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Poetry Friday - the day after Thanksgiving...being hosted at Carol's Corner today. Join in the feast!

Thanksgiving was a great day...
however on the day before Thanksgiving it started to snow and we lost power at 7 pm that night.  Thanksgiving at my house was now in question.  I had all the food, but no way to cook it.  Perhaps by morning we would have power again.  It was not likely though, as being on a peninsula-type island, our power doesn't go anywhere else.  Restoring us does not reactivate the next town or anything.  Ocean and Europe are next in line.
So, no.  There was no power in the morning.  We packed up everything and headed south an hour plus and set up Thanksgiving a bit delayed there.  Turkey got in the oven (well, we actually put him in there, he wasn't so willing) at 11 am instead of 6 am.
But we had Thanksgiving.  My son couldn't make it as he worked at 3 closer to our town.  We brought him a Thanksgiving meal on our way home that night while he was at work.
It was still a wonderful day in spite of losing everything in our refrigerator and freezer.  We unfortunately had to make a quick dive into the cold to get the turkey, whipped cream, vegetables, and other assorted foods to take with us; and that cooled off the refrigerator too much it appears.  Our power came back on at 5 pm on Thanksgiving, but that wasn't early enough to save any food.  The worst thing about that is it would be a great time to clean the refrigerator....but I just did that a couple of days ago to get ready for the turkey et al.
Here's why no power...and the only way off the island.  Fortunately there was a bit of space off-road just on the side of the bridge, or everyone would have been home and powerless on Thanksgiving.

Here's one of my poems from Winter Ways, available on Blurb, on the sidebar.  It seems fitting.  It was packy snow, as we liked to call it as kids.  Great for snowballs, snowmen, snowforts, and losing power with downed trees and wires.

A Question of Snow

Have you crystals?
Are you white?
Do you sparkle in the night?
Are you dry?
Are you wet?
Is your touch the coldest yet?
Are you flaky?
Do you freeze?
Do you rest in boughs of trees?
Are you heavy?
Are you light?
Do you make the winter bright?
Can we build a fort of you?
Can we make an angel, too?
If you've answered yes to all
I am guessing you're

©Donna JT Smith, 2014 all rights reserved


  1. The trouble in my snow poem for today seems absolutely trivial compared to yours! Glad you managed a Thanksgiving feast in spite of everything!

  2. Sorry you had such a hard time posting. Maybe it is the snow- I'm not aware of anyone else having problems today. Thanks for persevering. I love the way you talk directly to the snow in your poem.

  3. Donna, I am impressed by your open mindset about electricity issues and problems that ensued. You managed to have a wonderful Thanksgiving despite the problems. Good for you. It seems that snow has managed to close down the fall season.

    The snow I see in central NYS is melting a bit now but it is did settle all over and at this time I cannot see any leaves. The photo you included is lovely. Do you have a poem about the end of fall that you would like to include for the Finding Fall Gallery?

    Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Enjoyed your poem! I'm sorry about your power, and especially that you had to throw out so much food! In my parents' town, several restaurants lost their water and had to close after staff had stayed there all night cooking! It's good if you can manage a positive attitude when stuff like that happens.

  5. Donna, I had a technical difficulty with Blogspot tonight and lost the whole Poetry Friday post. Two and a half hours later, it's redone and reposted. I'm really sorry about the inconvenience!

  6. That is cold and an inconvenience to lose power.

    Thanks for coming by to visit.

  7. I love your poem, but am sorry for all the trouble the snow caused on your holiday. Losing power is the worst. =)

  8. That was a beautiful and sweet poem :-)


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