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I Got A Round to It

Oh, back a couple of days ago, I saw Michelle's post about YOU JUST WAIT: A POETRY FRIDAY POWER BOOK by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong and the shape poem prompt.  And I started fiddling about with this round poem.  I wanted to fill it with all sorts of references to round in many of its meanings also.  See how many you can find... though some of it is in the actual meaning of the text, too!  Good luck.  I don't know the answer - just warning you! Making the Rounds orbicular eggs release tadpoles roly-poly polliwogs  apostrophic black body-heads sporting long tails  springing slipping from translucent globes of black egginess glueless globs of jelly attached to discoidal green waterlily pads afloat tugging the mud hugging the shallow pond’s curves beneath the radiant sun reflecting and illuminating each concentric ripple single pebbles have created as they are cast into the green water by a fresh-faced rosy-cheeked young tadpole perched on the crested banks rou

News, Views, Clues, Woo-hoos!

It's Poetry Friday! Hip-hip, hooray! Such a special day When get to say... Yay! Here's all the news,  views   and woo-hoos Coming your way - Now I have to remember all that I needed to say... and the rhyming MUST stop for now - quite enough... Okay. Last Friday I left you with this teaser: Next Friday: Sharing Buffy Silverman's Summer Poetry Exchange poem, maybe my anniversary poem, and a bit of news about a poem.. . I have to add one item that slipped my mind.  The refrigerator magnet got forgotten in a shuffle. 1.  News - Tabatha Yeatts won the refrigerator magnet!  Not sure if she's sharing it today, too, but here it is.  It's the picture she sent, and my poem to go with it. The term , "Ice-olated", is from about 30 years ago or more, when my son was 5 or younger, and used it when he was being a superhero and wanted to "isolate" me, or encapsulate me in ice - his meaning.  I loved it, and had to use it some day. 2. I

Yesterday or Tomorrow?

As I visited Poetry Friday offerings ... a bit late because my husband and I made a quick decision to go to PA and see the Sight and Sound production of "Samson" for our anniversary Friday night! (amazing, amazing, loved it, loved it)... I went to Carol Varsalona's poem "Summer Moved On" , and as I was commenting, I found I was beginning a poem.  So I stopped and moved it over here! I should keep track of how many poems I've written because I've read a post and my comment to it became a poem.  It has happened a number of times.  I thought it was a fluke probably the first time, but now I'm realizing what rich soil I'm blogging in!  There is inspiration and motivation and instigation wherever I look, listen or read! Yesterday or Tomorrow? I remember it like it was yesterday It was there just moments ago - Remember yesterday, When summer was here? Did it lag behind us, Get left in our dust? Or did it move on past us When we were not aw

Poetry Friday Anniversary Post

It's Poetry Friday!  Today's poetic offerings are being hosted by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater at The Poem Farm !  Thanks, Amy! First, I want to post a poem I wrote on the spur of the moment when I was looking for Kiesha Shepard's blog .  I searched and found her From Pens to Paint blog where she tells of refinishing furniture.  While on From Pens to Paint, I came across this post about some end tables she'd painted using "flour sack white milk paint". Some words came to mind which I had to write down. And these are they: Flour-Sack White Flour-sack white cottage In an unmown field - Memories still linger Where the paint has peeled. Sheets and socks blow gently Drying in the sun, Barrel by the backdoor Expecting rain to run; Windows bring the day in, Shifting shadow’s light On worn bits of treasure In flour-sack cottage white. Wide fields, stretched forever, Dry to golden brown, As the sun of summer Earlier sets down. Autumn days of harves

Poetry Exchange

It's Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Penny at A Penny and Her Jots . And today I'm sharing the last poem exchange of the summer, organized by Tabatha Yeatts.  My last partner for this year's round is Carol Varsalona!  She seems to have done her homework and enjoyed the "assignment" in this year's summer poetry exchange.  Carol has kept up with my recent motorcycling adventures, as well as drawing from my April A to Z Challenge where I wrote poetry based on vanity plates in Maine!  Since Carol also has a vanity plate, she used her plate to write a creative acrostic and print it up on a bookmark with plenty of sparkle! Donna is....         E nthusiastic         L earner         A dmitting         R eal         E xciting         A dventure   foun D on the road By Carol Varsalona, all rights reserved She also found a newspaper article on women bike riders and used the article to create a Found Poem. "What? Wearing Motorcycle