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Did You Say "Feed Me?'

Thanks, Two Writing Teachers (or more) for hosting the Tuesday Slice of Life.  This slice of life is a bit from earlier this summer, last week and when I was a child.  It's like a slice of three layer cake (gluten free, for me, of course). Don't know who this bird is looking at the babies.  Sometimes wrens will come to steal a nest. About 8 years ago, a phoebe built a nest on our porch.  We watched her sit on the nest and later feed her 4 babies.  We watched as they grew too large for the nest.  And one day, when my husband got too close, they just exploded out of the nest, never to be seen again that summer!  When they are ready to fly, they just up and leave. We had a nest of phoebes on our porch again this year.  A phoebe came and made four starts that amounted to four small piles of stuff between porch rafters.  Reading about their habits, I learned that the male typically starts nests before the female arrives, and she decides which one will be "Home, Swe

Fisherman Senryu Two

Good morning!  It's Poetry Friday! My fisherman doorstop from last Friday's Roundup was still on my countertop a few days ago (I told you he didn't have a job), and he just spoke to me again.  This time, I added my first "little watercolor" using my new real watercolors on real paper as a backdrop for writing another poem in his honor! He's a fun study.  Such a magnetic personality!   The Fisherman Man of sea and shore Smiling eyes blue as water His laugh like thunder ©Donna JT Smith, 2015  Then I put my fisherman in his rightful place (where he thinks he has a job, but there is no door to hold) and then decided to switch the picture to a watercolor that I did with my grandson's watercolor set that I keep here for his visits.  They are the typical paints in the round pots in a plastic container.  These paints, though they do make colors, have a tendency to want to give you "pieces of paint" instead of blending nicely.  Th

Summer Poetry Swap 2

My husband gets the mail. A big envelope is in the box. "That's big writing." "Oh, that's my second poem.  Must be from Tabatha; she emailed it was on its way soon." I open it as we drive (our mailbox is about a mile away from our house). "Oooh!  That's so nice (as I pull out the penned letter "D").  "She says she wrote a word poem - a modified sonnet - from a word that was in ebullient abundance on my blog - "imagination"." I read the note aloud to him. I read the poem aloud, also. "Imagination, huh.  I don't think I've ever used that word.  Is it really in "ebullient abundance on my blog"? "Of course it is.  You really need to read your blog." And, as I told Tabatha in my reply email, "If I'd been drinking a latte, it would have been out my nose, the laugh came so suddenly, unexpectedly and forcefully! See, I don't even know what I'm doing or what I'

A Slice of Cows and Poetry

I was doing a bit of Internet research yesterday for some poetry I’m working on.  I like to read articles and find out as much as I can before embarking on new writing topics. While I was puttering around on the Internet, I came across the horrific story of children’s author, Babette Cole , author of Princess Smartypants. On June 15, she was out walking her two terriers in a field, when cows with their calves approached.  The cows attacked her and her dogs, appearing to be attempting to kill her and the dogs, perhaps seeing them as a threat to their calves. A man and woman were looking at a nearby house that was for sale, and they then decided to walk the land. The cows in the neighboring field seemed to be in some sort of commotion, so they looked over the fence, in time to see a dog hurtle through the air.  Looking down, they discovered Babette severely injured and bleeding.  The couple rescued her and she was flown to a hospital where she spent a week recovering from broken ribs,

Poetry Friday Roundup is Here

Posting early to let people start their Friday early....and to make sure there are no problems with the postings! Welcome to Poetry Friday Mainia! It is a fun-filled five days in our area with Bath's Heritage Days in full swing!  I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July on Saturday. Meanwhile, back at our poetry party - join in the poetry action by adding your information below. Fill in the first part with your name or web page name - title or poem offering. Your email won't show up, but then put in your unique URL to the page for today: Hope you enjoy reading lots of poetry to get your holiday started.  Below, is an old iron doorstop that my parents had for many years.  It's now at my home.  I don't really need any doors held open, but he enjoys a nice spot on the floor near a door in the livingroom. After my Tuesday post about the Coincidental Seagull, I picked up my cast iron fisherman and set him on the kitchen countertop.  I looked at the magnet