Wednesday, April 24, 2024

U is for Undaunted

Good Words Alphabetically: U is for Undaunted

This poem is something that happened to us traveling with a toddler.  Traveling home from Minnesota to Maine for Christmas.  We spent Christmas eve in the train station in Chicago.  And although we weren't in the best situation, neither were the hundreds of other folks waiting there with us for trains that were stopped because of the snow.  We ended up getting to Maine the day AFTER Christmas.  It was a long trip with a 2 year old.  But a wonderful angel shared her homemade Christmas cookies with our son, and suddenly out of the blue, a gentleman pulled out his French horn and began playing Christmas carols.  It was magical as it echoed through the high-ceilinged station.  It was my most memorable Christmas ever, and I bet everyone in there remembers it, just as I do.

Christmas Eve in Union Station Chicago

The snow was snowing
From dark clouds
The wind was roaring in
The moon was hidden
Bad weather for the win

The train was cancelled
There were no rooms
To rest a weary head
You’ll have to wait
For hours and hours
Is what was grimly said.

But waiting in the station
Came a song
Lone French horn notes
Announced a king and
right had conquered wrong

And all the world was hushed
that night when thousands
Paused their plans
A silent, holy night
Was filled with hopes
And dreams of man.

By Donna JT Smith ©2024

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