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Poetry Friday

Simply in a hurry.  Very busy yesterday.  Want to see Ginger today... But a poem for her. Ginger A simply silly Labrador With eyes all sparklehappy Retrieves without a second thought And plops upon my lap she Isn't small enough for that But how can I deny her She loves without a second thought I wish her nose were drier. by Donna JT Smith, Feb 8, 2019 Ha!  There you go - a poem out of it at last. Gotta run.  I'll let you know what "treat" she found to almost kill herself on. Well, it was a small pop gun ball.  She evidently ate TWO of them.  One she threw up along with a cotton rope knot and bread tie... then they found the other during surgery yesterday.  She is healing, along with our bank account. Here it is...almost usable still...unlike my credit card.  This is a Hog Wild Popper ball. Great fun, until they aren't! Find a Poem, read it up, all the day you'll happy up....(wait - that's a double up rhyme) with Laura today at

Home is Where the Heart Is

I am going to set this page up today, but don't know where it will lead me.  I have been up all night...a few nod-offs watching tv and babysitting Ginger, our yellow lab, who has taken ill.  Lots of vomiting yesterday.  And this morning we had more when she got rid of the water I'd given her.  She is not eating now.  I have made her some rice broth, but she only took about two tablespoons before saying she'd had enough. So I'm tired and worried and heartsick.  My FB post explains more.  I don't feel like going into it all again. That said, I'm going to try to pull myself together and get the First Spiritual Journey Thursday link up ready at the very least.  Then I hope to take a nap while my husband figures out if he is heading to the vet with Ginger, or we are riding it out a bit longer. This was to be a "heartwarming" post today.  And I am going to try to remember what I had in mind and get my focus back there. Essentially, I was thinking of

A Slug's Bio

Rebecca Herzog made up this poem game to get the juices flowing, and I always love a challenge... even when I'm cloggy nosed and coughy.  So I tried it again today.  I left one in the comments yesterday from my 5, 2, 1 combo... Dribble, Dying, Botanist.... Here's the game: Write the numbers 1-6 on strips of paper and draw them out of a bowl or use dice to generate three numbers.  Use the prompts below to compose a poem: POETRY FORM 1. Cherita 2. Haiku 3. Bio Poem 4. Acrostic 5. Dribble 6. Limerick TOPIC 1. Winning 2. Dying 3. Travel 4. Season 5. Alone 6. Haunted CHARACTER 1. A botanist 2. A door 3. A cafeteria 4. a toy 5. A slug 6. A geologist I picked three numbers.  I got a 3, 2, 5 combination (there are three of each number so you could get a 1, 1, 1).   The result was I had to write a "Bio Poem",  with the topic of "Dying" and the Character being "a slug".  Here's a Bio Poem format, in case you are unfamiliar

Better Late Than Never

* Oh, dear.  I apologize in advance.  This post is too long.  Pick ONE part of it.  Don't let it overwhelm you, as overwhelms me now looking at it....for someone who has nothing to write, it is certainly full of words!  I am sick today, but am slowly making my way through all the poem offerings.  I'm hoping doses of poetry will get me feeling better! * Life has just been taking priority over writing...and when the writing DOES occur, Facebook posting has taken precedence over blog posting.  So here's a recap and I apologize to those who have already read these on Facebook.  I am sharing my two poems that I sent to Erin Mauger for Tabatha Yeatts' Winter Exchange. I am posting the poem I wrote for Jone Rush MacCulloch's New Year Postcard Exchange (see FB for why you didn't get a postcard from me...but might someday. Surprise!). And this first poem is one written in response to a painting I found recently at a thrift store.  I reminds me of "home&qu