This is WAY too LONG...but it reveals a bit of why I've not been here for awhile.  I've edited this to have the poems FIRST, since this IS Poetry Friday!  BALANCE (an acrostic) Because the times Are so tough Lately  All we dwell on is the Night; Concentrate on the light Embrace the balance. by Donna JT Smith, 1/2022 Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday, Carol.   I'm going to try to make it for Poetry Fridays this year. Hmm.  Upon publishing, I found this Draft post from July 8, 2021 that I didn't publish...I wrote it, but lost the energy to hit "publish".  I find it interesting that BALANCE is included here... _______________ For those who are here watching someone leaving.   This is not the best writing, but I'm tired.  And some days I cannot find the words.  My brain is on overload, making it hard to express myself - at least without becoming an emotional wreck.   So I continue to try to keep my balance, stay afloat, plant a smile.   Thank you for indulg

A Compass...a Track?

It's Spiritual Journey Thursday, hosted by Ruth at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town , where we are reviewing our One Little Words for the year.  How are you coming along staying focused? For most of last year and this I have been speechless.  I had no word.  I had no words.  Things have flown by me, over me, under me, around me...and I have been a passenger on this earth watching people and events whiz by.  No words came to me...well, except maybe "help!" It is now time for a word that will actually help me.  The first word that came to mind just a few seconds ago while writing this was "compass".  I am in need of a compass.  I am in need of something with a constant and a direction.  I will be continuing on a new and uncharted path, and for the most part, alone.  It must be a good compass.  A weighted compass that will not fly off in the windstorms that are sure to come.  Maybe it is "track".  I am on a track I ON track?  I am tr

Birthday Cards

 Mug Shot This is a card I made for my daughter for her May birthday.  I've taken to making a small, postcard size, watercolor for a birthday card.  Quick.  Write a poem on the back.  Quick. This one has flaws, but so do I.  So that's what you get with me. Lol!  But it's fun and it keeps me out of trouble! Happy birthday to my girl, The one who loved to dance and twirl, The one who grew up in a day - As old as I now,  I must say... I don't know how this came to be... Wait! No!  I think I'm 33! Yup, you're much older than I am now There's no explaining why or how! by Donna JT Smith Happy birthday, Michelle!  Happy Poetry Friday, everyone!  June is soon! More poetry connections are at Michelle Kogan's !

Madness! Poetry

If you are wondering what to do today because you have read all the poems being shared for Poetry Friday, what better way to extend the fun, than to to to Madness! Poetry and read 64 new poems created.  Cast a few votes, or many votes to encourage all the poets who have submitted their creations (under duress!) I will warn you, it is addicting...and the contest runs through May with new poems created weekly.  You need to stay tuned to get the next round!  Each poet has 36 hours to create a new piece using their given word.  It is not a contest to be taken lightly - however, you kinda have to! Today at 5 my bout with RJ Clarken closes.  Our word was "suave"!  It is so interesting to see how these words get woven into poems - and to see the strange theme or character occurrences in two battling poems. I do hope you get on over there - not just for MY sake, but for all the poets and all the poems begging to be read!! I'm going to put a poem here in just a minute...or two...h
  It's time for the amazing Madness! Poetry , a time of writing poetry under the constraints of word assignment (the words are ridiculously challenging), length of creation, and time restrictions (36 hours to create and submit - 36 hours to vote on each bout).  The 64 competitors eventually - beginning of June - pare down to a single winner of the Thinkier Award! Here's my poem I submitted as an entry for Ed DeCaria, the creator/mastermind of Madness! Poetry.  It got me a seat in Round 1!  Let's hope the words flow for Tuesday, when the bout begins for RJ Clarken and me!  Madness Demons be within our brains Prodding us to wax inane; Inventing verse and astute stanza With words like dame ‘n’ extravaganza! Oh, to live as those who’re sane, or To be at one with life mundaner. But no… the sobriquet of poet Is our lot, and we all know it. Polish pens, unearth slick paper, Prepare for the wildest poetry caper! This Madness comes but once a year, We’re loco, though, for life, I

Progressive Poem

Oh, my word!  How could I have done this.... I have gotten so caught up in "stuff" lately, that the Progressive Poem, for the first time ever, was forgotten about!!! I hadn't even read a line before just now at 3:30 pm Easter Sunday!  Can't believe it! But here I am scrambling, rambling... ready to roll! Each poet is offering two lines from which the next poet can choose, then that poet is offering two lines, and so on. Let's see what we've got.... I’m a case of kindness – come and catch me if you can! Easily contagious – sharing smiles is my plan. And now I've been given the choice of two lines from Mary Lee... I'll spread my joy both far and wide Or Puppies, babies – what makes you giggle? I think I am going to go with -                                                          I'll spread my joy both far and wide   So: I’m a case of kindness – come and catch me if you can! Easily contagious – sharing smiles is my plan.   I'll spread my joy

Tree's Valentine

  I found this leaf tucked in the door handle of my car.  It looked like the tree had left me a Valentine! Happy Poetry Friday!  Visit more poems and poetic goodies at Jama's Alphabet Soup !