Friday, October 6, 2023


Poetry Friday...

Go enjoy some great poetry by clicking links on Poetry Friday's host Matt Forrest Esenwine's page:

My poem for October was plunked down into FB this morning...or late last night:


October teases leaves
to begin their tinge twinges of
green to orange, yellow, red:

It begins the crisper nights;
it does a flash freeze on blades of grass;
it turns trees into bouquets,
and groves into giant mounds of mums;

It takes the sweetness of the summer breeze
and gives it a cinnamon kick
that swirls around your head
and tickles your nose.

And it ends with barely a leaf on a tree.
A coating thick on the ground
swishes and crackles
in your wake

as you scuffle-shuffle
toward the brown and gray
of November.

by Donna JT Smith ©2023

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