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This is WAY too LONG...but it reveals a bit of why I've not been here for awhile.  I've edited this to have the poems FIRST, since this IS Poetry Friday!  BALANCE (an acrostic) Because the times Are so tough Lately  All we dwell on is the Night; Concentrate on the light Embrace the balance. by Donna JT Smith, 1/2022 Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday, Carol.   I'm going to try to make it for Poetry Fridays this year. Hmm.  Upon publishing, I found this Draft post from July 8, 2021 that I didn't publish...I wrote it, but lost the energy to hit "publish".  I find it interesting that BALANCE is included here... _______________ For those who are here watching someone leaving.   This is not the best writing, but I'm tired.  And some days I cannot find the words.  My brain is on overload, making it hard to express myself - at least without becoming an emotional wreck.   So I continue to try to keep my balance, stay afloat, plant a smile.   Thank you for indulg