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Tree's Valentine

  I found this leaf tucked in the door handle of my car.  It looked like the tree had left me a Valentine! Happy Poetry Friday!  Visit more poems and poetic goodies at Jama's Alphabet Soup !

Spider and Scarecrow

I didn't have extra time today, but I still wrote a poem to go with a quirky watercolor I did a couple of days ago. Sometimes having no time to write is the best time. Spider and Scarecrow   There was an old scarecrow all lady-like staid who had a friend spider all hairy and grayed They both spun at midnight though not the same way the spider spun silk while  the scarecrow girl swayed The moonlight fed both in the field every night except on the new moon when dark wasn't light but still they enjoyed  the evenings well spun  as each of them shared their own kinds of fun The spider learned waltzing despite four left feet and scarecrow learned weaving of shawls and silk sheets While autumn kept creeping but neither one saw And then one day - whoosh! wind made piles of them all! Ho-hum, autumn's done Time for snowflake fiestas and the season of scarecrow and spider siestas! by Donna JT Smith, 10-16-2020