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Revised Revisited

An old postcard of my home - When we owned it, the trees had grown up all around it, so it wasn't visible from the road. Today is Poetry Friday, and our hostess is Catherine at Reading to the Core .  She's sharing a poem planned for the start of school....yipes! Already?? I missed last Friday's poetry, though I did write some.  I read about "Where I'm From" poetry introduced by George Ella Lyon , and tried one. I also later found this form online: .  It would be good for getting started with students. Though some have seen my original there version on FB, I have revisited and revised it.  At one early point I had accidentally taken out the "lilacs" that I wanted in there, so they are back. Then my brother read it and mentioned "Brown Rim Cookies".  No one else in the world that I knew ever made them, or had heard of them.  So I've included the cookies in the poem and a recipe at

A Ride to Reid

Such a special treat of a poem arrived last week from Becky Herzog.  It was a handmade postcard with  a shape poem - a beautifully flowing outline of a motorcycle, with an equally beautiful flowing poem.  It's perfect.  She's captured it all...the smells, the sounds, the feelings.  Thanks!!! Some pictures to set the mood... Reid - Todd's Point Beach roses ready to bloom A seagull swoop A great swing at Griffith Head, Reid  And the bike: Ready for a Ride to Reid! And now the postcard/poem (even the colors are right!): A Ride to Reid Happiness Smell of seaweed and roses on the air Exhilarating Salty sea breeze rushing past sun-kissed cheeks Peaceful Distant waves crash and gulls cry Rejuvenating Pause to recharge the soul Joyful by Rebecca Herzog ©2018 I told you it was perfect. This project, organized by Tabatha Yeatts, is so much fun!  I'm late sending my next poem out, but TODAY it goes...and my third, too! Now visit mor

In the Middle

Today is officially Poetry Friday, hosted by Patricia Stohr-Hunt at The Miss Rumphius Effect . First Spiritual Thursday, hosted by Doraine Bennett at Dori Reads , was yesterday.  I am late for both.  Our topic here in the middle of the year is "looking back/looking forward". Oh, my word... I wrote so much garbage for this day.  I wrote, read, edited, wrote more, cut lots, read know the process.  And then I decided to cut most ALL of it and stick with the poem that was in the MIDDLE and add an acrostic poem. It's all about the middle anyway. Behave as if you were in the middle, no matter where your life bubble is.  I don't spend much time looking back and assessing my progress.   Maybe I should.  But I mostly start from where I am each day and keep moving.  I think I used to set more goals for the forward motion than I do now.  At this point in my life I've tapped about every stone I could get my toe on.  I like where I've been, and have no re