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The Fall of Leaves

Sitting in the car with the door open, I can hear the leaves on the breezes. There's a cool crispness to the air - a definite change. Have you heard them chatter Of changes in their matter? The leaves are green What can they mean? When the breeze Shakes the leaves It's different now Than summer's bough Though still the green They've lost their sheen As they crispen If you listen Noise of a rattler Autumn's tattler Draining green Leaving unseen Colors burning Slowly turning Before their fall Their curtain call Branches green Bowing to lean Have you heard them whisper Of changes Due for winter? Copyright 2014, Donna JT Smith Poetry Friday is being hosted by Jone McCullough at Check it Out.  So check it out for some super links to poetry today! BTW: Thanks for the kind words Linda at Teacerdance  and for sharing my poem in your post today!  I loved using your words to mold a poem into a Blog-gem for you! Thanks for using such a grea

Back to School

For Poetry Jam , we are writing a poem about going back to school.  And here is mine.  I have been a student, a parent of a student and a teacher...all my life I've been going to school and having first days.  Retired now, I'm waiting for my grandchildren's first days of school that will be coming up in a few years (or a few breaths it seems). I hurry down the aisle for a good seat on the bus with a friend oh, so good to see a friend I saw two days ago wearing summer torn shorts running barefoot on the dusty, gravelly driveway soles of feet tough as sneakers but now we shine and sit on the edge of the seat ironed dresses new lunch boxes in hand what’d you bring? bologna and cheese but I have a cookie, too what about you? I have a whoopie pie I have been out-desserted I’m going to ask for a nickel tomorrow and hope I can get a whoopie pie at Walter’s store while I wait there for the bus we will still be shiny tomorrow but not as much as today o

Poetry Friday

Today is my favorite day: Poetry Friday!  And it is being hosted today over at Irene Latham's Live Your Poem.  Go there for some great links to some tasty poetry treats!  You won't be disappointed! It has been a beautiful summer of poetry, thanks to Tabatha's Summer Poetry Swap.  I did the swap for the first time this year, and had such a blast writing and reading poetry!  It was  amazing to get mail in a mailbox that you wanted to read!  Real live people sent it, too.  Most of our mailbox fare is made up of bills, sales flyers and veterinarian/dentist/automotive reminders, so I don't look forward to mailbox time like I used to in the olden days. I want to thank Buffy Silverman for poem swap 1, Linda Baie for poem swap 2, Mary Lee Hahn for poem number 3, Joy Acey for poem swap 4, and Anastasia Suen for poem swap 5. And from me, to all: My Wish If ever I could wish for the very bestest gift - One that would fill my dish And give my spirits lift -


Path - a poem in response to the Poetry Jam prompt to write about the word Path this week... The path of a bird is not easily seen Where is he going? Where has he been? A path of a whale or littlest fish Is only a ripple made by a swish The path of a butterfly or buzzing bee Is not the straight route that a roadway would be The hidden tunnel of a worm or a mole Is all dirt and darkness when they take a stroll. But a mouse or a deer with feet touching ground Leave footprints in paths that are easily found; Tracks left behind in the wake that they leave Are telling connections in stories they weave - The roots of a life, routes over and under, Twisting and turning, of blunder or plunder, Of goodness and grief, of sweet and the sour, All make up the lives on this earth every hour Take lessons from airborne and fish in the sea Stay the true course, let mistaken paths be Just forge on ahead and do not look back keep your eyes open, feet on the right track Make a s

Almond Gray and Round Blue

It is nearing the first day of school, and though I am retired from teaching (mostly in first grade), I do remember and think of the first day of school at this time of year. My first thought for almond, was "almond eyes".  And after looking it up here , I found there are six eye shapes.  Mine are almond.  Huh, who knew?  So there you go. Almond for Poetry Jam today. Almond Gray and Round Blue I catch your glance, my gray almond eyes see Little, round, blue eyes peering up at me. What will I teach you, blue eyes, today, When you would much rather run and play? There are books to explore and learn to read There are crayons and paints, whichever you need, Letters and numbers to rearrange And all manner of things that will be strange; But you will learn, little round eyed sponge, As we both take the first day of school plunge. I caught your glance and my almond eyes see Little, round, blue eyes smiling up at me. ©2014, Donna JT Smith

Home Made

 This week's Poetry Jam topic is HOMEGROWN, HOMEMADE, HOME BAKED, HOMESPUN, HOME BREWED or HOME COOKED. This is also posted to link to Poetry Friday over at "A Year of Reading" with Mary Lee Hahn . Check in for some great reading.  I love "Poem on the Fridge" by Paul Hostovsky Mary Lee is sharing there.  I love putting poems and artwork on my fridge.  Why, right there next to my refrigerator magnet poem about blossoms...I believe I see three poem swap poems!  Talk about home spun, home made... I started out to do something about maybe baking bread or cookies, but my brain heard it a little differently.  So I went with it. Maybe it's too literal, but I can't help it when my brain says stuff it wants to say.  You try shutting it up.  I've tried.  Not possible. Home Made What makes a home when is it more than just a house? is it wood floor? is it strong walls? a nice front door? Is it a dog? a purring cat? is it the roof? the &#