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Edna St. Vincent Millay

No poem from me here today (I know. Strange, huh?), but if you must read one and you haven't yet, Monday's post , has my poem, Pulse , and a photo - I don't think it was too widely read.  Please bear with me if I haven't been to your site in a bit to comment.  Life is like a rushing wind around me.  When the wind settles to a breeze, I will have more time and energy.  But this week, I promise to reply to all who comment here or on Monday's post...even if I don't get dishes done! This week we took a trip up to Camden , and drove up to the top of the "mountain".  Mountain is in quotes because we don't have mountains like other people have mountains.  Ours are considerably smaller for the most part.  But when you mostly see sea and forest for rest...well, we make mountains out of molehills.  But still, those molehills are pretty high up and beautiful. Mt. Battie at Camden State Park has a stunning view of Camden's harbor.  If you are ever

A Late Thought

I was thinking as I was lying in bed.  Now I can't even remember if it was before I fell asleep, or upon waking up too early.  But I guess it doesn't matter.  I got up and wrote down a couple of lines.  I did not do what I usually do, which is think to myself that I will certainly remember THAT thought.   When I finally got up for the day, I remembered I had written something, but had no idea what it was.  So, good.  I would not have remembered my thought in the morning without writing it down.  And I had been smart to just get up and jot it down.  The next step in outsmarting myself will be to have a pad of paper, pencil and flashlight...or an iPad that is still turned on and set beside me.  I am beginning to know myself and my limitations - you would have thought that would have happened years ago.  I still have to remember that I am like that though, for I will argue with myself about how I will surely remember THIS latest and greatest thing.  Then I don't write that


It is Poetry Friday, and though I am a little late posting, I'm very happy to be here!  There's nothing like a bit of poetry to liven up the day.  So after spending a little time here, pop on over to check out more links to poetry at Michelle Kogan's !  (Oh, my word... I forgot to link and here it is just after 4:30 pm... I got distracted in the middle of it!) Here is a rosa rugosa (beach rose) from in front of our home (near the beach).  I am in love with this rose.  It is the best smelling rose around.  Every time we enter or exit the house - almost all summer - we are greeted by their sweetness. I have taken many pictures of them, and painted them a few times.  I'm hoping to get better at it!  They are so delicate and fairly glow in the sun!  It is hard for me to capture their essence.  I ALWAYS overdo them! See... it's not even close. I'm going to do it right one of these days! Today, I am sharing a photo I took, and a true thought story poem.  D


Kiesha Shepard at Whispers from the Ridge has our Poetry Friday links today. Have a beautiful summer day sometime this week!  Looks like rain instead of sun here today! (Whoops!  Sun just peeked through the leaves in the back yard!  Maybe it's a bike day after all!) Unbroken "I’m broke,” she said, And laid in bed. "I’m sick,” she lied, And then she cried. “I can’t do that! I won’t do this! Just go away, And bring back bliss!” Then as she tumbled To the floor And crawled along To find the door, She noticed she Was on her knees, And knew that someone Heard her pleas, Where all along She should have been To see her world Brought right again. Her smallness, frailties Magnified, Her being so Undignified Reminded her that There’s a force, A power of Unending source. And tapping that She rose to see That all was as It’s meant to be. No more broken, No more sick, No more lies There is no trick. “You’re right, you cannot

First Spiritual Thursday

This is the first Thursday in June, so the Spiritual Journey Thursday gang meets to think about a variety of topics and how it affects their spiritual life.  This month's topic is Summer.  I tried thinking about this a few times over the past week and a half and nothing really came together in my brain well.  I didn't seem to get a lot of minutes all in one sitting to really meditate upon the theme.  Then I looked up Bible verses with summer in them.  And that is when I began to be able to focus better. Summer is a promise from God. Genesis 8:22  While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. This constancy is promised.  We can count on the cycles of seasons and day and night and that summer will return in an orderly fashion.  We don’t get tricked into spring turning to winter, and then autumn leading into summer.  There are not days without a night between (though at the poles they might be

It is Friday...It is June...It is a Blessing

A bit of respite in May Over the past month... and a bit more... we have had one crisis after another to fill our plates.  They have not sunk us.  They have not taken our joy.  But they have taken great amounts of time, energy,  and prayer.  And I have joked that I need a big platter instead of a plate to hold my portion.  But then I set my plate down, opting not to hold onto it. I think May deserves a poem to celebrate its ending, its tenacity and its victories. May Be June We were clearly tempest tossed well before May had begun But as patterns crissed and crossed  there were signs of more to come. We smiled despite the cost as we set our course to run. Till races nearly lost, instead turned races won. Now June arrives all glossed and we're ready for the sun. Can May's near-holocaust be traded for some fun? by Donna JT Smith - June 1, 2018 Reason to Celebrate Celebrate! May was great - Great with trials and tribulations. Celebrate! C