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Inspiration from Molly's Garden

Sometime this week, Molly Hogan posted a picture on Facebook of her carrots .  Go there to see her great image of homegrown carrots. I wrote a Haiku for the carrots in the Comments... Roots try to stretch but Ridged rocks with stony laughs Inhibit their reach.   by Donna JT Smith ...but one carrot had a split root, and Molly commented back about its "dancing pants"... And so I could not leave that alone!  It was eating at me until I wrote this poem.  It wasn't what I'd kind of envisioned.  I was thinking a kind of Gingerbread Man scenario.  But you can't stop a Carrot Top. Thanks for the inspiration Molly! Carrot's Top The day was cold, the day was spring and I had not a better thing to do today but plant a ring    A ring of things    I call some carrots. The soil was moist The loam was brown and there I pictured carrot crowns and so I threw Some seeds around    To fill the needs    of me and rabbits. Tiny green leaves An emerald sprout came up in days In spi