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Time and Space

Time goes by, and I realize I have not put much online lately.  It isn't that I haven't been writing, but because I have.  And I have been busy with life. I don't know if anyone has invented this poetry form or not.  I will have to research it.   I would call it a Shuffle.  I have written the poem to have alternating lines.  The first Stanza is non-rhyming, the second has the same rhyme throughout, then the lines are alternated to make the third stanza.   Better understood after reading it! Time and Space So much time,   . Wait... short the time,   Something's wrong - Each battered soul   Desires as I     
       A contented walk   No stress or grimace

       Though time runs short      In joyful Autumn    I dare to linger     so little space    but long the race    confounded pace    in need of grace       to find a place    without dark trace    clouding face    so much is chase    such a fickle embrace    ere sweet flakes of lace. So much time,    so


Michelle H. Barnes of Today's Little Ditty interviewed sloth fan, Rebecca Herzog, who gave the poetic challenge of writing about what a monster might be afraid of.  I started with one thing in mind, and it grew and twisted by the end.  Hope you had a scareful Halloween! Scareful Upstairs in my darkened room I love to scatter dust with broom, Then eat a snack of lovely bugs Like beetles, worms and slimy slugs. I pet my rat, I catch my bat; Content with where each web is at. And I am hummy-glum in gloom…    Until… I hear the dreadful chilling sound    Of children -      Up the stairs they bound With awful, joyful sounds of giggling - Their bodies, hands and lips all wiggling - A disgusting and revolting sight Made worse when they turn on the light! I shiver-hide behind a box Avoiding sounds of happy talks Trying not to be so scared Of children with their shiny hair. Why don’t they have a webby do? Why do they scream a silly “boo!” When will they all