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Poetry Friday Snow Day Thanksgiving

Poetry Friday - the day after Thanksgiving...being hosted at  Carol's Corner today. Join in the feast! Thanksgiving was a great day... however on the day before Thanksgiving it started to snow and we lost power at 7 pm that night.  Thanksgiving at my house was now in question.  I had all the food, but no way to cook it.  Perhaps by morning we would have power again.  It was not likely though, as being on a peninsula-type island, our power doesn't go anywhere else.  Restoring us does not reactivate the next town or anything.  Ocean and Europe are next in line. So, no.  There was no power in the morning.  We packed up everything and headed south an hour plus and set up Thanksgiving a bit delayed there.  Turkey got in the oven (well, we actually put him in there, he wasn't so willing) at 11 am instead of 6 am. But we had Thanksgiving.  My son couldn't make it as he worked at 3 closer to our town.  We brought him a Thanksgiving meal on our way home that night while he

Poetry Jam - How to Poems

Today's challenge at Poetry Jam is to write a "how to" poem... and so here is my "How to Write a Poem"...and my "How to Be Six" poem embedded in it. How to Write a Poem first write down a bunch of things all the zany little zings that just wing into your brain your fenced in frame of mind. when your fingers stop and linger on a gritty, grainy zinger let it sing out of your brain unfettered frame of mind. How to be How to stop a cat How to pat a dog how to clean the refrigerator how to stuff a turkey how to make coffee how to climb a hill how to try on shoes how to comb your hair how to brush a cat/dog how to open a door how to close a door how to calm fears how to eat a lobster how to drive how to crack an egg how to watch a deer how to talk to a cat how to talk to a dog how to be six How to Be Six take away your many years put aside your grown up fears look for silly where you are make a vroom sound for a

I Am

Here we go - Poetry Jam's prompt today is to write about who you are or are not...your identity. Mirror Image I look in the mirror and - I am 5 wondering what I will do when my friend hits me my mother says "hit her back" I cannot I will not "So sit on her" I can do that she does not hit me again I am little I will not hit my friend but I will not be bullied. I am 6 wondering why a stranger would say, "Hi, chubby!" I ignore him my mother and mirror assure me I am not he does not know me in my outgrown red shirt my happy bare feet and dirty fingernails that have built miles of roads for my Tonka truck. I am 8 wondering at a stranger who tells my parents I am so grown up to give him comfort on the side of the road, when he has hit our dog with his car as we wait for the school bus I assure him, "My dog will be all right" though I am a bit worried that our dog will die I do not want him to feel sad

Tuesday - Woo-Hoo Day!

Yesterday afternoon I went in to town to work with second graders (I love that...I just walk in, grab a clipboard and go hunting for students available to do some extra reading or writing...) as a volunteer in my old school (from which I am retired).  That in itself made it a great day.  I have one kid who asks throughout the week if I'm coming to read with him.  I like that.  Someone looks forward to seeing me.  AND then I leave.  I don't have to keep Running Records, score anything, write a report, etc...none of that.  All the good parts of teaching without the paperworky quirky things. So yesterday was already a great day. But when I got home, there was a small UPS package waiting for me, leaning up against my front door. As an aside, I do have to tell you this.  If I hadn't even seen the package, I'd have known someone had been on our front porch by the dog's reaction when I got home.  She was standing over as far away from the door as possible, looking at us

And Now It Must Be Friday...

My brain could be back on schedule.  I woke up knowing it was Friday and that I hadn't posted anything for Poetry Friday. I've been reading lots of poetry for a while now.  You know, poetry is a funny thing.  I wrote "funny think" first and corrected it, but I think I am right.  It's a "funny think".  It isn't really a story, though it can be.  It's just a funny think; something that occurs to you - and mostly all in one sitting.  Oh, yes, you may edit and revise, but by and large the whole "think" comes in one sitting - in one huge think. I am not a big fan of poems that make you think too hard on the receiving end though.  You know, where a tree frog is symbolic for how someone's life is going, but they don't say it, so I'm left wondering if they truly feel that way about frogs, or maybe I should be feeling that way, or maybe it's really a statement about pond life in general...  I guess I'm pretty superficial w

Oh, It's Thursday?

Goodness...I feel like I've been rude.  I just got so caught up in being distracted that I forgot it was Thursday.  With Veterans' Day on Tuesday, I got off by a day, I guess.  There were things I wanted to remember to do today, and things that I thought were happening today but happened yesterday - so missed them entirely. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you to Michelle Barnes.  She has my haiku on her site today for the November Ditty of the Month Club offering.  It is part of her collection of monster-inspired haiku this month.  Mine isn't exactly monstrous, but it does have a black cat.  Head on over to Today's Little Ditty and maybe concoct your own monster-y haiku to submit!  It's fun.  Who isn't up for fun...any day of the week...? Phew!  OK, so tomorrow is Friday, right?


Poetry Jam has the challenge to write about the word "dream". Dream a dream is what is not but is though all the world is in a tiz I enter into dream of day and let my mind in there allay all fears and worries, roiling strife and cut through foggy seams of life and I return much saner, for my quiet time with secured door reopening I am renewed  a world made fresh each leaf a’dewed and I can see more clearly when in dreams I’ve taken Peace again ©Donna JT Smith And my dream, my second book of poetry is now available. "Winter Ways" is a collection of  Cold and Snowy Poems for young hearts. The iBook version is free from now through the Thanksgiving weekend! Winter Ways by Donna JT Smith | Make Your Own Book Thanks for looking and reading! 

An Exercise

On Friday, for Poetry Friday, Margaret Simon explained how she used her students as "guinea pigs" (so to speak), offering them a writing technique/prompt she had seen done by their state poet laureate, Ava Leavell Haymon, at the Book Festival Wordshop. Her explanation and results are on her page  Reflections on the Teche here . I decided to try the exercise, since I had a pen and the back of a large envelope right here handy beside me. Here's the final, short 6 line poem that I came up with out of some of the words jotted down: Oh, the luscious feeling Of sweet love I hum So softly enveloped In the arms of serenity Blessed I am. And this - with only a couple of very quick edits, is my "free writing" in 7 minutes.  It was supposed to be free writing - not a poem (complete with rhyming), but this just came out.  It is always a wonder-ing feeling when this happens.  I can never explain why sometimes words are easy and others they are labored over.

Poetry Friday and Winter Ways

We have already had snow here in Maine - my mother-in-law, up in The County (Aroostook  County to those out of the loop) - is seeing a foot accumulate today.  We were going up to visit for the weekend, but that weather has changed our plans. I've been busy this week, writing lots and lots and doing the necessary laundry and dishwashing.  No vacuuming, so I think that must be and dog are of no help... Anyway, after putting "The Fall of the Leaves of Fall" poems together in a photo quality book, I've decided to put "Winter Ways" in a trade book format.  This will mean a much better price point than the FLF book.  "Winter Ways" will have new poems, geared for the youngish and young at heart.  I'm sorry that most people don't go for rhyming books, but that seems to be what my brain does a lot of, so a lot of these are using that format.  I have written and rewritten and slept on it, and rewritten, hopefully to get the rhythm and

Rock Pebble Stone

Today's Poetry Jam challenge is to write about pebbles.  I have lots I could write about pebbles.  I love them.  I don't have tons of them, but I do have a few favorites I have picked up over the years.  One of my oldest is my wedding rock.  My best friend gave me this rock for our wedding.  It is a rather large rock that has followed me around since 1972.  It has a line of quartz that runs through it - a ring - so it is considered a wishing rock.  Then I have rocks that I collected with my mother when we took her to Newfoundland on her last trip before she died - the one a doctor told her not to go on, and she got a second opinion on that!  They are sharp red rocks that shattered off the face of a cliff there.  I'm surprised we made it through security with them, they were that sharp! Then I have shiny quartz and mica pieces and smooth white pebbles from Nova Scotia.  I try not to collect rocks anymore from beaches.  It doesn't seem right to deplete them, and cou