Saturday, April 6, 2024

F is for Friend

Good Words Alphabetically: F is for Friend

Firry Friend


whenever I went out I met

a creature to befriend

a grasshopper, a butterfly

who might not comprehend

my need to talk incessantly

but seemed to listen well

because they never said a word

just sat with me a spell

My gray friend, Ray the Squirrel,

Jackson Rabbit and Jake Snake

would wriggle at my every word

yet not a word they spake

I even loved the marching ants

that carried grains of soil

out the door then back again

in never-ending toil

       (they didn't seem to listen much

         I think that ants are out of touch)

one blue-skied day I spied a tree

a tiny evergreen 

inspecting it, I knew it was

a friend I'd never seen

this new friend sported limbs and crown

and roots that held it fast

it seemed this was a friendship

that could last and last and last

I cleared the brush and branches

made clear a place to think

I thought I saw my little friend

give me a subtle wink

but spruces have no eye to blink

and surely don't have two

but just between that spruce and I

somehow the wink was true

and in due time that tiny tree

grew up, so green and tall

I talked a lot, it listened well

each year, from fall to fall

the stories that the spruce tree heard

were things I could not say

I hope to be like Stalwart Spruce

for someone else someday.

********alternate ending*******

One must remember, to listen well

you quietly should sit; 

there isn't need to always talk,

so put a sock in it.


By Donna JT Smith ©2024


I just had the last line pop into my brain before I got done writing what was going to be the last I guess I was supposed to tuck it in there at the end.  I don't think about these, I'm just taking dictation.


  1. Haha I love it all- I really like your alternate ending- 🥰

  2. Such a charming poem! I love the imagery of talking to the animals as they listen and don't talk back. So cute and clever! I think this is my favorite of your poems so far.

  3. Donna, you have a way with words, and a way of making me smile. I like your alternate ending... and now I'll put a sock in it. haha

    Sending smiles, Jenny

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