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Ordinary PP

Today's challenge over at Poetry Jam was to write a poem about something ordinary.  This morning my toast sat upon an ordinary paper plate... Ordinary PP slice of tree cradles cobs, holds hot dogs, and piles of fries; shades squinty eyes, fans you in a breezeless plight, but in a breeze transforms to kite. cut some holes and make a face, or use it as an artist’s base. short lived lively paper treasure 9 inch, snack-sized, what’s your measure? white or color, fancy trimmed, round or square, wavy rimmed, how could anyone berate this lowly, imitation plate with rights to boast? a morning toast for white thin slice! ©2014, Donna JT Smith


It's Poetry Friday!   Yea!  And it is being hosted by Sylvia at Poetry for Children .  Hope you can drop in and help celebrate at the poetry party!  Thank you Margaret, for featuring my Poetry Swap poem on your blog, Reflections on the Teche , today.  It was a real treat to write it for you! My poem is at the end... you have to endure photos I've taken.  Fortunately for you, I did not include all that I took! Love the cloud reflections! It was too warm in the house, so tonight before supper, my husband and I drove a few miles down the road to the local State Park and around the island a bit.  We got out at the park and climbed the stone steps to the point that overlooks the ocean.  And I again marveled at the wonderfulness of being on vacation 24/7.  Even when I was working, it seemed that we always lived somewhere that felt like vacation when I got home in the evening. Minnesota was our horse farm in the country, New Hampshire and Rhode Island homes were in the woods,

Trash or Treasure

At Poetry Jam this week, the prompt is to write about Trash or Treasure.  You know the phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure"  - I had so many ideas, and then when I sat down to write - this one just pushed all the others aside and an old memory came back. Trash or treasure, what do you see? I saw a treasure placed there for me; An old leather Bible discarded in trash Was it unwanted, who’d be so brash? “I hope that you’ll treasure this as much as I” But wishes and lives must have gone quite awry. A treasure turned trash was now in the heap; We rescued those words before their last sleep. A Bible so carelessly tossed out that day Was carefully, graciously set in our way. I’ve read both her words and the Word that’s inside And found Comfort and Peace and a Way to abide. I hope that the son who tossed Treasure as trash Has found Peace in his world, new Bible in stash, And sometimes reflects on that day long ago When he threw out Mo

Expect the Unexpected

Today I'm Jammin' at Poetry Jam and participating in Poetry Friday at The Opposite of Indifference with Tabatha Yeatts ...try out both spots for some great poetry today!  There's something for everyone! At Poetry Jam , the challenge is to write about something unexpected "Life is full of surprises, good or bad, things we never thought would occur. So this week I'd like you to write a poem about unexpected." And so I did.  I think it is the thing we hear about, but don't get to experience until we have a child. You Should Expect the Unexpected How can you love someone with your whole heart and then find that there was a reserve - a hidden place in the heart perhaps that held more more love than you knew you possessed and that your heart could be so effortlessly opened by someone so small, so fragile, and helpless? Still when she arrived in that tiny wrinkly package she opened your heart, and love tumbled out surrounding her and crad


Poetry Friday is being hosted over at Linda Kulp's Write Time .  Head over there for some great links to poetry today! First, I'd like to thank Linda Baie over at TeacherDance for the beautiful poem she wrote for me.  It was part of a poetry exchange that Tabatha Yeatts created and organizes, where people are matched up to write a poem for another person.  My first poem was written for Tabatha, and my second for Anastasia Suen.  The third is about to go out... Anyway, Linda B. wrote and illustrated this wonderful poem: Transformation Tiny fingers tiny toes, until arriving no one knows that a grandchild, by giving the names 'Gran and Gramps', start a magical dance, seeming by chance. It rearranges you into lullaby-singing (no matter the voice) mud-puddle-jumping (not given a choice) cookie-baking (a sugar success) finger-painting (in spite of the mess) toy-truck-racing (vroom sounds just right) picture-book making (easy to write) KIDS, all ov

The Lone Ranger Said "HI-___, SILVER, AWAY -"

So what do you think goes in the blank?  Where do you stand on the Lone Ranger's departing shot on his trusty horse, Silver? I cannot believe that I believed for my whole life that the Lone Ranger was saying something he wasn't saying! This all started with a picture of a horse's glittery hooves on Laura Purdie Salas' website for her 15 Words or Less poetry challenge.  I commented on another commenter and wrote "Hi-ho, Silver!  Away!" after checking to make sure the "Hi" was really "Hi" and not "Heigh" or "High". During my spelling research, I found that some people thought The Lone Ranger actually said "Hi-yo, Silver..."  Now that was just ridiculous!  No one said "yo" in the 40's and 50's!  I was positive it was "Hi-ho", as were many others on the Internet.  But now I was intrigued.  How could you tell what had really been said?  Probably not by watching an old show, but may

No U-Turns

The prompt today on Poetry Jam calls for a poem about an impossible place. I cannot go back to live the life again I must be satisfied with the one trip done as well as I could impossible to make changes to things seen done said before today no U-turns allowed no reverse gear only the mirror to see where I have been eyes focus on the now and future make the right turns say the right words so I will be satisfied when I look back and I will not care that there is no U-turn and that reverse is an impossibility.