Tuesday, April 16, 2024

N is for Nestle

Good Words Alphabetically: N is for Nestle

I cannot spend lots of time on these. So some are as good as they get in 30 min and under.
BTW, the word is “nestle”, not the candy company name.  This is more of a children's poem than some.

Safe and Sound

A puppy snuggles in your lap.
A kitten in your arms.
A horse will nuzzle to show love
and say it’s safe from harm.

Like baby robins nestle in
their warm and feathered nest,
we cuddle as we read a book
before it’s time for rest.

Snuggle, nuzzle, nestle —
it’s time to go to sleep.
Close your eyes and say a prayer,
then count the cuddly sheep.

By Donna JT Smith ©️2024

A part of the AtoZ Challenge for April. Click the logo to visit other bloggers doing the AtoZ.

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