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For today, I thought I'd recap some things I put on FB but didn't put on my blog.  Some or many may have seen and read them, but I am trying to stay focused on a few projects at the house at the moment.  Every time I think we are caught up, another thing comes up and says "He--lo-o?" or "HELLLLLOOOOOOO!!!" and then we have to respond.  Come November, and I will let you know a bit of what we've been up to. So I am kind of cheating in a way (in my world anyway) by putting on my blog, things that I've posted recently on FB or other posts for today's Poetry Friday.  Generations Why can the eyes of my granddaughter see into my soul? Why can I hear her quiet thoughts as if they were my own? How is it that I feel hurts and joys of my daughter and my son? How can I see my image in the lives that they’ve begun? Why do I hear my mother's voice when I open my mouth to speak? Why do I feel my grandmother'

Little Lovely Leggings

Poems below if you are in a hurry! But this is a bit of background story. My granddaughter dresses herself, and has for quite some time.  She is, after all, 4 years old.  She reminds me so much of my daughter - her mother - in so many ways.  The most obvious way is in her choice of clothing.  She has her own fashion sense, as many little girls do.  I enjoy seeing what she will pick out to wear when I am visiting.  She often changes clothes once or twice a day, which also reminds me of my daughter, and actually my grandmother - one outfit is not a "one moment fits all" kind of thing.  It could be tutu time.  Shopping is a different thing and may require different clothes from eating supper or coloring. The last time I was there, she donned this outfit as we set out. This is the same fashion sense my daughter had and has.  They can wear things that don't look like they go together, and then suddenly they do.  It is an outfit.  It looks good and stylish and sweet.  A

Spiritual First Thursday - Humor

Photo by Kah Lok Leong on Unsplash Humor helps me put things in perspective, and I tend to find myself looking at difficult situations and thinking "This is going to be really funny someday - maybe even later today - or now!".  I found this clip this week, and it is basically how I like to live my life.  Humor instead of drama... I may even have a slight problem with humor, seeing it where others don't (that may or may not have been a problem in the past...).   Still my heart is generally merry and sees the funny in many things - though I've learned to keep SOME to myself! Proverbs 17:22 - A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. I do love funny - especially the kind that makes me laugh till I cry.  I remember my father laughing so hard he couldn't speak.  It was the same laugh his mother had.  Oh, to again hear that laughter as family stories were told! I like humor like this: Have a fun day.