Sunday, April 28, 2024

Dauntless at Last





Dauntless and daring,

valiant and brave,

she stepped to the plate

and unsheathed her stave.

She took a strong swing

and penned some good words,

then ran all the bases 

and hoped she'd been heard.

It wasn't applause

from the throngs that she sought,

just the feeling of knowing

her thoughts had been caught

not snatched by wind

nor nabbed with a mitt

but caught and reread

by you where you sit.

Valiant and dauntless,

brave and daring,

she signed her name

to her soul she was baring.

by Donna JT Smith ©2024


  1. I love this - you continue to amaze me. Curious, are you still riding?

    1. THAT is a good question. I had such a long time off with my husband's decline, and 3 bouts of nerve complications with vaccines, that I don't know for sure. My mind says let's go for it, but my body says it's not sure quite yet. So irritating!!


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