Wednesday, April 17, 2024

O is for Optimistic

Good Words Alphabetically: O is for Optimistic

I wrote this in 20 min last night after writing to the word “oasis” and being all set to publish to blogger and FB in the morning. I realized my oasis poem worked better for a different letter coming up. Soooo…it was bedtime but being optimistic, I forged ahead and wrote a new poem for a different “o” word:a word that has been a lifelong theme.  For me it’s the two kids in the barn shoveling stalls - one looks at the pile of manure and is overwhelmed. The second starts shoveling thinking “if there’s this much manure there has to be a pony in here somewhere!”
I like to think there’s a pony in every life problem.


When you are optimistic, you are not prone to moan.

You live your life in sunny light, not dwelling in dull tone.

You think of what might be instead, if given one more try;

and all the while you're pretty sure you have hidden wings to fly!

And even though things don't turn out the way you think they should

you're optimistic attitude says you it can make it good.

With a little bit of "head held high", with just a hint of smile,

with paint and glue you make it new, it's changed in just a while

It's not the end of good to have a time that's badly tangled,

just look past beyond the mass and know it can be wrangled.

Tomorrow is another day, you can smile and just look back,

help someone else conquer their day with an optimistic attack.

By Donna JT Smith ©2022






  1. That's a nice poem and I'm impressed you could write it so fast. I might share a poem I wrote several years ago for tomorrow's P post.

  2. I can't imagine coming up with something that good, that quickly. Well done!


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