News, Views, Clues, Woo-hoos!

It's Poetry Friday!
Hip-hip, hooray!
Such a special day
When get to say...
Here's all the news,
  and woo-hoos
Coming your way -

Now I have to remember all that I needed to say... and the rhyming MUST stop for now - quite enough... Okay.

Last Friday I left you with this teaser:
Next Friday: Sharing Buffy Silverman's Summer Poetry Exchange poem, maybe my anniversary poem, and a bit of news about a poem...
I have to add one item that slipped my mind.  The refrigerator magnet got forgotten in a shuffle.

1.  News - Tabatha Yeatts won the refrigerator magnet!  Not sure if she's sharing it today, too, but here it is.  It's the picture she sent, and my poem to go with it.

The term, "Ice-olated", is from about 30 years ago or more, when my son was 5 or younger, and used it when he was being a superhero and wanted to "isolate" me, or encapsulate me in ice - his meaning.  I loved it, and had to use it some day.

2. I'm skipping my anniversary poem that I said I would do.  But will say that last Friday, for our 44th wedding anniversary, we traveled down to PA to the Sight and Sound production of "Samson".  It was fantastic.  It was our second time going to a production there, and it was as impressive this time as the first.  The pillars crumbling at the end was especially well done!

3.  Views - Buffy Silverman's poetry exchange poem came to me just after posting a couple of Friday's ago.  She sent me a beautiful poem and some milkweed seeds.  I think I will be planting them this fall up at Gull Haven where we will hopefully be living by the time they are in bloom!

Casting off her striped skin
for a green-and-golden case,
she reassembles puzzle pieces;

gone are the sticky feet
for clinging and climbing;
the jaws that unstitched milkweed leaves;
the anchor that clasped
while she twisted and turned,
devouring one leaf after another.

Here are the skinny black legs
that will linger on soft petals,
the antennae not yet sniffing sweet nectar;
the two dark strands, waiting to be zipped
into a single straw, curled and uncurled
that will savor and sip

when her tiny wings
swell and flap
into the future.

by Buffy Silverman, 2016, all rights reserved

How amazing to be a butterfly that has just emerged to a new life!  I often wonder what they think of this transformation - or if they do at all.
Thank you, Buffy, for a gorgeous poem full of the marvelous, mysterious ways of these milkweed munchers!  Thanks for the seeds, too!  September's treat at school was always the releasing of butterflies for their trip to Mexico.  Hope I can attract some to our new home.

3. Woo-hoos - Silver Birch Press is including my pantoum, "The Missing Mother's Message", in their Nancy Drew Anthology that is coming out later this month!  I'm very excited about seeing my poem in print in a real live book.  I am pleased as punch.  Oh, and it has a wonderful cover, that I cannot show just yet.

It will be available online through Silver Birch Press soon.  Here are some links to where the anthology may be purchased - for those interested in reading Nancy Drew inspired poems!  I'll post these links again when the Nancy Drew Anthology is actually available! 
 (yes, only one "s" here in "pres".

Thank you for reading!  I know this was longer than one post.  Each item could have been one post, but it all had to be said now!

Stop by for more poetry goodness at Michelle's place - Today's Little Ditty!  You won't be disappointed!


  1. Didn't feel like a long post because it was filled with so much goon news and great energy. Love the butterfly poem :)

    1. Oh, I'm glad it didn't seem too long! I get long-winded sometimes when I'm excited! Isn't that a wonderful poem! I love it!

  2. How appropriate that Buffy wrote a poem about transformation for YOU, Donna! I love "flap into the future." Thanks again for the wonderful magnet!! And congrats on the anthology. Can't wait to see it!

    1. It did seem to be appropriate, though I don't like to brag about my skinny legs!

  3. Ow wow, congratulations on all this goodness, Donna! You are the rhyming queen... yay! xo

    1. I wish sometimes I could relax the rhyming bit! Even when I start out seriously trying to do free form I end up doing some sort of rhyming. I'm beginning to question if this is an addiction!

  4. Congratulations on your publication.

  5. Congratulations on the anthology, Donna! I can't wait to read the poem. Your joy is leaping off the screen.

  6. I love the back story to "ice-olated," Donna – how fantastic that you have saved it for posterity it in a poem. A huge woohoowhoopdeedo congrats to you for your poem coming out with Silver Birch Press, too!

    1. If I'd only written all the things he said; he was a word master at a young age! And thanks, I'm pretty excited about having a contribution to the book - and yours!!

  7. This is a post full of happiness. Happy Anniversary. And Congrats on the poem with Silver Birch Press.

  8. I love childhood logic - kids come up with the most wonderful words, and it really makes a lot of sense when they walk you through their reasoning. ;)

  9. Multiple congrats! For the anniversary, the publication news, the poetry!

  10. Congrats on having your poem in the anthology!! WooHoo! Love the refrigerator magnet and butterfly poems. Sounds like you had a nice anniversary too.

  11. Great post, Donna! It is packed with exciting celebrations! I am so happy to hear your publication news! Also, thanks for visiting the ridge and leaving such great recommendations. I must see these videos of crows doing amazing things. Thanks as always, Donna!

  12. Well, you have got it all going on! Congrats on your anthologization--we've got a piece of your work ice-olated now. And happy 44th. : )

  13. Congratulations on your poem publication and your wedded bliss - 44 years is nothing to sneeze at! The magnet poem is a delight and Buffy's poem - presentation and all is amazing. Kudos all around, Donna! =)

  14. Glad your poem is going to be in a real-live book! Woo-hoooo! Your days of ice-olation are apparently over. ;-)


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