Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Ocean's Hunger

Thank you for visiting today.  I make it to as many Poetry Friday's as I can.  Lately it has become difficult to pop in.  But I am making an effort this evening (Thursday) to prepare a post for Friday.  I am in Maine and working with a number of fantastic people to help me prepare our Maine home for sale.  Never fear, we are keeping the home we are renovating elsewhere in Maine - but are selling our log home on an island on the coast.  So much to sort and move.

Some pictures in case you know a buyer!!

I don't remember where this thought came from, but in cleaning out things, I came across a notebook with bits and pieces of an unfinished poem, and I put it together into this now finished poem.  I am including my ocean watercolor, started, but not finished, of Hatchet Cove in Maine, where our home we are renovating is located.  For now we will be elsewhere.  I will finish it when we get back.

Ocean's Hunger

The hungry mouths of waves begin
to gnash and gnaw, the sand pulled in;
Earth doesn't struggle with the tides
Though back and forth the grains collide.
They gurgle, rush in ocean's throat 
As salty stew stirs them to float;
Away the grains are drawn to sink
To shift, to shape, to form new brink;
My settling heels record the debt   
And we are left to marvel yet
How all the world is set in motion
Through faithful tides of famished ocean,
How edges of our world collapse,
Bits carried far away perhaps
To surface once again all cleansed,
A seascape through some other lens,
Sating still a mind and soul
With crumbs of shore the ocean stole.

by Donna JT Smith, 2019

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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Have a wonderful Sunday.

I want to learn to play this song...seems easy enough with lots of goodness in it.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Spiritual Journey First Thursday - Spring

We are joining Carol Varsalona for a springtime Spiritual Journey first Thursday today for thoughts about the topic Spirit of Spring  paying homage to the earth and the Lord for creating it. 
Seriously, I have been so busy lately that today's post is being done in a rush.  And I don't feel like it should be rushed.  No one should rush spring!
Spring is the setting up of the maturity of summer.  If you don't plant in spring, what harvest will there be?
So though I like to sit back and enjoy the warmer days and the hidden gifts beneath the dead leaves, there are also things to do before it is over and summer sets in.  Summer is the time to enjoy the fullness.  Fall is the time to harvest for Winter.  But Spring is the awakening again, and the start of...eeesh...getting ready for Winter, really.  Don't rush Spring.  Pay attention to it.  Nurture it.  Feed it.  So Summer will gladly arrive and you can THEN watch it unfold into what you set it up to be.
I'm doing that.  In my own life, I am well past Spring.  I like to think I'm in Summer...but I know parts of me are feeling the Fall coming on.  When I was in Spring, I set myself up for my Fall years.  I know there's a Winter coming.  But as long as I can, I am going to nurture my little Springs, be there for my Summers even as I enter Fall.  And when Winter comes, the Springs will be all ready to mature into the Summers we hope they will be.
You know what was so much fun this morning, just before writing this?  I was sitting with my newly five year old granddaughter as she put her magical fairy garden together on the dining room table, and she was humming and whispery singing, "Endless summer I can see for miles, fun, fun, fun and the whole world smiles..." 

Spring.  Thank you, God.  I will nurture Spring while it is here.  I'm not Winter yet.

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