Summer Poetry Swap 2

My husband gets the mail.
A big envelope is in the box.
"That's big writing."
"Oh, that's my second poem.  Must be from Tabatha; she emailed it was on its way soon."
I open it as we drive (our mailbox is about a mile away from our house).
"Oooh!  That's so nice (as I pull out the penned letter "D"). 
"She says she wrote a word poem - a modified sonnet - from a word that was in ebullient abundance on my blog - "imagination"."
I read the note aloud to him.
I read the poem aloud, also.
"Imagination, huh.  I don't think I've ever used that word.  Is it really in "ebullient abundance on my blog"?
"Of course it is.  You really need to read your blog."

And, as I told Tabatha in my reply email,
"If I'd been drinking a latte, it would have been out my nose, the laugh came so suddenly, unexpectedly and forcefully!
See, I don't even know what I'm doing or what I'm about.  I like that others can see it though!"

So I have gone back and read bits of my blog.  Why just at the end of May I used the word "imagine" and "imagining"...  Tabatha is right.

Here is her beautiful, thoughtful poem, with its own ebullience!  And with a beautifully penned letter D:

Donna, Undeterred
©Tabatha Yeatts, all rights reserved

Imagination is a word
With arms stretching wide

Harboring artistry inside -
Imagination is a word

With whimsy preferred
And sunniness supplied -

Imagination is a word
With lengthy legs that stride

Untethered and untied,
Undaunted and undeterred.

I love it.  Thank you, Tabatha!  I love "with whimsy preferred and sunniness supplied"...and that you sneaked in "harboring"!

Happy Poetry Friday, everyone!  Head over to Katie at The Logonauts to put more poetry in your day!


  1. I love the poem and the idea that Tabatha noticed something you hadn't noticed about your own writing (and your own self). Lovely!

  2. Hi Donna! Your husband is both funny and accurate :-) Glad I could point out something you hadn't realized!

  3. This is so fun! I love the conversation you included with your husband too. Isn't it funny what other people see in us that we don't recognize in ourselves? Thanks for sharing with #PoetryFriday!

  4. Beautiful! The lettering is such a lovely touch. I like that first couplet- "Imagination is a word
    With arms stretching wide". Wonderful description!

  5. I will be reciting this for the rest of the day:
    Untethered and untied,
    Undaunted and undeterred.

  6. I'm happy that you've finally read your own posts, Donna. And I hope you saw what Tabatha & all the rest of us see, imagination! Love the poem just for you, "harboring artistry inside-".

  7. I love "untethered and untied." What a terrific surprise to find in your mailbox!

  8. A fabulous poem and just PERFECT for you!!

  9. What a treasure! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  10. What a lovely gift, Donna, undeterred!


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