Metaphor for My Life

In November I will be going to a writing workshop given by the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance.  It is over an hour away, but (or should that be "and"?) I think it will be fun.
The workshop is called "The Magic of Metaphor" and is being given by Rachel Contreni Flynn.
For the workshop, each participant must submit one poem for critique, a week before the class.  So here's mine.  Started yesterday, tweaked and expanded this morning.  I think I'm done.  I hope so.  I'm at least finished.

Caught in Cotton

My life, a quilt,
With coffee spilt,
Hand stitched, it holds,
Pieced new and old
Some thinning parts
And softer spots
A mix of hues
And scattered knots.
Most threads are taut
Though some uncaught.
Uneven seams
That capture dreams.
And over there
A little tear.
Or was that a tear?
A tear or tear; it isn’t clear
Unless you hear.

True blue, blood red,
In layers spread.
I wrap myself in
Undone frays,
But shed
Each thread
When comes the day.
Then handed down
In measured folds
Caught in cotton -
Memories told
Pieced together
Daughters to sons
In new quilts spun
But all the while
My fabric’s there;
My life, a quilt,
Had much to share.

Donna JT Smith, October 26, 2017

Enjoy more Poetry Friday with our hostess, Brenda, at Friendly Fairy Tales today.


  1. I always admire your rhythm and rhyme in your poems, Donna, admire your ability to make the lines work so well. This is lovely, the quilt as life. I think you had a birthday this week. (Hope I'm right!) So it is a poem for celebrating that, too. Have a wonderful time at your workshop!

    1. Thursday was my birthday...yes. You amaze me.
      I'm excited about joining writers for a day of writing! Never done it before!

  2. I love how you inserted that little aside in italics! Can't wait to hear more about the workshop/class!

    1. The aside seemed appropriate! I'm psyched about the writing session! I'll post after it.

  3. I've never been to a writing workshop, but I'd love to go one day - it must be pretty inspiring to be surrounded by other writers! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Oh, so much scope for imagination in this. Quilt is a lovely metaphor for life. There are many great lines. This section caught me on first reading:

    "Some thinning parts
    And softer spots
    A mix of hues
    And scattered knots."

  5. I like your metaphor and the way you developed it, Donna. I hope you have a great time at your workshop. What a great treat to give yourself. I will picture you zooming there on your motorcycle, braid flying like a loose thread.

  6. You cover a lot of (soft, quilted) ground with this poem, Donna! I like how it is passed down, becoming new, but "all the while/My fabric’s there." Happy belated birthday!

  7. Well you knew I would love your quilty poem! You wove together a lot of wonderful images! If you had to put a binding on your quilt to frame it and tie it all together, what would the binding be? xoxo

    1. What a magnificent question! Now I must think...I'll be back.
      There are some thoughts beginning to stir.

  8. The quilt is a lovely metaphor for a life--and the one in this poem is so richly described and flows with such rhythm. I can't wait to hear more about the workshop.


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