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A Slice of Coincidental Seagull

This past Friday, for Poetry Friday, I posted a beautiful poem that Keri Collins Lewis wrote for me as part of a Summer Poetry Swap that Tabatha Yeatts organizes. She sent me this wonderful poem placed on a picture of a seagull soaring.  Both picture and poem were special to me.  Part of the reason is that I'd fairly recently begun collecting some "things seagull" to put in our retirement home, Gull Haven , across the road from the ocean.  I posted my pictures of seagulls that inhabit my current home (still very close to the sea) just after the Keri's poem. One of the comments on the post that day was from Linda Baie .  In her comment she stated, "I'm going to send a picture to you of a sea gull perched on a piling (I think) that I found in an antique shop when I was on the Chesapeake Bay with my students. I collect little iron animals, this was a lovely "find"." Then she emailed me this picture, below, of her seagull find: He

A Whole Lotta Poetry Goin' On

It is Poetry Friday and time to celebrate poets and poetry and all that is poetic.  To find more poetically collected links today, please visit  Carol's Corner , where Carol is our hostess today.  Thank you, Carol! Next week, I will be hosting Poetry Friday RIGHT HERE at Mainely Write!  That will be on July 3rd - the same weekend we have summer in Maine.  Eeesh!  Maybe I don't have to put that snow shovel away - winter's going to be here again before you know it! There are a few links I'd like to share here today for Poetry Friday: For poetry connections today I, and others, have poems posted on Michelle H. Barnes site, Today's Little Ditty , where Michelle is posting the June challenge poetry.  Corey Rosen Schwartz has challenged us to write about building a treehouse, using unpredictable  multisyllabic rhyming words.  I submitted "Moldysocks and the Three Treehouses".  Go to Today's Little Ditty to read it and more treehouse poems for June.

Today's Little Ditty Challenge

Today's Little Ditty: DMC: "Moldysocks and the Three Treehouses" by Donn... : "Moldysocks and the Three Treehouses" - One day when a girl named Miss Moldysocks Was traipsing through woods and on river rocks, She spied... To read my "rest of it", go visit Today's  Little Ditty where Michelle H. Barnes is hosting.  It's part of a challenge given by Corey Rosen Schwartz to write a multisyllablic rhyme about building a treehouse.  Fractured ( and fractioned) fairy tales were mentioned, so I used that format.  Then in a prior post, last Thursday, limericks by Robert Schechter, so I employed that poetic format. Thanks for featuring my poem today, Michelle! I know, I need to do the wash and vacuum sometime soon....

Good Day

Happy Tire My "low pressure indicator" last week, said that one of my tires was low.  They looked fine, so I ignored it.  Then, a few days later the front driver's side tire looked like it was low when I was out shopping.  I called my husband, as I usually do for car issues, and he came out with a compressor and filled my tire more.  It was low by a few pounds. All was good for a few days.  Then the light came on again while I was out and about.  I looked at the tire, and it did look low again.  My husband was out of town now though, so no calling him for assistance.  However, I was pretty close to a shop that did our oil changes and tire work, so I opted to drive the short distance to see if they had time to check my tire.  They are amazing.  They took me right in and got me on the road again in no time.  I think I was there all of 15 minutes. And while I was there, I wrote because that is what I do when I wait and I have my iPad with me (or a receipt, or a napki

Another Poet is Born

It's Poetry Friday! Yea! And do I have a treat for you! But before that, thanks, Jama, for hosting the Roundup today at Jama's Alphabet Soup . Make sure you go there and enjoy the fare! On Monday, I went to school to do my usual reading and writing with second graders.  And as usual, I had a blast.  I am always delighted to have students greet me in the hallways again, as I did when I taught.  But these days it is a different greeting. "Are you going to read with me?" "Are you going to take me?" "Is it my turn?" Sadly, I cannot take them all!  And I hear the disappointed "Aw" when they aren't the one to come with me to a quiet corner to read or write for a few minutes in their day.  Now, remember, I was a long time classroom teacher, so I know most of the yearning I'm hearing is for a walk down the hall, or a potential break in what they were doing.  I'm not naive, but it is still nice. Monday was like all the othe

A 14 Word Poem

Today's poem was inspired by Laura Purdy Salas' challenge to write a 15 Words or Less Poem to go with a picture of a "gone to seed" dandelion.  Go here to see the image and other poets' offerings. I've put my own images here, for my poem. Papa Pappus Golden dread head Sported bedhead, Youth fled, Wind said, "Deadhead!" Hair shed - Bald head!

Poetry Friday

Happy Poetry Friday!  Join more poets and poetry lovers at Buffy Silverman's where she is Rounding Up all the links today on Buffy's Blog ! Just before mowing the lawn last week, I was able to capture a short video of the bluettes in the moving shadows.  I love summer shade! Green and white Display Of light Playing tag With breeze    Dark,       Light,          Dark,             Bright,    I wish I may       I swish I might Shimmering Patches moving Swaying    Playing stars Mottled mosses Carpeting of damp Browns grounded Once swirled to fall Now mounded Sprout trapped Sun lapped. ©Donna JT Smith, 2015