too Young to Change Lives"... "Changing Lives"... "Changing Hearts"...  and finally - "Change of Heart" - which felt right and to the point of what I wanted to say.

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Friday, October 7, 2016

No Poem?

No Time for a Poem

Porridge for breakfast,
Spaghetti-Os for lunch,
Hot dogs and broccoli
For dinner to munch;

Throwing the frisbee,
Endless sweet talk,
Seeing a deer
On a long walk;

Puzzles and cars,
Winnie the Pooh,
Books and paint brushes,
Laughter and glue!

Sorry, I'm busy -
I can't write a poem
For I have my grandkids
Right here in my hoem.

Forgive me for slacking -
Not writing a lot -
There are songs to be sung
and hugs to be caught!


But I do want to mention - a Woo-hoo!
Nancy Drew Anthology is now available on Amazon in paperback.  My poem, "The Missing Mother's Message" is right in there with other poems from other poets.


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