Thursday, April 25, 2024

V is for Vibrant

Good Words Alphabetically: V is for Vibrant

I wasn't as taken with the picture.  Wanted an instrument in it, too.  But I liked his eyes and smile, so just went with it.  If it's a different picture in the morning, that means I tried something else, but I'm too tired to fuss with another right now.  Time for bed.  See it in the morning!
Okay - made my new image!  I'm good.
Music Man

Bright notes played
he plucked
the strings
with vigor and with vim
And all the while
drank in the notes
feeding him.
Sparkling eyes
broadest smile
In touch with
rhythmic needs
He plays for all
his vibrant sound,
sows earth with
music seeds.
Bring your hunger,
bring your heart,
bring your children too.
Drink it in
these nourishing notes
They help a body

By Donna JT Smith ©️2024


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  1. I loved this one- and bravo how you snuck in additional Vs!


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