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My Poem Swappers

I so want to apologize to my Poetry Swap buddies.  I should have just taken this year off.  Every post from May 1 on has been a journey outside of the daily stuff.  And most times I just can't get past the daily stuff.  Even this moment I am eyeing the clock...gotta be somewhere in a few minutes so I don't want to get so involved that I get lost in time. After the purchase of the home in PA, we had to return in spring to prepare the home in ME for sale.  Now that is sold, I am back in PA and my husband is in ME helping renovate my son's home. A variety of extraneous issues that I don't want to go into have drawn attention from one thing to another in rapid succession.  I can't discuss all of it, but just know, it has been mind-boggling and randomly concerning.  If it isn't one thing, it's another.  However, there have been enough good things to keep smiling in between...just not enough TIME smiling to relax.  I'm always waiting for the next shoe to

Trees and More

It's time to celebrate poetry.  Today's topic is trees if ya got one....and I remembered this one I have on my I'm reposting it.  Yesterday I just happened to take a picture of this tree in the schoolyard where my grandchildren were learning to ride their bikes. It is a spectacular oak - so huge!  What a great thing for a school playground.  Though it was hot and muggy, the tree's shade made it the perfect temperature and you could feel a breeze sitting beneath its sheltering boughs. Poet Tree  A little word I wrote one day I really had too much to say I could not write it all I was much too small but then I learned about Haiku so short and stout and then I knew that would do so I wrote a little poem that said more than it’s words and from that grew a wish and need to spread my words like apple seeds and learn not to rhyme all the time one day my tree grew branches and I had more to say so much more and so much white space so I


Climbing Once I was young And free of most cares Now that I’m older I find that the stairs Are higher and steeper Than any I’ve known But still I look back On the garden I’ve sown Everything’s good Though perfection it’s not Yet there is a story Back there with a plot It’s taken me here To the next thrilling act The cliffhanger page where You’re missing some fact So I lift my right foot Then likewise my left I drag myself up Till I rest in the cleft Yes the steps are much harder The higher you climb But the view from the top Will be something sublime. By Donna JT Smith 8/4/2019

My Children

Back 30 years ago, I drew these two portraits of my children from memory...not a copy of a photo.  I found them in our move.  Sometimes you just have to make some changes to find treasures you forgot you had. Hannah, at age 5 Adam, at age 8 My grandchildren are these ages now. Time,Treasures and Trains When you thought you had it all and you wanted time to stop it didn't. Thankfully it kept on going to the next precious station. Life, holding to the track, even when switching rails treasures abounded with more around every corner clutching your ticket your journey with twists, turns, jolts and shifts continued to reveal treasures Remember to look, listen and live in each time, for each treasure on each train. by Donna JT Smith, 8/2/2019 It may not be my may be my fastest though!  I have to go get a van for moving more stuff this morning.  My train is barely slowing down today. Hope I can get to read more posts tonight in a v


We are in the midst of some life-changing events lately.  And when you make big changes, you need to keep connections.  I kept coming back to connections in the middle of change.... Connectedness keeps you grounded.  When spaces change, people change and conditions change, you need to rely on the good connections you have established to keep you grounded yet moving forward.  That is my life now.   I thank an unchanging God for the change to my life He brought, and for giving me all the connections we have established to draw on in daily life and in misty memories.  And that is all I can say.  I started this poem yesterday when I was contemplating our move and its many complications, and the connections to the past it is evoking and enabling as we go through the changes.  It's all just a part of a whole picture unfinished, a leg of a journey you are still walking, a chapter yet to be read, a dot-to-dot to be colored in. Change Pieces and parts Layered together H