Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Virtually Versatile

Thank you, Linda of TeacherDance!  I had never heard of this Versatile Blogger Award, but what fun!  I appreciate the recognition and thank you for your kind words. So these are the rules:
  • Thank the person who nominated me and provide a link
    back to their blog.
  • Share seven bits of information about myself
  • Pass this award along to 15 other blogs that I have discovered.
Now for seven bits of information about myself...
7. I used to raise Arabian horses in Minnesota. We mostly lost money on that venture.
6. We live in a log home in the woods on an island in Maine, and have just bought a cottage (our retirement home) overlooking the ocean.
5. We lived in a motel for 11 months after our house fire.  It was nice to have fresh towels each day.
4. We spent the second year of our marriage living about 5 hours apart during the gas crisis in the 70's (while he finished school and I had my first job teaching).  We met in a motel on Friday nights midway between our two apartments.  We had to be careful to fill our gas tanks on Saturday afternoon, since gas stations were closed on Sundays then.
3. I've eaten horse meat. That was not pleasant for a horse-lover, but it was cheap meat in the 70's.
2. I used to dance en pointe and was on the local tv talent show "Youth Cavalcade".
1. I am saved, and that's the best thing.

Now for the passing on of the award....drum roll, please! BTW, TeacherDance awarded most the the blogs that I read, so I'm searching out ones that I've read in the past and liked, but may not have "followed" or remembered to bookmark!  They are quite a disparate group of blogs!

The challenge was to make a dress a day for a year, spending no more than a dollar a day.  Most of the creations are very inspiring at New Dress a Day.
Alphamom.com  has become an interesting read for me, being a new grandmother.  My daughter has read this for a while now.  Very frank, funny and helpful for new moms and dads.  Entertaining for others.
MrTeacher.com has some good ideas about teaching and technology.  I like writing, but I love technology.
Grace for Women is a blog recently discovered by me for Christian women.  She reviews some books she's read, and generally talks about life and the Bible. 
Door Sixteen is an interesting decorating blog.  It's got some day by day stuff on decorating an apartment with bright colors, art deco and just interesting stuff.  It isn't my taste, but I love seeing how others look at the world!
OneSunflower not only does the teaching blogging, but infuses the blog with the arts.  I love the photos and projects!
I really enjoy One Literacy Coach.  Such nice voice in all the writing.  And her husband probably doesn't know what a part he plays in her blog.
Sprice's Heart for Writing is a combination of "teacher" and "personal" writing that I enjoy checking in on.
A Dress a Day features vintage dress patterns, humorous writing, and ways to "edit" clothing.
The Newborn Baby has great articles to get a new mom through difficulties that can occur beginning to breastfeed your newborn.
In Search of Balance by Mrs. V has good slices of life that include glimpses into family life, school life and self.
William of Mass Destruction is a nice blog written by a family of cats, starring William.  Their mom has thumbs.
Prose Cents offers glimpses into the past and present as a writer.  I enjoy the easy flow. 
Ruth's Slices from the Sofa writes about her personal life in prose and poem.
Ruth is a writing coach and writer, and blogs about the experiences in Ruth Ayers Writes.

Okay, done.  That took me all day.  I have done nothing but read blogs. . . and drink coffee.


  1. Hi! Glad to know a little more about you, and to find these new blogs you recommended. I'll be reading and reading in the future.

  2. Oh, I can finally write! I have not been able to comment due to a problem on google! Yeah! I love this. I can find out more about you without it being to invasive! Love it! I'll try it and about those bats! I rode my bicycle on a railroad trail and found a tunnel that was too long to see the other end and it had bats!!!! they realy scared me. I thought I was in a Harry Potter movie! :o) Happy Slicing! :o)

  3. Wow, thank you - and now I've got to see if I can spread the (blogging) word!


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