Poem Potpourri

Buffy Silverman posted some refrigerator poetry she and her daughter did, and one line caught her attention as she was editing her composition.

I too liked the sound of that line and decided to do something with it - though not sure what.  Then this morning I came up with a think.  She left our "who", but I'm going back to her original line from her poem:

My think was to add to it, like a progressive poem.
Only maybe using pre-packaged words.  Refrigerator magnets, words from a page on a book, words on book titles... whatever.  Just show the source of your words you used.  Found stuff!

Sign up?  Or just add a line.  Maybe the line doesn't have to be in an order.  Maybe we should just do lines and then try to put them together into a poem.  That might be too hard.  But signing up seems difficult also.  Sometimes I don't have enough traffic to get enough to sign on.

So it will be a one shot deal... throw in your line!

Here's mine:

Ferocious women who never bring you coffee
always leave a wild song...

If you have an interest and a bunch of words somewhere... Next poetry Friday I'll be asking for more lines to add to this for the NEXT poetry Friday.  What else do these ferocious women do to sweeten our lives?  It will be a kind of list poem.  I'll arrange the lines when they come in.

Hope you can join in for a bold, hopeful, joyous Poem Potpourri!

Whoops!  One more Haiku for you... to close December's #HaikuforHealing, and 2016.

Endings start afresh
Bold new chapters yet untold 
Stories meant to be!

Welcome, 2017!


  1. Glad my line inspired you...and I like your wild song!

    1. What else might they do, make, like...? I'll just finish more if I don't get takers!

  2. Steam that climbs like smoke from a fire

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. bwa ha ha ha ha ha...I added that line. Then, got up to actually make coffee. Stopped. Thought. OMG I just said that women are stinky!
      So, I'd like to amend my line, please.

      new line: waking the world to a new day.

    2. Coffee is such a necessary tool for writing!


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