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Found Poem: Psalm 116

Psalm 116 I love the Lord ,  He heard my voice; Gracious, merciful Lord, I offer thanksgiving. Praise ye the Lord ! by Donna JT Smith

Sunday's Found Poem

Today's found poem is from Psalm 100: 1-5 in the KJV Bible.  It developed nicely into a Haiku today.   Psalm 100: 1-5 Make a joyful noise,
 Serve with gladness, Come singing: His truth endureth. I hope you have a wonderful day!  Do something good or fun, or both, that you have fond memories of for a long time - perhaps for even longer than the winter!


I told you I'd tell you about the Metaphor workshop today, but unfortunately I was only able to attend for about an hour.  I kept hearing an insistent buzz from my cell phone across the room, and finally went to see what was up.  We had a family emergency that I couldn't deal with there.  It would require extended time out of the class, so I had to excuse myself.  Rachel said she would send me the comments on my poem, as well as the comments on the other participants' poems.  So I am awaiting those in snail mail. Meanwhile this week I helped a friend compile a book in Blurb, and because I was going to help her, I refreshed my skills in Blurbify by writing and assembling the book I was going to make for my 3 year old grand daughter for Christmas.  Here's a page from it: Chicks Just a little while ago Some eggs were slowly hatching Now you see chicks everywhere Pecking, eating, scratching! I am now editing out the dedication page and making it available f

Acts 1: 4-11

Acts 1: 4-11 wait for the promise it is not for you to know the times ye shall receive power and be witnesses unto the uttermost part of the earth. when he was taken up out of their sight they looked stedfastly toward heaven two men in white apparel said “why stand ye gazing  up into heaven? Jesus shall come as ye have seen him go” This was an answer to prayer this morning.  I love when that happens. THIS morning (Monday), I looked at it again, and decided to tweak some more, just for fun and see if I could condense further.  And I like it better now. Acts 1: 4-11 wait for the promise - it is not for us to know the times - receive power, be witnesses unto the earth; Jesus shall come as seen go  And He is still a help to me.

Metaphor for Today

Today I have a metaphor workshop . As preparation prior to the workshop, this past week we were sent some readings to do about the topic, and copies of all 12 participants' poems.  We are to find positives in each poem, making note of rhythm, line breaks, word usage, etc. As I read, I am getting a better handle on what they are talking about in writing poems of metaphor.  As I read the other poems, I am getting scared.  Mine is nothing like the others.  The others are more "grown up", more sophisticated; and some I just don't understand.  I feel like the Grandma Moses in a group of Rembrandts! I'm already thinking of edits to my poem, not Rembrandt quality, but at least more to the point of the workshop!  I have written a couple or three short poems using metaphors that I think may be closer to what I should be trying for. This growing is painful, or exciting...I'm not sure.  Ha!  I think I had those emotions in childbirth, too!  Now there's the begi

Found Poem 2 Peter 3: 1-28

Sunday's Found Poem from the KJV Bible: 2 Peter 3: 1-28 I stir up  remembrance: The Lord will come as a thief in the night; heavens shall pass, earth burned. What ought ye to be? Diligent, without spot, blameless.  Grow in grace, and the knowledge  of Christ -  to him be glory for ever.  By Donna JT Smith, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017


It is Poetry Friday. It is Poetry Friday whether you have electricity or not. (Update:  WE HAVE POWER!)  Ours went out at 2:30 am on Monday... see yesterday's post . The storm we had was called a bomb cyclone .  They are caused by a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure.  I guess it was instigated by Tropical Storm Philippe that merged with a cold front (I'd call it  collision, not a merging...but hey, I'm not a weather expert) right over Maine. But it is still Poetry Friday.  And on Wednesday, I had time to be at Starbucks with lots of other cravers of WiFi and coffee. I had time at LL Bean's coffee shop on the first day of no power.  They had WiFi and iced coffee and iced tea.  No lights.  Just the essentials. Here's my storm poem.  It's been fun hanging out watching people starving for the Internet and coffee. Power We are tethered to the wall, Power surges feeding all; Lifeblood's concourse, should it fall, As a leach minds nature'

Spiritual Journey First Thursday

Gratitude Fourth day with no power.  Still have to be careful of trees resting on wires, closed roads, etc. I am so sorry for making this long, but I started writing it when I found out the topic, and it so nicely coincided with the storm, and all the things that happened that, though on the surface seemed difficulties, were actually blessings and true reasons for deep gratitude. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Colossians 3:15 - And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This should be an easy one.  On the first Thursday of each month Irene Latham has arranged for us to post and be hosted about a topic selected by the host of the day. Today's hostess is Karen and our topic is Gratitude, the roundup is Here on Irene's site . This week has been full of reasons to be grateful, to have a heart filled with gratitude.  We started off the week, on Sunday, at church, where peopl