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Progressive Poem is Here - Jessica Bigi

Having started this poem on April 1 with a two line dilemma and deciding to free myself up of the choice, Irene, our second poet and originator of the Progressive Poem back in 2012, got to select the first line. Then she offered her two lines to the next poet.  And on and on it's gone.  The poem has come a long way, and has a nice flow.  It meanders with sights, sounds, smells, animals and now people... Each poet has offered two of their lines for the next poet, so it's a Progressive Poem with a choose-your-own-adventure flavor. It is Jessica Bigi's turn to select a line offered by Robyn Hood Black.  Here are the two enticing lines choices: OPTION 1: I free up my banjo, quicken my pace OPTION 2: I offer a wave but keep to my plan Drum roll.... Jessica picked Option 1, so the poem reads so far... Sweet violets shimmy, daffodils sway along the wiregrass path to the lake. I carry a rucksack of tasty cakes and a banjo passed down from my gram. I follo

Hello, My Name is Violet!

Have a happy Poetry Friday everyone.  Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is hosting Poetry Friday today.  Lift your eyes to the sky and look down by your feet. You are sure to see something to catch your eye, and help to remind you that we will be okay. That is all. Stay safe and smile at someone.  Hello, My Name is Violet! Hello, purple butterfly Are you looking for a flower? It’s quite early in the spring We might just have a shower. Hey! You are not a wing borne zipper, But a violet sunlight sipper You looked for all the world to me, As you hovered over there, To be a lovely butterfly Just flitting in the air; Spring’s gentle breezes fluttered you And made your petals flounce You may not be a butterfly But you’re as pretty ounce for ounce. By Donna JT Smith, 4/5/2020

Joyful Stuff in Trying Times

I am sharing my post here today, because every time I go back to edit something on that page today it loses one of my embedded things, and this last time it looked like it was going to delete the MrLinky I'm staying put right here. Ha! In isolation! One of the greatest joys of this time in self-quarantine has been the time to reconnect to God. And I count the self-quarantine time as starting Jan. 9  My "isolation" felt like it started the day I fell down the stairs and broke things that needed putting back together. It's the day I began regaining my joy. Life slowed down. It was painful and lonely. At rehab I'd kept asking to go outside even for a minute, but no one was available to help me get there and they kept telling me it was too cold. "yes, I know you are from Maine, but this is cold even for you." I'm sorry, how do they know that??? Me who stood outside at bus duty at 0 degrees and lower in Wisconsin winters?? And I wou

Spiritual Thursday: Joyful Stuff in Trying Times

Okay, a very bizarre thing just happened, and I will try to recreate my post in the morning.  I had this written and scheduled to post.  Then it absolutely disappeared.  The whole post. Lots of words. Wrote a haiku (which I will try to remember...) All I can remember are the first and last lines now...  I'll think some more... Blue sky buoys notes ????? Overwhelming joy I had found this on YouTube and was coming back to link to this when it all disappeared.  I came back to a blank page.  The title had changed and the words were all gone, and it was no longer scheduled to publish.  I scanned through my tabs to make sure I was on the right page and there was no other page open.  None.  I have no idea, but I will try to come back and write it again. Here's what I was linking when I lost it all....oh, and this just disappeared and I retrieved it again! So here's the Linky, and hopefully tomorrow morning early I can gather the thoughts together again.  I'