Wednesday, April 10, 2024

I is for Imagine


Good Words Alphabetically: I is for Imagine

I looked long and hard, tirelessly...I was indefatigable in my quest for a decent i word.  If you look at a list, you will see many of them can be taken in negative ways.  I almost picked interesting or innocent, but they weren't interesting enough, and often innocent is used in ways that give the feeling of helplessness or being a victim.  So "move on" I said.  And I did.  At this point I have not written a poem or done a picture.  Picture should be interesting...Let's see how it goes later today after I finish a few important chores I have to accomplish.  Hmm, important is a good word. Nope.  Not that either.  It ended up being:


I would like
to imagine more
just like the days
gone on before
when I was young
and knew
no bounds
imagining that
I had found
artifacts and
ancient tools
dinosaur bones,
real gold, not fools,
I was a cowboy
and bike my horse
and lights in sky
were a spaceship force
about to land
and in my mind I
sought to see
just what the future
held for me
I never ever
imagined my lot
would be a mother
with a tot
who would imagine
greater things than I
    “imagine that!”
     I hear me sigh.

By Donna JT Smith ©️2024


  1. I like the image in the picture. I like the end of the poem about being a mother with a child who dreams big. Nice Letter I post.

    Stopping in from A-to-Z:


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