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Friday, August 12, 2016

Tabatha's Refrigerator and a Poem

As you may or may not know, it is Refrigerator Month here, and I'm featuring refrigerator stuff all August long!  If you have a refrigerator "thing" you want to share - a picture, poem, prose - Link at the linky at the "Refrigerator" tab above, or send me an email.  I will put it right here, as I am doing with Tabatha's today!  And I will put all the names in a motorcycle helmet and draw one out for a grand prize of a stone tile refrigerator magnet, featuring something you sent in... or your choice of picture/verse... So far, Tabatha wins... I will check my email again, but I don't think there is another entry and we are half-way through the month!

Emailed refrigerator offering from Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference :

"Another Shot from my Fridge"

"I guess the subject line says it all. We got Walt Whitman finger puppet magnet recently -- I think of him as "Uncle Walt."
Joy's postcard is one that you read rightside up and upside down (it's an elephant upside down). Clever!"

It's Poetry Friday hosted by Julianne at To Read To Write To Be.  Go visit to find more poetry gems by poetry miners!

And now, a refrigerator offering from me:

Ode to the Odorous

Receiver, giver, preserver,
Made of plastic and metal,
Cool to summer's touch,
With pudding to settle
And good stuffs for kettle;
A heart of cold.
What's found beyond her
Closed thick door?
A place to wander,
Sweet calls to ponder
The icy depths where
Sustaining hopes lie
In bits to boil or
bake or fry,
Crispy or dry
For palate shy
or cuisine bold;
But toss the stuff
begun to mold
and gross to hold.
She cannot keep
Forever more
Behind her door
Cleaning is a dreadful chore. 
It must be done -
This is my plea
With sponge in hand
Why always me?
Do none else see?
No one steps up?
No volunteer?
I need your help,
Please come near;
Help me don
My hazmat gear!

Donna JT Smith, 2016

Today's fashion-forward gear.

Your grandma's gear...

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Refrigerator Wraps

So I was just browsing around on the Internet today and came across Refrigerator Wraps.  And since this is refrigerator month, I'm featuring this.  I have nothing to do with this company, so if you decide to redecorate your refrigerator using a cool wrap, I don't get a penny!  Or a dollar... or even a cold drink.

They sell heavy duty vinyl adhesive covers for refrigerators, to transform them into vintage and custom designed refrigerators.  They look pretty amazing and seem especially good if you have a not-so-new looking refrigerator that you'd like to spruce up!  I imagine that refrigerator magnets would still work with this coating on it, but you may need slightly stronger ones, or just keep posts off the refrigerator so people can see the new look.
It might be nice to have a refrigerator that looks like a bookcase full of your favorite books, but the front of a VW is nice, too!

I'm hoping to have some refrigerator posts from some of you soon!  But if not, it's still been fun and I'll just order myself a stone refrigerator magnet, I guess.  I WIN!

Click on the REFRIGERATOR link above to put in your link to a refrigerator blog post, because I don't want to be the one to win.
If you don't have a blog but want to submit something, send it to d+J+T+s+1+9+7+2 then the at symbol and y+A+h+o+o+dot +com.  Is that cryptic enough not to get a bot's attention? I hate spam.  But that is my email that is full of commercial and spam emails.  I'll have to look carefully for yours so leave a comment letting me know you've sent me something!

Also check or tweet at #mycoolrefrigerator!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Posts on the Refrigerator

Postcards posted on my refrigerator...
These creations were sent to me for the Summer Post Card Exchange organized by Amy Souza of Spark!
I put them on my refrigerator to display them, then I studied my refrigerator magnets. I picked out words to go with each card first then decided to swirl them in a kind of free association poem (?).
From left to right the cards are from Cathy Pratt, Alisa Lasker, Amy Souza and Kim Cerrudo.

It's another fun summer!

Friday, August 5, 2016

I Wish You Rides & Refrigerators

It is Poetry Friday, hosted by Tara at A Teaching Life, and I have another sweet poem to share from the Summer Poetry Exchange.  This one is from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, from The Poem Farm.  She sent along some yummy treats from her recent trip to Spain even - which will be eaten ever so slowly and savoringly!

Amy's beautiful poem full of wishes brings to mind some of the reasons I wanted to try this motorcycle riding thing!  I think you will understand the fascination perhaps when you read it.  I've had lots of warnings to be careful, and stories of falls, and sundry reasons for NOT riding a motorcycle.  But to temper those I've received lots of words of encouragement and looks of amazement; along with the exhilarating rush of air, the discovery of beautiful back roads, the shared special times with my son and husband, and the plain old amazement in myself for ever actually doing this!

Thanks, Amy, for your poem.  I like how it fits and feels!

I Wish You Rides

I wish you rides
on country roads
where children wave
as you zip by.
I wish you rides
through wind and sun
where you are one
with earth and sky.
I wish you rides
beneath bright stars
twinkling secrets
in your ears.
I wish you rides
to visit friends
you have not seen
for many years.
I wish you rides
full of thinking
full of beauty
strong and bold.
I wish you rides
and rides
and rides
from now
you're very old.

by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater, all rights reserved

Thank you, Amy, for all your wonderful wishes...and for including my one little word for this year - BOLD!
Bold is how I'm feeling this year, how I'm living this year, how I'm seeing myself...


Now, about that refrigerator of yours...
I'm looking for posts about your refrigerator this month.  I picture and a few words... poem or prose.  Inside or outside. What's on it, or in it?  On top?  Front, sides?  What does your refrigerator say about you?  I'm posting random things about my refrigerator and my life - sometimes a story, sometimes a poem.
When you have a post, link it under the REFRIGERATOR tab above (just below the title).  At the end of August there will be a prize - a marble refrigerator magnet with a picture and/or writing from your post.  If you post more than once, I will put your name in once for EACH individual post.  So more links to posts, more chances to win!  And winning is an exciting thing!  I've been posting since August 1 about this, so check back on the old posts for poems and pictures of all things refrigerator.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Unattended Refrigerator Artwork

Don't forget, August is Refrigeration Contemplation month.  Or Refrigerator Ruminator Month.  Or Refrigerator Investigator Month.  Or Just Chillin' Month.  I just don't know.  BUT I do know that you can participate and contribute by clicking on the REFRIGERATOR link just below the blog title.  It's Refrigeration Decoration month!  Yeah.  Maybe that's it.

For the explanation post about REFRIGERATORs, go here. Post your link  to your REFRIGERATOR image and writing right there! Make sure you use the actual unique URL, not just your home page, or the link will go to your most recent posting instead of the one specific page you want!

Check back often and see what others have said about their REFRIGERATORs!  Lots of cool fun for August!  Let me know if there are any problems with this page.  At the end of August, I will be doing a random drawing using each authentic unique link on this page (so more links more chances to win). The winner will receive a marble tile refrigerator magnet featuring their poem or picture (or both if possible) to put on their refrigerator (refrigerator not included).
I'm just posting random stuff about refrigerators this month, so it should be exciting reading!


Ever wonder what the stuff on your refrigerator does when you aren't around?

Me neither.

But evidently someone does.

Smiley from Millan.Net

Maybe we should, too.

Kitchen Nights

What happens when
we leave the room
and no one's there to see?
Do pictures come
alive and dance
and have an art party?

The light inside
the fridgedare,
is it still glowing now?
We've shut the door
so we can't see
who's eating all our chow;

The dishwasher's
loud hum and spray,
in obvious delight,
Could mean that all
our dinnerware
is in a water fight.

The oven door
is closed and dark
Does it join in the fun?
Some little cakes,
perhaps some bread
Will rise before the sun?

The broom and mop
sweep up and swish,
so we will never know
The messes made
in kitchen fun
and frolic in moon's glow!

by Donna JT Smith, 2016

See you tomorrow for Poetry Friday!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Write On...Write Off!

A Zen move... or a Hai-ku move... or what was that movie?
Write on, write off... wipe on, wipe off...
Of course!  Karate Kid!  Ha!  I love when things just come together, like I planned it and I didn't.  My daughter sent this picture after I'd written the beginning of this post.

Guess who just started karate.  Yup, grandson.  First day.  Almost 5.
 At any rate, one day my daughter showed me how her kids could write on the refrigerator... drawings, letters, whatever!  And by using dry erase or water-based markers, she could simply wipe off what they'd written.  Ta-da!  I mean, Fa-da!

Of course, instruction in how you use markers is necessary... like which surfaces are okay and which aren't!  And don't have any permanent markers lying about - that's a good tip ALL the time.

She has tried regular waterbased markers, but you may need to use rubbing alcohol to get off any marker that has been on the surface a while.  It may leave some residue as a shadow.

Funny story about residue, which surfaces are okay and which aren't and not having permanent markers accessible... 
I learned, or rather our whole family learned those lessons when our daughter was about her own daughter's age with an almost 5 year old brother.  Her brother was "turning her into a clown" when I found them both all quiet and nicely playing upstairs with the washable markers. Washable does not always mean cleanable. I could not use alcohol to remove the marker (as the pharmacist suggested), as the coloring was all around her eyes and down her arms.  She had to look bruised in the face for about a week before it all wore off... teacher's kids!  

So always be aware of where the markers are - and where your children are, for that matter - especially when they are playing nicely.

Anyway, the same holds true with regular dry erase markers.  The best ones are the washable dry erase for clean up ease.  I'm wondering if there's any pre-spray out there that would keep the surface less likely to retain any color, like using spray starch to "prime" the surface.  Just a thought.

A HUGE dry erase board has been right there in your kitchens all this time.  Why haven't we just been writing notes, stories, poems, lists, telephone numbers, etc. write on them all this time?  They are the perfect height for everyone.  And if you place it right, you can have up to three sides (no one wants to write on the top).

Here we can see one of the artists at work:
There is no right place to start, nor wrong place, for that matter.

Checking out other artist's work is always helpful.

Has anyone else used their refrigerator as a dry erase board?  Any tips?

Don't forget, August is Refrigerator Derby month.  Or Refrigerator Alley Month.  Or Refrigerator Regurgitator Month.  Or Poetry on Ice (box) Month.  What am I calling this?  I don't know, maybe I'll know tomorrow.  BUT I do know that you can participate and contribute by clicking on the REFRIGERATOR link just below the blog title.

For the explanation post about REFRIGERATORs, go here. Post your link  to your REFRIGERATOR image and writing right there! Make sure you use the actual unique URL, not just your home page, or the link will go to your most recent posting instead of the one specific page you want!

Check back often and see what others have said about their REFRIGERATORs!  Lots of cool fun for August!  Let me know if there are any problems with this page.  At the end of August, I will be doing a random drawing using each authentic unique link on this page (so more links more chances to win). The winner will receive a marble tile refrigerator magnet featuring their poem or picture (or both if possible) to put on their refrigerator (refrigerator not included).

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Refrigerator Smile

Refrigerator Haiku - Frigiku

This was NOT a candid shot, though everything was a "found" item on my fridge already... just organized to showcase it, and to write a poem.  I love keeping my magnetic words on the refrigerator for impromptu "writing" or thought plopping.

The magnetic diamond shape (used as a nose here) I just found a couple of days ago at a local touristy place where I got a fill-it-yourself bag of magnets of various shapes.  They are very strong and so distractably shiny. I'll still have the clip magnets for the grandchildren to use, but these will be nice because they don't take up as much room and cover other items.

Get ready for a handy refrigerator tip tomorrow!  From my daughter.  I'm going to see if she can take a picture of her refrigerator to send to me to use.  If not, I'll do a picture here!  Stay tuned for more refrigerator fun!

Remember to post your link above, by clicking on REFRIGERATOR! Here's the link to yesterday's post that explains it, pretty much. Pretty simple and open to interpretation, really! Have fun!

Refrigerator Smile

icy freezer breath
leaves hot people shivering
happy summer songs

Monday, August 1, 2016

Refrigerator Alley

I have always been fascinated with refrigerators.  When my aunt died years ago, we hadn't visited with her in a long time, but wanted to speak at her funeral. As we were considering what to say about her life and what mattered most to her now I suddenly had an idea. I said to my brother, "Look at her refrigerator.  It tells a whole story about a person or a family."  From the inside to the outside, top to bottom, side to side... it tells more than you think.  Even if it is clean.  Nothing on the outside.  Meager fillings on the inside.  It still says something.  What does YOUR refrigerator say?

Here's the challenge:
Sometime this month, take  a picture or pictures of your refrigerator and all it's trimmings.  Post your pictures and write about it... poetry or prose (but, of course, I especially like those poetic responses)!  I think you will be amazed at what you find is important to you and those who share this treasure chest - the cold (?) heart of your kitchen.

On the tab above by the title, click the REFRIGERATOR tab and add your link to the other refrigerator posts.  If you want to do more than one post about your refrigerator, PLEASE DO. Go ahead and link another page/post - you can put a 2 by the second one, 3 by the third post,(I don't need to continue, right?), so people will know to go there again and see another cool posting by you!  Have fun!

In all its glory
 it tells a story
From inside out
 without a shout
It gives us clues
 and blatant trues
Of you and yours
  oh, those white doors
Such inner cool
 you cannot fool
When freezer speaks
 the truths it leaks.

PS  Don't decorate your refrigerator for the occasion!  This is a candid shot - don't let it know when you will be taking its picture.  I hate when a refrigerator poses for a picture, don't you?  They always look so fake smiley!  Got one of someone leaning in perusing the fridge? You know what? Prepping your refrigerator should be okay, too! Maybe just tell us if you prepped it, or if it was a candid shot. Why should we care? We like to comb our hair before getting our picture taken don't we? It's your choice. Or your refrigerator's. You could try both ways.

See you tomorrow with another refrigerator posting!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Decluttering De Clutter Day 2

Yesterday afternoon, I added to the header/title my photo of rocks taken a couple of years ago up at Portage Lake in northern Maine.  I also changed the text and text link colors at the suggestion of a friend who never ever comments ON the page, but comments on the page via email.  Right, R.G.?  I'm always tempted to add her comments myself, but haven't yet... I'm hoping the text and links are easier to read now colorwise.

I said I would post the "after" photos of decluttering de clutter - and so far I have a couple of pictures to share.  I changed gears somewhat, doing one bookcase I said I'd do, and a different one.  Then I moved them both to a new location, swapping out the second one with a different stand.  I did not take a cluttery picture of the substitute bookcase because I didn't think of it in the moment, but suffice it to say, it was equally bad!

The job was slowed by the fact that my husband came home early and wanted to go to Starbucks - so we did.  I had to do a quick consolidation of conflagration when we got home so that we could go to bed - I often have time to wreak havoc, but not to reconcile...

Today I added to the organization by making myself an art basket that can sit on the top of the shelf!  Now my materials aren't just haphazardly sitting in a stack on one of the many kitchen chairs.  What will I do when I get to Friendship and have only one kitchen table and four chairs?  Presently I have two full kitchen tables and ten chairs... my my cat and I occupy the one by the sliding glass doors so we can watch turkeys and deer pass by as we write.  For some reason, the cat knows that he is not allowed at the people only table and never even tries (lucky for us!).

Before (again):

Moved and empty:


Ah!  Now to keep them dusted!  With a cat and a lab, there is always too much hair everywhere, but I'll try.  I really need lawyer or barrister bookcases, to keep out the hair.  If I can't do that, the next step will be getting rid of all books and bookcases.  I'll just have to go all Kindle and Public Library books, because dusting books is one of my most unfavorite things to do.

Next up:
Some of the books have been removed from here already, to put in the ones in the kitchen, but there are still plenty of things to organize here!  Then I will do the grandchildren's toy/bookcase.  That gets unorganized while they are here, so it is time to do it again.

We are at SB again.  My husband was too hot at the house again, so we ran to the AC!  I'm cool, though.  I think I've taken off a few layers of clothing since December, so the heat isn't nearly as bad as it used to be.  I'm hoping my body never readjusts to the reduced layers.

So I did not get my 5 bags of "out the door" stuff finished today. BUT I do have two bags started.  Hopefully a little will be done tonight when it is cooler.  Getting rid of some clothes I can't wear - Goodwill trip.  And a bag of trash - dump date.  We will deliver both tomorrow, so I can continue the process with less stuff in the house - not tripping over bags for a week.

So tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be declutter de clutter day 3.  Try again.  Third time's the charm, right?  See you then!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Summer Poetry Exchange

"Fa-da!" (as Oh says on "Home")

Yes, you are at the right place.  I changed looks yesterday.

Seemed about the right time.  Lost weight, learned to ride a motorcycle, got my license, finished writing all my poetry exchange partners, sent out my postcard exchanges... time for a new look here.  Again - Fa-da!

Let's start with the poem!  Yea, Poetry Friday at sweet Margaret Simon's Reflections on the Teche!  Lots of poetry going on over there, so take a trip to the Teche!

And yea, Summer Poem Exchange!
My second poetry partner was Joy Acey for the poetry exchange organized by Tabatha Yeatts.  If you haven't done this exchange in the summer before, certainly check out the short winter exchange and then next summer's exchange.  It is so much fun!

Joy's poem was written on a card designed by Eva Schmutter from Norway.  The image certainly isn't the same, but it does remind me of the ice/aurora borealis watercolor I did for SPARK inspired by a piece written based in Iceland.

It's kind of like the poem and song matchup challenge Tabatha had going!  That would be fun.  Pairing artwork from different artists...and maybe inserting a poem connection with them, too.  And a dessert...rainbow sherbet for this one... ok.  Too complex

Here is the link to her site.  The card had the image #392 Aurora Borealis in the Winter collection. I think I'm going to order a print for Gull Haven.  She has a few seagulls in her collection.

And now for the best part, the "dreamy" poem written by Joy.  I keep reading it for its "song"!  I know it should have some music with it!
Norwegian Dream

Do you know
 there is ice and snow
  all year long
   in Norway?

The sun shines a song
 all day long
  in summertime
   in Norway.

Reindeer play
 all through the day
  on the hills
   in Norway.

You'll never be bored
 traveling fjords
  on a boat
   in Norway.

There is summer fun
 with a midnight sun
  shining above
   in Norway.

And if you wish
 you can eat fish
  for every meal
   in Norway.

by Joy Acey, 2016, all rights reserved

Thank you, Joy!  I love it!

the rhythm - I feel its waves;
  its rhyme - I hear its song;
    the glimpse - I see the "specialness"  
      "in Norway" - I will remember! 

I have never been to Norway, but this poem just made me smile as I read it, and made me want to go to Norway someday.  You know, if that could be considered a BOLD move, I just may see about doing that!

And of course, it's on the refrigerator.  Where else would summer poetry belong?
Right, Tabatha?
I took this a couple of days ago, to post here today!  I forgot, but when I went to Tabatha's and saw that she is featuring a picture of her refrigerator - fa-da!  I raced to my images to grab the forgotten "poetry on ice" image!  See Joy's up there?

****News Flash****
Stay tuned for the "Refrigerator Post Day" updates.  There is coming a "Refrigerator Relay Race"... or "Bloggers on Ice" or some other clever titled day when we all get to post pictures of our refrigerators for the world to see!  You can take outside, inside, front, sides, back, top, underneath (yuck!)... I don't care.  However, the most interesting would probably be to see what is on the outside, front and sides... what do YOU have on YOUR refrigerator today?  Mine is always plastered with artwork and writing, along with a few appointments, a library books receipt, SeaDogs' schedule, etc.
I'm thinking August 31, a Wednesday.  Thoughts?