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Summer Sun

Hey, Jim Hill!  Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday today! the summer sun was visiting me on a winter day in January and I went out to play and skipped in sand and taunted waves and said  good day to gulls and spray before the summer sun returned to gray

Gingerbread, Laundry and Hems, Oh, My...

What's left... I CANNOT believe what I just did.  I had a post written about my lack of focus the past few weeks...okay month...and I just did something, and the whole thing deleted...speaking of dumb things I've done this month.  Maybe I should be writing this in Word or Pages and saving it. Let's try again. First I need to explain that I've been working on getting stabilized on some BP meds, and they have made me tired, nauseous, dizzy and unfocused.  And to top it all off, I was sick last week.  I'm just saying, I don't think this is the real me lately. A few weeks ago I tried making gingerbread, and left out the baking soda, even after reading the recipe many times and getting all the ingredients out ahead of time.  I just put the baking soda back without using it.  The gingerbread came out of the pan in a nice flat, hard, uncuttable piece; a gingerbread cutting board of sorts.  We did not eat it.  I broke it up so it would fit in the trash better. I

Summer in January

It was a great day for the beach yesterday at 51 degrees, and even today at 41 degrees.  The sun was out.  A few people were walking their dogs on the beach, and others were, like me, just meandering around.  But for the most part each of us had our own piece of the ocean to ourselves.  It was a glorious day. A quiet place to sit My treasures I love, love, love the ocean.  It was tough the first few years we lived in Minnesota.  I learned to love it out there too, but it wasn't the same as being near the sea.  I need it.

Soup in the Pot

Kid's View...or mine after passing out on the floor while I was sick. Oh, my.  I have been so sick this week.  Stomach stuff.  Dizzy.  I still am retaining some of the dizzy and tired.  It seems so long since I've felt well.  I'm afraid I will be quite giddy when I finally feel like myself again.  Anyway,  I started this poem over a week ago while I was feeling good and thought I'd have plenty of time to finish it.  I was thinking about when I was a little kid, and remembering when Mom was cooking on the stovetop (maybe it's all the soup I've had lately), and I had to ask her what she was making because I couldn't see into the pan.  I couldn't even see the stovetop.  Funny that I remember that moment.  I wonder sometimes what makes a moment stick, and so many others get lost in a tangle of dendrites and bits of dandruff. My goal for February is a poem a day, like I did in April.  Only this time it is going to be only poems that are kid oriented.  Ro

Goldie Locks and the Cat Hairs

Our dog is a Golden Retriever.  So that probably explains everything to anyone who has ever had interactions with such a breed.  Pippi loves people.  She loves cats, in spite of the fact that our cat sees her as a toy.  Hmm.  I'll have to include a picture of Purrsee "loving" our dog.  Purrsee is a Maine Coon Cat.  If you have a cat with an attitude, you will understand our household dynamics better also. Purrsee hugging Pippi. When we leave the house, we put Pippi in charge, but remind her not to tell Purrsee.  We all know who's really in charge, but Pippi likes to think she has some say in what will go on while we are gone.  Twice now we've found Pippi without a tail wag.  We took her to the vet the first time it happened.  He said she had a slight swelling on her tail and to wait a couple of days and see what would become of it.  $175, please. The tail wag came back in a couple of days. So this time when it happened, we ignored it totally.  Most of he

My Dreams

Sliding Floating Waiting patiently Careful movements Quietly entering This world. I dreamt He Would be A son. First born, A gentle soul; Fearfully and Wonderfully made. I loved him Deeply Before He knew what Love was. Kicking Somersaulting Arms akimbo Feet askipping. Tumbling into This world. Before she had A name She was a dream And I named That dream So that when She came to be She would have Always had A name. True to Her name, God has Graced her With a son.

Savviniatory Blatherings

I made a book for our grandson's great-grandparents for Christmas.  I ordered late, so they just arrived.  I am really liking them.  It is basically a photo book of lots of the baby pictures taken in the first 4 months of his life.  I had them printed in 8 1/2 by 11 size in hardcover so they are easy to see and handle.  Now when Great Grammie wants to show off her very great grandson, she can easily point to the "coffee table" book instead of trying to bring up the photos on her computer or iPad. I am readying to compile the next few months of life, and have begun putting in poems and stories for and about him.  I am so excited.  Don't read this, daughter of mine; maybe it will be a surprise gift for his first birthday. I also burned a DVD of the book as a slideshow set to music as a gift for parents and the other set of grandparents.  They are more computer savvy, so the book isn't as necessary for showing baby pictures. Isn't savvy a good word.  Where