Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zachary Nathaniel

I can't believe it is over.  I can't believe I did the whole thing.  I can't believe so many of us did the whole thing.  I would like to continue, but I think I have a writing project now to finish.  I will post Tuesdays and Fridays for almost sure.  And either Wednesday or Thursday, if I can swing it.  We will see.  I need just a little break, but not too much.  I at least have to see if I can get something in print.  I said I was going to, but haven't done it yet.  Write Club starts soon!   Aaargh!  Must be ready.  So I really do need to give my brain a change of pace here pretty quick.

The lobster boats are just waking up from their hibernation, and heading back to the water this week.  I got pictures while they were napping - just in time!  It's harder to get pictures when they are on the move.

So Z last lobster boat and poem is here.  First word - yare, a new word for me.  Thanks, rch over at Average Poet for the word yesterday.  I had my poem written, but rewrote and added some to get this word worked in!  I love learning new words!

Yare (yâr)adj.
1. Agile; lively.
2. Nautical Responding easily; maneuverable. Used of a vessel.
"Zachary Nathaniel"

yare little acrobat
a somersaulting clown

I’m a zipper
I’m a skipper
     I’m a zapper
     rather dapper

fast as a train on track
to trapping trips outbound

very snazzy
oh, so jazzy
     not too ritzy
     nor too glitzy

sleek as a denizen
in deepest azure seas

rarely lazy,
might be crazy
     zip and zappin'
     never nappin'

loud as a mighty roar
that causes prey to freeze

I will dazzle
sometimes frazzle
     just the best
     unnerving zest!

cool as an ocean breeze
a zephyr swirling round


Thanks for all the kind words this month.  It has been a fun 26 days!  I hope you will keep in touch with continued visits.  I will try to get around to doing the same!  There are so many good blogs out there, and so little time!  But I'll do my best!

More of Zee info:

Zoe A. Zanidakis (ZAZ), Monhegan Island’s only woman sea captain and a contestant on Survivor.
Larry Mills  and his son Gary, in 1976, designed and built a steel lobster boat named "Zephyr."

And in case you are coming to Maine this summer:
Here is the schedule for the 2013 Lobster Boat Races in Maine this summer.  You may see some of the lobster boats I've written about this April.  If you get a chance, stop by Maine sometime...the bad part, is you can't easily get here on your way to somewhere else.  You have to come here on purpose. Next stop Canada or the Atlantic Ocean!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for YYY

My theme for April, Poetry Month and the A to Z Challenge: Maine Lobster Boat Names A to Z with poems for each...
Now this next boat...YYY may just be a no name and the YYY is part of the registration number.  But since there were no other numbers there - I'm taking it!  I haven't found any other Y names yet, so this is what I'm going with!
I think it is a question...or three questons: Y? Y? Y?  (Why? Why? Why?)
Isn't she cute?  She reminds me of Sunrise, my S boat, only a little deeper yellow and a dark red bottom.  She looks more like a sunset to me.


It's Time to Go Home

All day out at sea
with little to show,
we've had a long day
       it's time to go home.
The gulls overhead
entreat us to stay                      
"Stay here in the bay",
           it's time to go home.
The shadows are long
the day is now short;
"Day's over" we sigh,
            it's time to go home.
We head in before
a crimson sunset,
and gold on the hills,
             it's time to go home.
Bow pointed to sun
dark creeps up our stern,
hot supper awaits,
             it's time to go home.
And tomorrow, (drum roll) the letter Z for z end!  I cannot believe that I found it!  Well, I didn't find it.  A friend found it and sent me the url.  Thanks, Ree!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday is Just n Time

I did not get to use this boat, having found it after letter J was published.  I have more boats than I can shake an oar at.  I'll just add them later.  This is a pre-written post for Sunday.  Since mine were almost all pre-written, I decided I'd still do a poem on Sundays.  Why not?  I'm not writing them on Sunday, and I'm not even posting them; they're automatic.  So I am good to go.  I can write one for Sunday and just not be there.  So know that if you comment on these, that I will just be a day late in responding to you...(even though I may take a peek at dinner time).  Oh, and if you get a chance - and you are here anyway, because you are reading this now...PLEASE check out X on Saturday!  It was so hard to find an X, and I was so pleased to have found it.  And X (for Xtreme Measures) has such a neat story to go with her, that I would so like to have more than only two people to have read it - thanks Catherine and Sania for checking in, reading and commenting yesterday!
Have a glorious Sunday!
Just n Time

"Just N Time"

It's Sunday and it's come just in time -
Just in time for me to stop,
Be still,
Set aside these boats and poems,
Gather my Bible and Hymnal,
Take my space in a pew and pray,
Make time in my day, my week, my life
For thanks giving,
For praises,
For worship.
It's Sunday, and it's come just in time.
Another boat left off my poem list is Illusion.  I'll catch the illusion later and give it a real poem shortly.
I've given just the "illusion" that I am posting on Sunday...
It's really Saturday.  Heh, heh...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

X it for Xtreme Measures

X has been found, really found!  It's the A to Z Challenge, and letter X is for today.  I have been searching for a lobster boat that begins with the letter X for quite some time.  and I found it a couple of days ago.
I have not yet met Xtreme Measures in person, but found its news article online.  It is a lobster boat that was lost off Spruce Head in a blizzard.  It had been lost for 10 days in February, but was located adrift about 150 miles away.
Story here: Bangor Daily News.
"Xtreme Measures"
The night was dark
And fearsome;
No stars to
Guide the way.
The sky was thick
With snowflakes;
No twinkle
Nor moon ray.
The waves were cold
And mighty;
No rest for
Boats this day.
With blust'ry winds
For weather,
The snow could
Hide a stray.

The boat was tossed
And tugging;
No hope to
Hold her tight.
The ropes were frayed
And loosened;
No crew to
Head her right.
The craft was sure
And worthy
As winds would
Give her flight.
The boat would go
Until the
Next daylight.

For days no one
Could find her,
But still she
Tried to cope.
She wandered far
And yonder,
Until she
Felt taught rope;
A bit relieved
And tired
About to
Give up hope.
She gave in to
The guidance
No more to
Blindly grope.

At last this boat
Was rescued
From out the
White-cap foam.
The captain was
His boat was
Guided home,
The miles of isles
and shoreland
He no more
Had to comb.
Still even keeled
And steady
She never
More would roam.


Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for War Horse

It's Friday and the letter is W in the A-to-Z Challenge!
My theme - lobster boat names in Maine and an original poem to go with each.  Visit more great A to Z posts by clicking on the tab above. 
It is also Poetry Friday, so click on the Poetry Friday link on the side to find more great links to poetry!

So here we go with War Horse and Waffle!

"War Horse"
Though winds become wild
And white-capped the sea,
My bones are as sturdy,
As sturdy can be.

I've won my fair share
Of battles and fights
I've carried my captain
Through many a plight.

Faithful and fearless,
Trustworthy and strong
The captain and I
Are where we belong.

Counting the days till I'm out of wraps;
Warm weather's coming, begone you cold snaps!
I want to be out on the sea riding high;
I want to be soaring, yes, I want to fly!
I feel the air warming and see the snow melt;
I remember this feeling that I haven't felt -
Since last spring -
Oh, that zing!
Yes, it's spring!
Waffle?   I didn't stop to ask.  Maybe it's a good way to start the day?

War Horse is for sale.  Just sayin'.
Tomorrow - X!  
Yes, Virginia, there is a lobster boat name that begins with X.

 a Z has been found!  
Phew!  My lobster boat trip through the alphabet will be complete next Tuesday!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Valerie J

Valerie J is peeking through the rails, grounded at dock - not a common situation for a lobster boat.

"Valerie J"
Tides are the masters
That say where to go
And how to return -
We heed high and low.

Highs and lows
Of tidal flows.

Weather is mistress
 Dictating speed -
How soon for home
As storms we heed.

Storms to weather-
Weather together.

Education Volume:
V-Notch -
V-tail or V-notched = A notch in the flipper to the right of the center flipper.  If a berried female (remember that means she has eggs under her tail) without a notched tail is caught, the lobsterman cuts a notch cut in her tail and releases her. If a lobsterman catches a female with a notched tail, he must release her; as it means she is a breeding female. After a few molts, notches grow out and the lobster is a legal catch (unless she has eggs again of course).

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Underdog

Well, U is for unable to get my own pictures.  I finally found a picture online of one Maine lobster boat that begins with U - Underdog!  I have to credit Sam Murfitt for the picture here.

I also have a video clip of showing Underdog getting rolled a bit in a lobster boat race in 2008.  The write up is here:
The video is here:
It all turns out well in the end, after a concussion and a broken arm, anyway.

Here is Underdog and two poems I wrote for it:

©Photo by Sam Murfitt

Utterly Underdog -

(just watch it!)
Undersung -

(go howl it!)
Underweened -

(award it!
horribly Underhyped -

(harp on it!
really Underrated -
(rethink it!
Wicked Wonderdog - 
(wonderfully wild waves!)
Underdog's Race

 Underestimated weather
Unimaginable deep
Undulating waves
Unrelenting wind
Unprotected seas
Undetected danger
Underrated power
Underwater rescue
Unexpected ending

Then I found the interview that mentions a second lobster boat name that began with a U.  I doubt is still around, but maybe. Quite a while ago there WAS a lobster boat called the USS Alabama.  I stumbled upon this interview of a lobsterman in Friendship, Maine.  I think he's in the family of the person we bought our house from in Friendship.
He named his lobster boat the USS Alabama, after the boat he was on in the service.
This interview is one of a few that were done as a school project.  I'm thinking of saving the pages in case the school decides to take them down.  There's some great information at the interview with Stan Simmons.

USS Alabama

Enlisted in battle
Rolling with swells
Racing wild winds
Where man never dwells

Cutting through waters
Carving its wake
Slicing through layers
A battle at stake.
Rolling and racing
Carving and cutting,
But on its return
It's just putt-putt-putt-putt-ing.
The battleship USS Alabama may be seen on either of these two pages -



Ooooh, and I JUST found this other boat!  Uncles UFO!  Two U's!
I don't have a poem for it, because I JUST found it.  But here is a You Tube video of Uncle UFO racing Whistlin' Dixie in 2009.  This video is taken aboard the lobster boat Uncles UFO.  It's pretty cool to watch and not too long.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Temptation

It's Tuesday and it's T in the A to Z Challenge (see tab above for more participants) and it is Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers (see navigation button on the right to get there)!  I also have an afternoon meeting, so will try to connect with people the best I can.  It's going to be a busy day!

With high water boots,
With knives and coiled ropes -
The fishermen tote
Their gear and high hopes.

Ready the traps and
Spruce up the boat
Temptation is high
To take her afloat!

True North
"True North"

True North
sea steady
compass ready
true detection
of direction
go forth
true north
set course
 brute force
wild ride
true guide
compass steady
sea ready

Educational Treats:

Tomalley: The green stuff in a cooked lobster.  It's the liver, and is edible.  My grandmother loved it!  I can live without it.

Lobster traps:  A trap is set with a camera:

Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Sunrise

It's Monday and the letter is S in the A-to-Z Challenge.  My theme - lobster boat names in Maine and a poem to go with each.  Visit more great A to Z posts by clicking on the tab above.  Over 1700 bloggers are participating, so I know there will be something in the list that will be your cup of tea.  Of course, I'd love to have you keep coming back here too...maybe even sign up to follow my posts!

Sun dancer
Sunrise skimmer of waters blue
Ocean’s deep water sprite
Bouncing off white caps
Happily hopping from crest to crest
Seaworthy butterfly flitting from buoy to buoy
Busy and bright as a bobbing sunbeam

Stephanie G.

"Stephanie G."
I'll soon bring out traps
And buoys and moors
To drop overboard
And dot these Maine shores.
Educational Somethings:

Shorts: lobsters that are too short to keep and sell; the carapace is less than 31/4" long measured from the rear of the eye socket to the rear of the main shell, or carapace.

Sternman: The person on a lobster boat that empties, baits, and drops traps back in the water.

Soft Shell or “Shedder”: A lobster who has recently molted.  They have less meat, but the meat is easier to get at since the shell is easier to break open.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Third Sunday in April - Sweet Day Off

I don't need to write for anyone but me today.  It is late - early Sunday.  I don't write today.
So.  I should have written something earlier to schedule and I didn't.
So. Here is Off Today.  Which is what I am.
This of course, is a photo from summer...not now!

Sweet Day Off

Sweet day of
Sounds of
Children bouncing
Off the bus
Singing happily
Off key
Crisp pages turning
Off rhythm
Joyful hymns echoing
Off the walls
The Word catapulting
Off the pulpit
Prayers lisping
Off lips; 
Sweet day off -

See you on the boat tomorrow!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Reel n Roll

Today is the letter R for the A to Z Challenge.  The first two pictures are ones I did not take, but was given to use for this challenge by a local high school student who also does lobstering.

"Reel n Roll"

Reel n Roll

and weave
land we leave
chug out to sea
helm turned alee

and reel
bow and keel
dance on the wave
its rhythm we crave

to moor
end of chore
a lowery sky
bad weather is nigh

"Robin A. II"

"Robin A. II"

I'll fly o'er the swells
Through white caps and foam
And blast through a gale
To moor safe at home.

the sea
crashing waves
the bow;
the wind
rushing, whipping
 the churning sea;
the threatening
we are safely


Educational Retreat:

Roe = also called coral because of its red color.  It's found in the female lobsters only, as it is the unfertilized eggs.

Races - Did you know we have lobster boat races?  Exciting as NASCAR!  And there are quite a few spread out over the summer and the coast.   If you happen to be in the neighborhood, try to catch a glimpse of one. Click on Races to find out when and where they are happening in Maine.

And here is a bit of lobster boat racing:

The prayer before the Lobster Boat Races:

"May God in Heaven
fulfill abundantly the prayers
which are pronounced over you
and your boats and equipment
on the occasion of the Blessing of the Fleet.
God bless your going out and coming in;
The Lord be with you at home
and on the water.
May he accompany you when you start on your many journeys:
May he fill your traps abundantly as a reward for your labor;
And may he bring you all safely in,
when you turn your boats homeward
to shore
to your friends
and family once again....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Quick Step

Double duty today - It's Poetry Friday Roundup over at Live Your Poem with Irene, and it's Q-Day in the A-to-Z Challenge.  After your visit here, pop on over to either place for some quality blogs!
Quick Step's picture was not taken by me.  I'm going to try to get one of my own shortly!
"Quick Step"
Quick Step

Dance with me now,
A quickstep or tango,
A waltz or a samba,
Jitterbug or fandango,
Dance with me quick
Across the wide floor;
Cake walk or flamenco,
Away from my moor;
Cha-cha or shimmy,
Shuffle or slide,
Hustle or hula,
A polka or jive,
I want to get out there
To boogie and twist.
The water's just right;
Let’s do the whole the list!

Other Q boats I've found in Maine, but have not taken pictures of yet:

Queen B is the name of a lobster boat on Chebeague Island.  He's selling lobsters here, so you will have to ignore that it is a sales pitch until I can locate him and get a picture of his boat.  I don't really want to take a trip out to Chebeague, but I'll do what I have to do.

Queen's Lady - she's on the water now, so I can't get a picture of my own unless I find out when he's coming to dock to unload.

And Susie Q I think her name is...saw it driving by and could not get an easy picture, due to twisty and hilly roads and perpetual traffic (well, here that means someone could come over the hill any moment, but you don't know when that moment will be, so you don't dare to stop)  I'm going to try again, though it isn't really a Q.
Added a new tab today, "Poet Tree".  I think I'll try to make a spot for poems no matter what my blog post is.  Here's a first instigated by Joy  at Poetry for Kids Joy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Putty N Paint

"Putty N Paint"

I hold the stories
Of old lobster men
Whose putty and paint
Made me whole again.

I hold their lives and
I still hold a dream
And I know what makes
 Their seablue eyes gleam.


Stay tuned for the elusive Q!

Educational Portion:

Pistol = a lobster that has lost its claws.  Fortunately, they do regenerate their claws.

Pegs = lobstermen used wooden or plastic pegs inserted into the base of the claws to prevent lobsters from opening them. Now they band them with rubber bands to keep their claws closed.

P is for Psalm.  I thought it an interesting rewrite...don't know who wrote it, but given to me by a teen lobster(wo)man - preferred term is lobsterman.

Captain’s 23rd Psalm

The Lord is my pilot, I shall not drift,
He lighteth me across the dark waters,
He keepeth my log.
He guideth me by the star of holiness, for His Name’s sake
Yea, though I sail ‘mid the thunders and tempests of life,
I shall dread no danger, for Thou are near me.
Thy love and Thy care, they shelter me.
Thou preparest a harbour for me in the homeland of eternity.
Thou anointest the waves with oil; my ship rideth calmly.
Surely, sunlight and starlight shall favour me on the voyage I take,
and I will rest in the port of my God forever.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Obsession

Today for the A to Z Challenge (click on tab above for over 1000 links to more participants) is the letter O.  And for those of you starting to paint the letter Q on your newly acquired lobster boats, well, you can keep painting that name "Quinellybelle" or "Quidley Squidly", BUT I FOUND ONE.  Yea!  Actually I found three, but I only have a picture of one.  So Friday is the big Q day...finally, I can almost rest.  Only one left.  Z.  But I have high hopes that a Zebra will show up!

The letter O, for "Obsession" and "Outlaw" and  "Outer Limits"

Yield to obsession
This passion for sea
Give in to its power
Go where you must be!

Caught up with the catch
Moved by the motion
Wrapped up in its power
Obsessed with the ocean

Once you've been trapped
Your whole being, your will
Will not be released,
You now live for this thrill.


 I've been banned as a companion
Like an untamed wild beast
I am a predatory animal
Looking for a feast.

I'm a rebel, nonconformist
With laws I often wrest 
I play by rules I've set myself
Most others I protest.

I really am a good guy,
Or gal to be precise,
I try to live up to my name
But actually I'm quite nice.

"Outer Limits"
Through the deep waters
My hull cuts its way
To traps that are set
Outside of the bay.

Gulls overhead will
Go past nature's source
Looking for handouts
They follow our course.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for No Time

A to Z Challenge (see tab above or link to the right) and Slice of Life Tuesday today!

Three boats and three poems for today!
N is getting along in the alphabet.  I need a Q boat name for Friday!  And a U for next week, though I kind of found a U name... no picture, but a lobster boat name from years ago.
SO, if you have a boat you haven't named yet, I think you ought to name your boat Quick Quixote or Quilly Wonka...Ultra Sultry or Utterly Ugly...anything with a Q or a U!  Then paint the name on it, move to Maine, take a picture and send it to me.  That should be easy enough to do for next week.  And I think dedicated readers SHOULD be willing to do this, for the sake of blogging integrity.   Any Z name would be fine, also.   Suggestions:  Zed's Meds, Zealously Jealous. 
Don't make me resort to buying my own fleet!  
Oooh, a copy of PhotoShop would be cheaper!

No Time
"No Time"

There's no time to lose
The hours fly by
No time like the present
The wind and waves sigh.

At sea there's no time
It's stirred in the wake
Evening comes quickly
Soon after daybreak

Most of our lifetime
Our time is not free
But time spent at sea
Is just No Time and me

Number 7
"Number 7"
I lead a blessed life,
I'm straight out of heaven
A guardian angel
The great Number 7

 Nadine Rae

"Nadine Rae"

Nadine Rae, what did you say?
"It's time for work and not for play."
Nadine Rae, why can't you wait?
"Get your boots and get your bait."
Nadine Rae, why do you nag?
"Grab that gaff and bait that bag."
It's time to go, I know, I know!
"Best be quick, or I'll make you row!"

Educational Nook:
New-shell lobster = A lobster that has recently molted (see M), and whose shell is still very soft. These aren't usually for sale. They are softer than a "soft-shell" (see S next week), which is sold. These do not get bands put on their claws because they are so soft they can't damage other lobsters in the holding tank and the bands could crush the claws.

Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Martha Ann

Wow!  Five boats, five poems!  There were lots of M lobster boats that I found around here!

Check other A to Z posts by clicking on the link in the tab above! 
Martha Ann
"Martha Ann"
No more traps and buoys
Just sumac and pine,
Grass waves, not seaweed;
I'm moored with a vine.

Grounded forever
Still proud as I rest
Adrift mid the trees
 The end of my quest.


Morning Star
"Morning Star"
Bright and twinkly, morning star
Sunbeams fall just where you are
Out beyond the rocky shore
Take me where we've gone before

Megan Jill

"Megan Jill"
Our names tell a tale, 
Of lives and our worlds, 
The hopes and the dreams, 
Our dearest of girls.

My Girls
"My Girls"
More than two women
To love for my life
My three loving daughters
And one loving wife
I'd write all their names
But too many there'd be
So it's shorter to say
I'm with My Girls at sea.
Mary Anne II
"Mary Anne II"

My girl, Mary Anne, is light
on her feet;
She dances around the rest
of the fleet;
She slides and she glides, she curtsies
to ocean;
She leaps and cavorts and deserves
our devotion.
My girl, Mary Anne, is sugar
and sweet;
Without her my life would not
be complete.

Educational moment:

Molting - A lobster sheds up to 25 times in the first 5 years of life. The adult lobster molts about once a year. When it molts the lobster's shell cracks along the joint that separates the carapace and the tail and along a line down the middle of its back. The lobster lies on its side to pull itself out of the cracked shell. If the claws get stuck in the knuckle of the claw during molting, the lobster must throw that claw. The old shell is a perfect double of the lobster. The lobster eats its old shell to help harden the new one.  A newly-molted lobster feels rubbery. If it is lifted from the support of the water, its heavy front claws may drop right off. It stays in hiding for a week or two until the new shell is fortified against predators. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Second Sunday in April

Here's what you get today! 

Boss of the Docks

I know it's hard not to look
We're a handsome pair of gulls
We are trustworthy through and through
So you can stop looking now
Stop watching
It's okay to leave your lunch
It will only be for a minute
While you go check on something
We are good gulls
The best of the lot
We promise to watch your lunch
Just for you
And no one will dare come near it
For we are good gulls
The best of the lot
As we said before
Check on it
We will guard your lunch

What's gone
What do you mean it's gone
We were just watching it
These are not Cheetos crumbs on
Our lips
We don't even have lips
Our beaks are always orange

Anyway there's one left in the bag
If you want it.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Lil Dipper

Lobster Boat Names from A to Z - 
Click on the A-to-ZChallenge tab above to go links to more A to Z posts!

Today's post from me is brought to you by the letter L!   First up is "Lil Dipper" and below an original poem for her.  Then there is Lasca J, a slightly larger boat with her own original poem.

Lil Dipper
"Lil Dipper"
                                           I'm a bobber, dobber, lobster boat
                                           Who bounces atop the sea
                                           I may look small but I'm no joke
                                           There's no one catches me!

                                           I'm a whipper, dipper, lobster clipper
                                           Who works a steady pace
                                           I may look cute but watch your back
                                           I'll beat you in any race!

Lasca J
"Lasca J"
High water or low
I'll push on the same
Skimming by others
Who know me by name.

Legal lobster (in Maine) =
  • has a carapace between 3 1/4 and 5 inches long
  • is not a berried female.
  • has no V-notch, nicks, grooves, or indentations of any kind along its edge on the female tail flipper.

Live-tank or Live-well = A tank filled with seawater to hold live lobsters.
I'll be posting on Sunday, though it won't be a lobster boat poem.  Sunday is a day off from the A to Z Challenge, but it will be a poem, and there will be pictures related to lobstering and Maine, so come on back then!

Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Karen Elizabeth

It's Letter K Day for the A to Z Challenge (see tab above to go to more great A to Z posts), and it is Poetry Friday.  Thank you, Diane, at Random Noodling for hosting today.

"Karen Elizabeth"
The sea is my road;
The spray is my air;
The helm is my soul;
Coils of rope my hair.

My strength's in my hull;
My keel keeps me true;
From bow to the stern,
 My heart is my crew.

"K & E II"
Real sisters in life, companions we two;
The smaller the old, the larger the new.

A father and son will soon get us set;
 Prepare us for launch, when deadlines are met.

Keels in the water, bait in the traps
Sisters will dance again o'er the white caps.


Educational Korner

knots - check here for some ways to tie knots

Keel = The central framing part in the bottom of a ship's hull

Lobstering can kill you, literally.  Ropes and moving traps are always a danger.  Fishermen always carry a knife for cutting lines in case a foot gets caught in the ropes and they get carried overboard with traps.  Watch a scary lobstering trip (YouTube), with a good ending.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jacob & Rachel

The day of J-ay.
And this first poem was a first poem, scheduled and ready to post.  Then I came back to it today (which is yesterday officially for you) to check and see what I had put together.  I wasn't satisfied with it.  So I started messing with it.  I was just going to add to it, but then before I knew it:
Cut.  Revise.  Cut.  Paste in a different spot.  Cut.  Add. Edit-Undo, Edit-Undo.  Rewrite.  Add.  Think. Think.  Admonition to self - "Stop thinking and just see, feel and write".  Cut a bit, move a bit.  Done.  Whoops!  One more word change.

So the first poem just under the picture is old, below ~~~~~~ is new and revised.

"Jacob & Rachel"
The lobsterman's job
To pass on to kin:
The traps are hauled up
And then tossed back in.
With barnacled hands
Sand dollar skin
 Periwinkle eyes
And rocky hard chin
He’s  a part of the land
A part of the sea
 A heart for the deep and
For his family.
Barnacled hands,
Sand dollar skin,
 Periwinkle eyes,
Rocky ledge chin;
 Part of the land,
Portion of sea;
 Heart for the deep
And for family.


And now that I see both together, the second one is nothing at all like the original.  That's good.  Do you agree?  Or do you prefer the first?
"But I see three poems here," I hear you saying.  Okay, just came back to this, this morning, and did some cutting and resulted in #3.  That's my pick.  What a transition!  I think I'm finally happy with it.  Less is more here.  J is also for Just Do It.
I like revising.  Do you?  Have you ever started with a poem or piece and messed with it so much that it ended up totally different?

Educational Jargon:

Jumbo: A lobster that weighs over 2-1/2 pounds.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Irene & Sherry II

A to Z - Today is I.  Or should that be, today is me?  No, I.
This lobster boat is named after the two " girls" in the lobsterman's life, as is custom.
"Irene & Sherry II"
Named after women
So dear in a life;
One is his daughter,
The other his wife.

Not together asea,
Yet never alone;
Adored adorn
To bring him home.
Educational Intermission
Indigo - sometimes, like once in 2 million times, you may see a blue lobster.  I've got to eat more lobster.  I think I'm about halfway to 2 million now and haven't seen one yet!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Happy Crab

Each day in April, except for Sundays, we are challenged to write on a topic that begins with the letter of the day.  Sunday will have a poem maybe topic related or at least Maine stuff, but not assigned a letter.  Click on the AtoZ Challenge tab above and visit more bloggers participating in this alphabetically challenging month!

It's also Slice of Life Tuesday, so head over there when you are done here at the shore!

My topic is Maine Lobster Boat Names...with a Trawler or two thrown in for missing letters.  Photos are all taken by me, of boats on the coast here in Maine.  They are mostly on land, as this is where they are parked for the winter awaiting warmer days and lobsters to return from deeper waters.  It was fun driving around, jumping out of the car, snapping a picture and taking off to find the next one.

I love this boat!  It definitely looks happy!  Love the color.  It just seems to be smiling.

"Happy Crab"

Warmer days
Gulls winging
Sun, fog, rain
Wind singing
Boat launch May
Happiness springing

Educational Haven:

Hands-on Education - Lobster Conservancy Educational page - Lobster Curriculum.

Homarus americanus is the species of lobster caught in Maine waters.
Hard-shell lobsters =  Black mottling on the underside of the claws of the live lobster show that it is in its hard shell. They have not recently molted and you will need nutcrackers or a rock (seriously) to get the shell off after it's cooked.

Lobsters exhibit 'handedness'.  A lobster could have the crusher claw (dominant hand) on the right side while others will have it on the left.
Hen = A female lobster.
Hauling traps video (it's long...watch a bit) - not my video...YouTube of a local.

Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Great White

Today is G in the AtoZ Challenge.  Check out other AtoZ Challenge posts by clicking on the link in my tabs above.  There are so many interesting topics that bloggers have picked to write about each day except Sundays in the month of April.  Since it is also Poetry Month, I have elected to write at least a poem a day to do with my topic - lobster boats of Maine.  I found one for the letter G!  I'd been looking for quite some time for a boat with a name that started with G, so I was pretty excited when I happened upon this one.  I still have Q, U, X, and Z to find...but that's not too bad.  I'm still looking. 

"Great White"

The sea's predator -
So agile and quick,
Cutting and weaving,
Movements so slick;
Low dipping gulls will
Pick up any scraps
Of whatever's tossed
From the jaws of my traps.

Education Gallery:

Learn about the Great White Shark

Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Sunday in April

I am posting for the A to Z Challenge every day this month, except Sundays.  I don't post on Sundays anyway, but I do schedule posts ahead for Sundays.  So here's a new poem for Sunday, an unalphabetically inclined post!  And it's not even lobstering.  But it is a Maine thing - wild turkeys.  Monday though, it's back to lobster boats.  So enjoy the interloping turkey interlude.

Look at me, I'm a turkey,
A turkey so proud;
I gibble and gabble
And gobble out loud.

To further impress,
Tail feathers I'll spread;
My head has turned blue
My wattle is red.

I look pretty fine!
Don't be looking at him!
I'm big and have shine -
Turkeys shouldn't be slim!

I'm a pretty good strutter;
     Please, don't ask me to fly.
          Okay, maybe later
                 I'll be catching your eye.

By the by, I can fly,
I really know how;
I just don't happen 
to want to right now!

Seventeen turkeys came strutting across our "lawn" last week.  There were three males.  The dominant male is seen in the picture fully puffed out.  The other almost puffy one attempted a face off with him, but backed down.  The third male wasn't even attempting a display!  The hens didn't seem too impressed with anyone in particular though.
We saw them last spring and a few other times over the summer.  There were 16 at that time.  Don't know where they picked up the extra, but it is very difficult to count them as they browse through the trees and leaves, brown on brown.

Tomorrow, the letter G!  I was so relieved to find a G name.  It wasn't easy; I thought I'd have to fudge on it!  I still don't have U, X and Z!  Still cruising around the neighborhoods for those elusive letters.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fantaseas

Each day in April, except for Sundays, we are challenged to write on a topic that begins with the letter of the day.  Because it is also Poetry Month, I have chosen, for the second year in a row, to write a poem a day.  Sunday will have a poem related to the topic, but not assigned a letter.  Click on the AtoZ Challenge tab above and visit more bloggers participating in this alphabetically challenging month!

My topic is Maine Lobster Boat Names...with a Trawler or two thrown in for missing letters.  Photos are all taken by me, of boats on the coast here in Maine.  They are mostly on land, as this is where they are parked for the winter awaiting warmer days and lobsters to return from deeper waters.

F is for Fantaseas -


White spilling over 
Water's reflection
Bouncing and sparkling
Dreamer's perfection.

The dream of the sea;
A true fantasy:
Salt spray, and sea gulls,
And my boat and me.

Deep is the yearning
To smell the salt air
To feel the salt spray
Foul weather or fair.

Educational Facts:

Some Facts about lobsters at The Lobsterman's Page.

Z is for Zoetic

Good Words Alphabetically: Z is for Zoetic Ah, z end of z month... I'm going to miss writing a poem and drawing every day.  Perhaps I wi...