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Poetry Friday Bird Challenges

Christie Wyman at Wondering and Wandering is hosting Poetry Friday and has thrown out a bird-related poem challenge to anyone willing to come along!  Check out the links posted...there maybe a few bird poems today.  Diane Mayr has also challenged anyone interested to select an image from the Library of  Congress (LOC) archives that is bird related.  So I've combined the two and this is it - I would, of course, search for a gull image - The poem is read from the box at the top to start then head on around the image clockwise. Title Aboard a trawler. Selecting fish and cutting off heads. Only mackerel, whiting and occasional flounder or halibut are kept. Thrown from trough into ice-filled hold. Fish heads and non-marketable fish are thrown into sea above which hundreds of seagulls wait hungrily. Provincetown, Massachusetts Contributor Names Rosskam, Edwin, 1903-1985, photogra

Poetry Swap from Iphigene

To the writers who want to be: Today I am also sharing a poem I received from Iphigene Daradar in the Philippines.  She stalked my blog (very effectively and efficiently, I might add!), and came up with a beautiful summary, beginning with a line I had written in one of my posts recently. LIKE A RUSHING WIND "Life is like a rushing wind around me." I sit to make lists in hope to catch life's gush into a string of words to check off. I write #3 only to hear a knock, life at my door asking me to go see beach roses blooming by my porch. I bend down breathe in the scent of pink and white roses, to notice the day was best for a ride to the coast Shook it off stamp my feet to the house and finish the list. ten things to write - to be done. I write #5 breeze blew my paper flew I run to shut the window found a bird perched I stop to listen to its song, an invitation to dance - shoeless on the grass beneath the sof

Poetry Friday

I read Mary Lee Hahn's post today (and she is hosting!) where she has written a Blitz Poem .  It was so intriguing, I had nothing ready for today, and I had some extra time (having gotten up a mere three hours after going to bed), so I decided to try one, too.  I've not spent much time finessing this, so I'm sure there are cleverer ones to be written than this.  But this was a good experiment in a Blitz Poem and I enjoyed my early hours this morning. Dawn of Fun At the end of my rope At the crack of dawn Dawn to dusk Dawn of ages Ages ago Ages gracefully Gracefully declined Gracefully bowed Bowed out Bowed to the master Master of all Master mind Mind your manners Mind your own business Business trip Business of living Living the life Living the dream Dream of a future Dream home Home of the brave Home on the range Range in age Range of motion Motion to adjourn Motion to the side Side by side Side of beef Beef it up Beef

First Spiritual Thursday Looking Ahead

Patricia Weaver at Writer on a Horse is hosting this "event", our Spiritual Thursday posts, today.  So if you are of a mind to read what others have to think and say about anticipating their favorite "seasonal" stuff's return, head on over to Pat's and click on a few links. Sunset with a gull Romans 8:25 - But if we hope for that we see not, [then] do we with patience wait for [it]. I am looking forward to the return of ALL the seasons, and ALL the things that go with them.  I should not be counting down, but there are days when I think "How many more seasons of these roses will I enjoy?", "How many more of this or that will there be?"  And I think of my husband's grandmother who lived to be 104, but had begun counting down at about my age now, or a bit younger.  She had 40 more years. So I have determined not to think TOO much about that and just live a lot. Looking Ahead to What's Passed my heart s