Saturday, January 7, 2012

Savviniatory Blatherings

I made a book for our grandson's great-grandparents for Christmas.  I ordered late, so they just arrived.  I am really liking them.  It is basically a photo book of lots of the baby pictures taken in the first 4 months of his life.  I had them printed in 8 1/2 by 11 size in hardcover so they are easy to see and handle.  Now when Great Grammie wants to show off her very great grandson, she can easily point to the "coffee table" book instead of trying to bring up the photos on her computer or iPad.
I am readying to compile the next few months of life, and have begun putting in poems and stories for and about him.  I am so excited.  Don't read this, daughter of mine; maybe it will be a surprise gift for his first birthday.
I also burned a DVD of the book as a slideshow set to music as a gift for parents and the other set of grandparents.  They are more computer savvy, so the book isn't as necessary for showing baby pictures.
Isn't savvy a good word.  Where did it come from?  It sounds like a shortened version of some other savvination, savviniatory...something like that, but it was too long and hard on the tongue, so they shortened it to savvy.
They are more computer savviniatory... He has street savvination...
Yeah, you would have to change that to savvy.
No, really, where is that from?
Okay. Nevermind. It makes sense.  I should have known:
Per the online dictionary:
W. Indies pidgin borrowing of Fr. savez (-vous)? "do you know?" or Sp. sabe (usted)"you know," both from V.L. *sapere, from L. sapere "be wise, be knowing".
There.  I've learned another new thing, sabe?
Wouldn't that make a nice word for Grandfather?  Sapere.  I'll have to tell my husband.  Maybe he'll want to be Sapere.  He's already savvy.

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  1. Wonderful gift for the great-grandparents, but I loved how you blathered on and then actually told the answer. I would have had to look it up, & I know French! Sapere sounds grandfatherish doesn't it?
    I have made a scrapbook for the first year for each grandchild, with poems, etc. I loved doing & hope they like them too when they grow older.


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