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WRiTE Club 2013!

The 2013 bout of WRiTE Club is starting soon.  If you want to write for it...Sunday at midnight is the deadline for your 500 word submission.  If you want to be able to vote on the writing... you still need to sign up on the LInky to vote.  If you are not on the Linky and you vote for someone's piece of writing, your vote will be disqualified. So write or read and vote, but go to DL Hammon's WRiTE Club 2013 to get more information, rules and regulations, and to register for a really fun writing bout!

I Told You I Would

Shiny, wet leaves this morning, looking out my window from my "blogging post". I told you I would repost.  But I'm not.  Today is Poetry Friday over at Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's Poetry Farm , and I have linked my post from Sunday to it today.  So Poetry Friday people will be going to my post about the e-zine, Shadows Express to read "Two Rainbows and the Moon" , while we stay right here... So what shall we do? We're here in Maine, Vacationland...ah, a trip to the beach, a picnic, hike the trails, go fishing, pick strawberries, kayak the bay, eat some Gifford's ice cream, do some hammock stretching exercises... Oh, it's raining outside... again? It's actually cold enough in the house to turn on the heat.  A while ago there were a couple of sweltering, days and nothing was funny.   It got so hot in the middle of June, we broke down and bought an air conditioner.  That was evidently all we needed.  I was amazed by its cooling effect.  M

Elevator Gate Photo - 15 Words or Less Poetry

Laura Salas has 15 Words or Less picture prompted poetry today.  Go there to see the picture and read more poems inspired by this iron elevator gate.  I had to write three....sorry!  I'm stopping before they become four, or five.  You are welcome. Eight arrows flew Into the air And landed in A row right there! ~~~or~~~ A fancy comb for Queenie's locks? Or the elevated part Of argyle socks? ~~~or~~~ Elevator eliminator = stairs Procrastinator terminator = deadline Incubator hibernator = egg Instigator propagator  = gossip Alligator motivator = hunger

E-Zine Published

Shadows Express e-zine has their Summer Edition out and available here free .  And my poem is in it!  Yea!  "Two Rainbows and the Moon" was written one year ago (less about a week) right after I saw that beautiful sky after a rain shower.  It just struck me as so beautiful, that I had to write about it.  Here's what I wrote the day I saw two rainbows and the moon, before writing the poem: "But let me tell you what I saw. On my left, the horizon was sporting puffy golden and pink clouds with upper highlights of silvery white on the light blue watercolored sky.  To my right, there were heavy gray clouds, threatening rain.  But in the middle of those gray clouds was a rosy deep pink glow, like the flushed cheeks of a child with a fever...the glow seemed to emanate from the cloud, but in reality it was the reflection of the setting sun on that cloud...and then... two rainbows over that fevered cloud! As I made a turning exit off the highway, almost reversing m

Cat and Mouse Game

Today is Poetry Friday and it's being hosted by Carol at Carol's Corner .  Go there after you leave here and read some other great poems and things about poetry linked on that page! A couple of days ago, we watched a robin in the middle of the road readying a caterpillar for its meal...not the caterpillar's meal... the ROBIN'S meal OF caterpillar.  I have to get better at the English language.  It's the only language I speak, so there are no other options or excuses.  Maybe I should learn French.  I might be better at it, who knows? I wish I'd gotten a picture of this incident though.  It was cute in a kind of cruel way... but it was just nature's food chain thing:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Intent on a caterpillar crossing the road  The robin ignores our car to do what he does We wait a few feet away hoping no one comes While he keeps a beady eye on the stretchy fuzz   - and we wait. The robin sees nothing but his prey in his path As he ke

Thank You for Yesterday

I was overwhelmed by the blitzing yesterday.  It was so incredible to have that many people visit my site.  I hoped that no one was disappointed in their time spent!  It occurred to me that it could have been a silly waste of time - a nice gesture - but still a waste of someone's time.  For those who don't like poetry it probably WAS a checklist item... go there, grit your teeth when you see it is poetry time, read it (maybe), comment, done, get on to something else.  And for anyone who was looking for tips about writing... not here.  For a paranormal experience?  Nope.  Won't happen here.  For a funny, squirt milk out your nose laugh?  Not yesterday anyway!  For a cute cat picture?  Sorry, not yesterday - Purrsee wasn't posing in our frying pan again.  For a cute, young blogger with fluttering eyelashes?  Ha! She's been here, but left a few years ago. So...SO...for all of you that visited yesterday and read my poems of trees and sight, whether you got what you ca

In Celebration of Seeing Trees

At long last all the trees in Maine are sporting fresh greens, and I have sprouted glasses.  These coinciding events have made me doubly appreciative of each.   See yesterday's post "The Blessing of Sight" . I got carried away and decided to literally focus on trees for today.  I pulled the first rhyming poem from my file of poem parts and finished editing it, and then the second one, non-rhyming, is hot off the press, having just popped out of my brain and plopped out on the page. So now the two Poet Trees to celebrate Seeing Trees... that would be ME seeing trees, not trees that actually SEE... but you knew that.  Poplars never stand alone Where one is there’s another And if the other’s not a friend It’ll be a sis or brother. They shake their green well-spangled arms When winds begin to shout They flutter-dance and clap and swing Till leaves laugh inside out. A happy lot the poplar is- So friendly and quite popular From spreading roots below its trunk

The Blessing of Sight

Baby grasshopper by a small water bottle cap. This morning, as I stood on my porch, I saw things.  I have new glasses.  I've been wearing reading glasses for quite some time.  Years.  And I just got bifocals.  I have a cataract in my right eye and my left has had double vision for a few years now.  I've made do with readers, refusing to succumb to the authentic need for vision assistance.  The cataract will be dealt with in a few months, but I decided I really would like to see before that.  So now I have my glasses.  I almost cried in the office when I got them.  It wasn't a good cry.  It was not a cry of "Oh, how wonderful, I can finally see again!"  It was a cry of, "Oh, no, I still can't see and it's even worse with glasses on!"  The 200 pairs of glasses on the wall in front of me looked like 400.  The words she put in front of me to read, floated from large to small and wide spacing to narrow.  I could see nothing, and was nauseous to

Wordless Wednesday

Another rainy day.

I Wonder...

It's Poetry Friday!  Yea! Tabatha Yeatts of The Opposite of Indifference is our gracious host today.  Go find some great poetry links to sunny up your day and make your toes sing! (oh, yeah, they sing...ask my kids)  Okay, here are my poems for kids at heart... all wondery today.  The first one, posted before but read very little, was instigated by Father Goose.  It in turn instigated the others poems.  I wonder what will be next. How and Why Are you supposin' a rose is chosen by a honeybee's nosin'? Or thinkest thou the hue is how and why a rose gets chosen? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ant Bee An ant's as busy as a bee without the wings to fly. Do you think ants would love a chance to strap on wings and try? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Wonder I wonder what a fish would do if he had shoes like us. Do you think he would walk to school or ride in a school bus? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Who Is It? When I was just a little one I knew

Drama in the Woods

I was working around the kitchen when I heard the little notification that my daughter was online and chatting with me.  So I went over to the computer on the kitchen table - well, one of the kitchen tables - the cat and computer table - and started chatting back.  I face the sliding glass doors to nowhere - twelve years and no deck yet - when I sit at my computer, so I can watch the backyard where turkeys and deer meander through occasionally.  My husband has been keeping up with a bird feeder out there that two red squirrels have taken a liking to, along with some gorgeous blue jays, some chickadees and a variety of other seed-eaters.  From time to time there is a ruckus as both squirrels arrive at the same time.  I've watched them stare each other down - one one the seed brick and the other on a nearby branch.  No one gets to eat then.  Squirrel 1 on seeds, Squirrel 2 on empty corn holder - staring at each other. Finally, I will see one chase the other up and down and


Thanks, Mary Hill of Maryeandering for passing on the Sunshine Award to me.  I would love to now pass on a little sunshine if I could today. Here are my answers to the questions posed - 1. What inspired you to start blogging?   I actually started blogging on a couple of my other sites,  one being "Wireless in the Wilderness" which was the start of a blog telling people where they could have a cup of coffee and be wireless in Maine - which are not always easy to find in the wilderness, and the other is "Talk n Tech" which was to pass along tech tips for teachers.  I then got involved with Two Writing Teachers through their Slice of Life daily blogging in March two years ago,  and from there I just kept on writing. 2. How did you come up with the name of your blog?   Well, my site is main(e)ly my writing in Maine.  It just fit and no one had the name already.  Can you imagine if I lived in California...Californialy Write...nope. 3. What is your favorite blog t

Saturday's Poetry Friday Continued

Well, Friday morning came way too early for me.  I was congested and up by 2 am and attempted to sleep in a chair.  That didn't work out.  So I was pretty tired for Friday. While I was awake, I wrote my poems for Poetry Friday and posted them along with some tired drivel that I decided to leave up. After I posted my poet/poet tree poem, I visited other Poetry Friday posts.  When I got to Father Goose's I read his poem about a bee, and then wrote the following poem as a comment.  I changed my mind, and didn't submit it as a comment.   I'm posting it now as a poem inspired by the poem written by Charles Ghigna at Father Goose's . Are you supposin' a rose is chosen by a honeybee's nosin'? Or thinkest thou the hue is how and why a rose gets chosen? Oh, goodness.  The title that I was just about to write for this post has inspired me to write something else.  So I have to think of a different title, just in case I use the one I'm thinking of on