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Poem Potpourri

Buffy Silverman posted some refrigerator poetry she and her daughter did, and one line caught her attention as she was editing her composition. I too liked the sound of that line and decided to do something with it - though not sure what.  Then this morning I came up with a think.  She left our "who", but I'm going back to her original line from her poem: My think was to add to it, like a progressive poem. Only maybe using pre-packaged words .  Refrigerator magnets, words from a page on a book, words on book titles... whatever.  Just show the source of your words you used.  Found stuff! Sign up?  Or just add a line.  Maybe the line doesn't have to be in an order.  Maybe we should just do lines and then try to put them together into a poem.  That might be too hard.  But signing up seems difficult also.  Sometimes I don't have enough traffic to get enough to sign on. So it will be a one shot deal... throw in your line! Here's mine: Feroc

Party Poetry Friday

It is the end of the year, last day tomorrow.  It's Party Poetry Friday here today though! I am happy to have had this wonderful year to be writing and reading and getting to know everyone another year more and meeting new bloggers and poets and writers.  2016 has been a pretty good year for that.  There is not much I would do differently about this year, and next year I hope to have as much boldness as this year.  I liked the word BOLD as my OLW this year.  Other years I'd picked a word, but none grabbed me as much as this one. What will my next word be?  It needs to be one that fits my life now.  My first thought was CONTENTMENT or just CONTENT.  But I don't want to just be a stagnant CONTENT.  I want it to be a BOLD word - a strong CONTENTMENT.  Maybe COMMIT.  I will think about it some more.  I'll let you know. I hope everyone had a year that was productive and memorable in good ways, and that 2017 will bring even more wellness and joy to each and every one!  I

Christmas 2

This morning was our official Christmas.  The family was here.  My grandson awoke first and started the day with a HUGE bowl of oatmeal...Bob's Red Mill... with cinnamon, maple syrup and blueberries.  Yum.  It's not on my list of ok foods, so I then whipped up a couple of crustless quiches for the adults... hamburger, bacon, sausage, onion and spinach sauteed together... eggs, some heavy cream, plain yogurt and grated cheese mixed together.  Meat and egg concoctions stirred together.  Two buttered pie plates to pour it into.  An oven preheated to 375.  About 45 minutes of time to wait.  Then - oh, yum. After breakfast, presents.  I wrap the presents in a different paper for each person - no name tags, so it was fun to watch the kids pick up presents and hand them off to someone else.  Often they sat right there in front of the person to see what was in the package, ignoring the fact that they could easily have gone and gotten another present that they could open for thems

Christmas Eve tonight

Because my family will be here tomorrow for our "present" Christmas, tonight is essentially Christmas eve in our worldly sense.  Yesterday we did not celebrate Christmas as we had thought we would originally. We planned to be at church bright and early for Sunday School, then church, then dinner with my brother and sister-in-law and son, then all of us back at church for the evening. But upon waking, my husband's gout had kicked back in and he was not able to walk.  He slept until 2:30 pm, having been awake most of the night.  I got up as usual thinking I might just go down to church anyway.  Our church is over an hour away though, and it had been raining the day before... temps were down in the teens, so roads were very slick out here on the island.  It was decided that I would stay home and make sure my husband could get what he needed and get to where he needed to go. Creatures stirring I made coffee and a small breakfast, then sat in the living room with my Bi

For Me, For You

* ~ * * * ~ * For me, for you: The Gift There is no more blessed day than this -  That day    We were given       the Prince of Peace,       the Great I Am,       the King of Kings,       the Lord of All, lowly born    in a stable    in a manger -       - le divin enfant -    in the manger    in the stable; lowly born       Emmanuel,       the Comforter,       the Counsellor,       the Way,    We were given  that day; There is no more blessed gift than His.   Here is Haiku #25 for #HaikuforHealing, right on time: * ~ * * * ~ * The Gift May joy, peace and hope Come to you this Christmas day and reside always. * ~ * * * ~ * Hope your Christmas brings you a joy and a comfort, and a peace that passes all understanding. * ~ * * * ~ *

Christmas Eve Creatures

A double Haiku for Healing today... What a crew I have here!  Can hardly wait for the grandchildren to arrive! Haiku #23 and #24  I'm current!  Whoo-hoo! Christmas Eve And all through the house Not a creature was stirring Wait...only the mouse - Mouse isn't stirring - Mama in cap enduring Indoor reindeer games. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS... as you can see, we have already started our MERRY!

Poetry Friday

Haiku #22 Christmas Helpers Awaiting Santa Ever watchful dog and cat Eying evergreen It is soon to be Christmas Day.  I'm excited for the day after Christmas and the morning after that.  That's when we will be having "presents" day.  Christmas Day will be spent at church, morning and night.  The next evening, my daughter, her husband and children; and my son will be here for the opening of presents.  I've decorated, but I'm holding off on the baking.  I don't do gluten and I don't do much for carbs.  So it should be an interesting holiday again this year.  But I'm not messing up my new way of eating just to join in.  I can have a good time regardless.  I'll watch my grandchildren eat the sugar cookies and candy canes! But when it IS time to cook, I can thank Jone Rush MacCulloch for some festive and decorative essentials!  I have a new oven mitt and dish towel with cute snowmen on them.  The kids are going to love the

Thursday Snow's Haiku

Today has been a great day for staying inside - for me anyway.  Haiku #20 Winter Walk salted to stone Steps swept to weathered boards Oak stacked to the roof   The nice thing about a Lab is that they love to fetch.  So I can stand on the porch, throw the frisbee or ball - she runs after it or catches it, then returns to the porch for me to do it again.  She is getting low on toys now though.  She has lost two in the snow.  We/she has four left.   Ginger contemplating her plans for later The two she lost were in direct violation of what we had as an understanding.  Last night she took it upon herself to go sniffing with the toy in her mouth and she ignored my calls to "Come".  It was dark and she went into the woods.  There are a lot of acres of woods around us, and she is collarless, though micro-chipped.  I had no idea where she went.  I got a flashlight and peered into the woods.  I could no longer hear her crunching as she moved through the sno


I'm behind again in haikuing.  I just get so busy, and start a haiku and then begin playing around with it until it is time to do more stuff and I'm not done with what I WAS doing. So let me search through my scraps here and see if I have a half haiku or two into which life may be breathed... Didn't find one.  So I'm looking at this picture I took of three penguins I made to give to my Sunday School kids next Sunday. They won't read this, so I'm safe. Two weeks ago I brought a beautiful box and set it on the table for them to see.  Then we talked about waiting.  And I told them they would have to wait to see what was in the beautiful Christmas box until the end of class. When we opened it it had three small packages of Fimo clay - yellow, white and black.  It didn't look very special. I told them they would have to wait more and find out how this plain, ordinary looking stuff would be special.  It was the story of waiting for Jesus, and how he c

Saturday's Snow

We had a snow... slippery stuff as it was dusty snow over ice.  That is never a good thing, but top that with no snow plows... There were cars all over the place that couldn't get up hills or around corners.  For some reason the street crews were not to be seen.  I'm wondering if they heard the weather for the next day, Sunday, which is calling for rain and 50 degrees.  Last night it was 3 degrees below zero, so I think they were waiting for the freeze to be over and hopefully save money with snow melting. At any rate - here are my two haiku for today.  I'm caught up.  These are # 16  and #17! Haiku 16 and 17 Winter Walk 1 Snow lightly settles On stillness of morning paths White frames her footprints Winter Walk 2 Slip - gripping, tripping - Break stride, glide, side slide, collide Your seat greets the street. BTW I did not fall today.  I did, however, fall the day before... in the woods... I was fine - don't worry!  Just tripped over a fallen branch while walki

Christmas Haikus

It's Poetry Friday, and though I'm a little late posting, I couldn't let it go by without a Haiku - or two.  I'm almost caught up.  Christmas may get a little tricky to keep on track, but I'm going to try! Haiku #14: Christmas 1 Pause in wonderment - No garlands, wreaths, nor glitter; Just a holy night. Haiku #15: Christmas 2 Unroll, measure, cut, Wrap, fold, tape, tie, curl and card Stack, grab another. Now to read more poetry this Friday and all week head to Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference !

Day 14 of December

Beginning of December last year. Nearing spring I have now held steady for a few months. I am starting up again just a bit more seriously, as I'd like to do a few more pounds.  So going lighter on the yogurt for desserts and back to heavier on the bacon! This summer In honor of that, I'm haiku-ing for my health today. Thursday and I'm almost caught up to one haiku a day for December - These will be #10, #11 and #12. #10 Bunless No bun, no crackers, Hold the pancakes, muffins, pies, Time to break bread ties. #11 Eating Out Baconator lunch, Cheesy eggs and bacon, please, Chili, bacon side. #12 Mantra Fat feasting - I lose, Carbohydrate snack - I gain; Such loss is sweet gain. Okay, just added this one, because it came to me after loading the images: #13 Sweet are gray hair years - Grandchildren, motorcycles, Time to spend looking. ***************** This is not the easiest thing to do when Thanksgiving and Christmas are holding

Shadows and Squirrels Haiku

This morning, I watched a nice fluffy gray squirrel make his way through the woods.  In summer you can't see them well because of all the foliage.  But in winter the sun shines through the trees, making long shadows earlier in the day than I think appropriate. I watched him scampering over the snow mounds and through the shadows, to the small stream.  He stopped to get a drink and then burrowed down through the snow to the buried oak leaves.  He fetched an acorn or some other small bit that he sat and nibbled on for a while before moving on. He was my haiku today. December's Haiku #8 Squirrel darts and weaves Through tangled shadow ribbons Tail trails close behind. Yesterday I saw a big gray squirrel who was thinking about crossing the road just as I was approaching.  He changed his mind, but then he appeared to lose his mind - as squirrels are wont to do.  He didn't run back in the road as they sometimes will do when changing their mind, but he did start sc

Three Haiku

This morning we woke to the sounds of coyotes on the banks on our island's riverside.  They were loud and close, and it makes me nervous when the dog has to go out.  We make sure she has her training collar on and that the barking has died down before allowing her outside.  If it's dark, before releasing her I also scan the area with a flashlight to see if there are any eyes reflecting back at me. Frozen island dawn - Roving brazen coyotes Rouse slumbering geese I also heard gunshots, so we may be a little short on coyotes this morning.  That would be a good thing. ****************************************** It sure hurts to land on those winter ice spikes! Haiku #6:     Slushy, soupy snow Soaking my feet yesterday - Frozen spikes today.   ******************************************   There's nothing like a nice thin layer of water on top of ice to make your evening trip into Starbucks exciting! Haiku #7 Ice-skimmed, smooth sidewalk Imitates

Sunday, Monday

Sunday's are busy.  So I didn't get to write a haiku.  I'm going to sit and think about Sunday for a minute and see if there was something that struck me that would be good to write. (Pause...             keyboard sounds...) A Sunday Christmas? "Oh, come let us adore him"? Or will we stay home? There.  That was a thought from Sunday.  December 25 is a Sunday this year.  How to celebrate Christmas AND the birth of Christ AND attend church.... hmm... It is such a dilemma when Jesus gets in the way of celebrating His birthday. Seems really like this would be a most special way to celebrate and remember why this holy day exists.  Just a thought. ************************** Haiku #4 "Splurch, crunkle, skinch, plick!" Frozen snow icily talks To boots overhead. I don't know if you have ever listened to footsteps on a frozen snow, especially frozen slush.  You cannot walk quietly in chunky snow.  It protests SO much!

Haiku Two That Should Be Ten

 Haiku #2 (and #3 at the end - I'll write two a day for a bit to catch up!) Stone Cold Cozy Saturday Drifts away like frozen breath Of a dead boiler. And you can guess how we spent Saturday morning.  It was 16 degrees last night and sometime in the night the boiler stopped circulating the nice warm water as we slept.  I hate that slow awareness that comes to you as you waken and realize that something is amiss.  Your nose is colder than it should be.  Your legs and feet are starting to feel the cold seeping in between the threads.  The spaces between threads shouldn't be that large - you have good thread count.  Why does it feel like there's a draft?  Okay.  Something is wrong.  Do I want to know that we have no roof?  Do I want to know that the front door is wide open?  Do I want to know that the boiler isn't working and it is a Saturday so it is an emergency call?  Do I want to know it is not enough degrees outside?  Do I want to know it is not enough degrees i

Glad Tidings

It's Poetry Friday, and I have been busy writing a poem for my Winter Swap partner.  And while I was writing and revising... I had to stop and write this one.  It kept intruding on my thoughts.  I was glad that it did.  So here it is.  And then go visit more poetry gladness at Jone's Check It Out !  And sign up for the Friendship Friday postcard exchange while you are visiting her!  I may have to steal that name for something, as we will soon move to Friendship, Maine.  Nice name, huh? My moving blog is at Gull Haven's been a 5 year process, but it seems that it will actually happen almost in time for my husband's retirement at the end of December. Glad Tidings Prepare in the morning, Prepare in the night; Keep your heart open, Prepare for its light. For ever and ever, For always, in spite Of good times or bad, Of happy or sad; Remember to look for That moment of Glad. You’ll find it in something So small Barely showing. It starts where your h

Children's Writers Notebook

This is how "off" I am lately.  I started this post yesterday, but never published it.  I was so tired and unmotivated!  I am putting it up today regardless of the fact that it is Saturday now. I was sick last week, and thought I was getting better last Sunday.  Guess I tried to pretend too long and too hard, because now I'm sick again - or still.  There is actually a poem on this page.  After you get through my fog you'll come to the dog... *********************** It's Poetry Friday.  I've not been as "on" lately as in the past.  Seems like I have "stuff to do" all the time.  But I'm giving it a go today, although I am late. Last week I went to Barnes & Noble just to browse, and I came upon this book (actually I found 2 books, but I haven't started the second one). The book is called Children's Writer's Notebook and features 20 Great Authors & 70 Writing Exercises, by Wes Magee, published by Metro Books in N

Change of Heart

Thank you Michelle H Barnes and Kenn Nesbitt for the October prompt of writing a poem to and for your mother.  I have written other poems that have my mother in them, but never this one.  I guess I feel like she's been gone long enough to write it, but now I wish she'd known that I realized all she'd done for us.  So, though belated, and I can't see her face as she reads this in Heaven, here it is, for You, Mom: Change of Heart I cannot imagine A stronger woman, wife, mother. I was, and still am, Determined to be like you. You were not Brought up the way most Kids were. In a tough life You grew all The more determined To survive and thrive; A different person Than those around you. I would never be abandoned; I would get no coal at Christmas - Jokes would be funny not hurtful; My questions would have answers. As a child, I could not comprehend The enormity of the difference In my life Made possible By your young heart’s decisions; But

No Poem?

No Time for a Poem Porridge for breakfast, Spaghetti-Os for lunch, Hot dogs and broccoli For dinner to munch; Throwing the frisbee, Endless sweet talk, Seeing a deer On a long walk; Puzzles and cars, Winnie the Pooh, Books and paint brushes, Laughter and glue! Sorry, I'm busy - I can't write a poem For I have my grandkids Right here in my hoem. Forgive me for slacking - Not writing a lot - There are songs to be sung and hugs to be caught! ~~~~~~~~~~~*******~~~~~~~~~~*******~~~~~~~~ But I do want to mention - a Woo-hoo! Nancy Drew Anthology is now available on Amazon in paperback.  My poem, "The Missing Mother's Message" is right in there with other poems from other poets.

Nancy Drew Anthology is Out!

Excited!! I will be back for more talk, but here are some links: https://silverbirchpress. release-nancy-drew-anthology/ Here's a link to the book's page : Drew-Anthology-Everybodys- Anthologies/dp/0997797215/ref= sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475390155& sr=8-1&keywords=nancy+drew+ anthology Social media: BLOG: https://silverbirchpress.wordp FACEBOOK: /Silver-Birch-Press/3746499125 90182 TWITTER: hpres

I Got A Round to It

Oh, back a couple of days ago, I saw Michelle's post about YOU JUST WAIT: A POETRY FRIDAY POWER BOOK by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong and the shape poem prompt.  And I started fiddling about with this round poem.  I wanted to fill it with all sorts of references to round in many of its meanings also.  See how many you can find... though some of it is in the actual meaning of the text, too!  Good luck.  I don't know the answer - just warning you! Making the Rounds orbicular eggs release tadpoles roly-poly polliwogs  apostrophic black body-heads sporting long tails  springing slipping from translucent globes of black egginess glueless globs of jelly attached to discoidal green waterlily pads afloat tugging the mud hugging the shallow pond’s curves beneath the radiant sun reflecting and illuminating each concentric ripple single pebbles have created as they are cast into the green water by a fresh-faced rosy-cheeked young tadpole perched on the crested banks rou

News, Views, Clues, Woo-hoos!

It's Poetry Friday! Hip-hip, hooray! Such a special day When get to say... Yay! Here's all the news,  views   and woo-hoos Coming your way - Now I have to remember all that I needed to say... and the rhyming MUST stop for now - quite enough... Okay. Last Friday I left you with this teaser: Next Friday: Sharing Buffy Silverman's Summer Poetry Exchange poem, maybe my anniversary poem, and a bit of news about a poem.. . I have to add one item that slipped my mind.  The refrigerator magnet got forgotten in a shuffle. 1.  News - Tabatha Yeatts won the refrigerator magnet!  Not sure if she's sharing it today, too, but here it is.  It's the picture she sent, and my poem to go with it. The term , "Ice-olated", is from about 30 years ago or more, when my son was 5 or younger, and used it when he was being a superhero and wanted to "isolate" me, or encapsulate me in ice - his meaning.  I loved it, and had to use it some day. 2. I

Yesterday or Tomorrow?

As I visited Poetry Friday offerings ... a bit late because my husband and I made a quick decision to go to PA and see the Sight and Sound production of "Samson" for our anniversary Friday night! (amazing, amazing, loved it, loved it)... I went to Carol Varsalona's poem "Summer Moved On" , and as I was commenting, I found I was beginning a poem.  So I stopped and moved it over here! I should keep track of how many poems I've written because I've read a post and my comment to it became a poem.  It has happened a number of times.  I thought it was a fluke probably the first time, but now I'm realizing what rich soil I'm blogging in!  There is inspiration and motivation and instigation wherever I look, listen or read! Yesterday or Tomorrow? I remember it like it was yesterday It was there just moments ago - Remember yesterday, When summer was here? Did it lag behind us, Get left in our dust? Or did it move on past us When we were not aw

Poetry Friday Anniversary Post

It's Poetry Friday!  Today's poetic offerings are being hosted by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at The Poem Farm !  Thanks, Amy! First, I want to post a poem I wrote on the spur of the moment when I was looking for Kiesha Shepard's blog .  I searched and found her From Pens to Paint blog where she tells of refinishing furniture.  While on From Pens to Paint, I came across this post about some end tables she'd painted using "flour sack white milk paint". Some words came to mind which I had to write down. And these are they: Flour-Sack White Flour-sack white cottage In an unmown field - Memories still linger Where the paint has peeled. Sheets and socks blow gently Drying in the sun, Barrel by the backdoor Expecting rain to run; Windows bring the day in, Shifting shadow’s light On worn bits of treasure In flour-sack cottage white. Wide fields, stretched forever, Dry to golden brown, As the sun of summer Earlier sets down. Autumn days of harves

Poetry Exchange

It's Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Penny at A Penny and Her Jots . And today I'm sharing the last poem exchange of the summer, organized by Tabatha Yeatts.  My last partner for this year's round is Carol Varsalona!  She seems to have done her homework and enjoyed the "assignment" in this year's summer poetry exchange.  Carol has kept up with my recent motorcycling adventures, as well as drawing from my April A to Z Challenge where I wrote poetry based on vanity plates in Maine!  Since Carol also has a vanity plate, she used her plate to write a creative acrostic and print it up on a bookmark with plenty of sparkle! Donna is....         E nthusiastic         L earner         A dmitting         R eal         E xciting         A dventure   foun D on the road By Carol Varsalona, all rights reserved She also found a newspaper article on women bike riders and used the article to create a Found Poem. "What? Wearing Motorcycle

Today is...

Today is... Today is lighter than yesterday; high clouds split wide with seams popping show blue; breezes curl up into my helmet, dazzling me with smells of fields mowed, leaves burned, roses blooming, the tide turning; the sun's warm hand on my shoulder makes me smile; and for the very first time I am thinking of more than   clutch -     shift -       break -         throttle. by Donna JT Smith, 8/27/16 by Donna JT Smith, 8/27/16

Is It Ever Late?

Happy Poetry Friday!  Today's fun is hosted by Heidi Mordhorst at My Juicy Little Universe . Now, contrary to the poem below... there is a time-limit here. Yes, there is such a thing as "late".  So, HURRY!  There are a couple of days left.  Four days before September 1! I will be assembling materials to create a cool refrigerator magnet for someone!  Maybe it will be you. Get me your offering of a picture and a writing (preferably a poem, but prose is fine) about your refrigerator by end of day August 30 or point to it in the comments! Next Friday, I will announce the winner and reveal the stone/tile magnet prize featuring your picture, poem or both picture and poem.  Or one I’ve just made up, just for you.  You can tell me which you’d like if your name is the one drawn from my motorcycle helmet.  It's the Great Refrigerator Race... of sorts. Late Look at the date Me thinks the fate Of leaves can wait I’ve not yet cleaned my plate Or slate

Tabatha's Refrigerator and a Poem

As you may or may not know, it is Refrigerator Month here, and I'm featuring refrigerator stuff all August long!  If you have a refrigerator "thing" you want to share - a picture, poem, prose - Link at the linky at the "Refrigerator" tab above, or send me an email.  I will put it right here, as I am doing with Tabatha's today!  And I will put all the names in a motorcycle helmet and draw one out for a grand prize of a stone tile refrigerator magnet, featuring something you sent in... or your choice of picture/verse... So far, Tabatha wins... I will check my email again, but I don't think there is another entry and we are half-way through the month! Emailed refrigerator offering from Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference : "Another Shot from my Fridge" "I guess the subject line says it all. We got Walt Whitman finger puppet magnet recently -- I think of him as "Uncle Walt." Joy's postcard is one that you read r

Refrigerator Wraps

So I was just browsing around on the Internet today and came across Refrigerator Wraps .  And since this is refrigerator month, I'm featuring this.  I have nothing to do with this company, so if you decide to redecorate your refrigerator using a cool wrap, I don't get a penny!  Or a dollar... or even a cold drink. They sell heavy duty vinyl adhesive covers for refrigerators, to transform them into vintage and custom designed refrigerators.  They look pretty amazing and seem especially good if you have a not-so-new looking refrigerator that you'd like to spruce up!  I imagine that refrigerator magnets would still work with this coating on it, but you may need slightly stronger ones, or just keep posts off the refrigerator so people can see the new look. It might be nice to have a refrigerator that looks like a bookcase full of your favorite books, but the front of a VW is nice, too! I'm hoping to have some refrigerator posts from some of you soon!  But if not, it