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Are You a Pluviophile?

"To be a poet is a condition, not a profession." Robert Frost   Here is a poem for Poetry Friday!  Thanks, Karen Edmisten , for hosting today! Rain Fresh the drops that slowly soak Into earth with gentle quenching Crash and suddenly it pours
 Kettles, buckets in great 
 Electric flashes pierce the sky Then just as quickly as they came Rumbles pass 
Into the night and
 Cease their Knightish horseless battle
 Leaving merely an
 Esoteric essence, Sweet tattle of spring By Donna JT Smith
 The prompt for Saturday, Feb. 29:  Here's a heads up for tomorrow - the last day of Laura Shovan's birthday month treat of poetry writing about all things "water".  If you are not a member of this group but would like to try this, let me know where you have posted it on your blog or FB so we can all go read it! Or put it in the comments here. Some new(?) vocabulary and music to "get you into the spirit" with the "rain" them

What's Up, Doc?

My last post and first of the new year was my OLW, Faith, post.  remember how I was a little afraid to claim that word?  I really wanted it as a reminder of how God has seen us through so much in the past two years, and having clear, calm faith was hard to come by at some points. Well, I've tried to focus on Faith ever since that post. Having taken a serious fall on January 9th - a tumble headfirst down the stairs of my apartment over the garage.  I broke my right ankle and right wrist, and damaged tissue in my left wrist. It meant i would have to use a wheelchair carefully.  I had one good limb. My ankle required surgery for pins. I have tried to stay positive and trust that all would go well, keeping my faith strong throughout the ordeal.  I have since then been in the hospital for 3 nights, a rehab facility for 2 weeks and a respite care facility for 9 days.  I have now been at my daughter's staying in her livingroom for 5 days, and looking forward to 4 more weeks