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Guided Feet

Where will we go - On the ground, in the air? Where Mom and Dad lead me My feet will be there. They move and they flex And pump up and down But so far this movement Can't get me to town. My feet can't yet take me Wherever I choose; I always must travel In threes or by twos. But someday I'm sure They'll take me someplace; They'll help me climb trees And run a fast race. Though I'll stub my toe And stumble sometimes, These feet will be tough Wherever they climb. When these feet are able To go on their own They still will be guided To go where they're shown. They may veer off course Get on the wrong track; But only a little then These feet will come back. So I will take care And go where I should; I'll use them to go where They’ll do the most good. Through trials and storms Always guided by Light; Never walking alone Whatever my plight! But first I must stand Before I can walk, And after I move I’ll learn how to talk.

Dog and Cat

I have a dog and a cat. No. I have a dog. There is also a cat at our house. No. I live at the cat’s house with my dog. That’s what my cat told me I should say. The dog is perpetually looking to me to see what’s up. The cat will let me know what’s up. The dog waits for a bowl of dog food each morning and night. We take her out on a leash to do what she does on the lawn near the tree line. We don’t have to pick it up.  We’re in the country.  No sidewalks.  No plastic bags necessary. She likes finding sticks to chew up.  She’s a golden retriever who will walk around happily with a chew bone for three days before making a tooth print in it.  She has 6 stuffed toys that she’s had for over 2 years with nary a loose stitch or missing eye.  But give her a stick outdoors and she rips into it like she’s making toothpicks. The cat owns me. The cat opens all the cabinet doors in the kitchen when his bowl's empty.  There is no mistaking his meaning.  His food is not stored in the cabinets,

Virtually Versatile

Thank you, Linda of  TeacherDance !  I had never heard of this Versatile Blogger Award, but what fun!  I appreciate the recognition and thank you for your kind words. So these are the rules: Thank the person who nominated me and provide a link back to their blog. Share seven bits of information about myself Pass this  award  along to 15 other blogs that I have discovered. Now for seven bits of information about myself... 7. I used to raise Arabian horses in Minnesota. We mostly lost money on that venture. 6. We live in a log home in the woods on an island in Maine, and have just bought a cottage (our retirement home) overlooking the ocean. 5. We lived in a motel for 11 months after our house fire.  It was nice to have fresh towels each day. 4. We spent the second year of our marriage living about 5 hours apart during the gas crisis in the 70's (while he finished school and I had my first job teaching).  We met in a motel on Friday nights midway between our two apartments.  We

The Feeling of Bats

I should have left earlier. Darkness creeps in. It touches the nape of my neck And brushes my heels Spinning wildly on the pedals. Shadows of darkness I've heard can get caught in my hair As it streams out behind me in ribbons Luring the creatures in. Head low. Elbows bent. Careening home Under the shadows That flit and follow. Can you tell how I feel about bats? I remember this night so vividly as I rode my bike home from the neighbor's house when I was probably 10 years old. I could see the bats as they appeared to be following me in the dim light. I so wished I'd started for home earlier! To this day I cannot stand bats. I know. They are good mosquito eaters. But mosquitoes like me more than anyone else. I'm like a buffet for mosquitoes and, consequently, for bats. I will not change my mind about bats, so don't even go there!

Endings and Beginnings

Fall Days are bright. How did I miss the ending of summer? I was watching the beginning of life. Spring has begun for others In bright days Of fall. Cool Nights grow long. How did I miss the ending of warmth? I was watching the beginning of strength. Growth has begun for others As nights grow long And cool. Beginning Time is precious. How did I miss the last boat ride? I was watching a ship come in. Treasure has arrived for others In this precious time Of beginnings.

This is what I've been doing

I've been out of the loop for so long. The morning my grandson was born my life changed.  My daughter came home from the hospital with this beautiful baby boy who wouldn't breastfeed. He was finger fed in the hospital, and she was encouraged to use shields and feeding syringes to to feed him. Nothing had worked and yet they sent her home. They supplemented him with formula at the hospital regardless of the big sign that said "I'm a breastfed baby."  And they sent her home with formula. Lots of it. In a few days my husband had to go back to Maine. But I stayed here to help wean the baby off the bottle and onto the breast. It was not an easy job! He would have none of it and screamed bloody murder when a breast approached.(Now that's a picture!) My daughter went through the typical post partum blues stuff. I kept her encouraged, fed, watered and corralled so she could just concentrate on pumping milk and feeding her son. She was exhausted. Pumping for an hour,