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Rat's Nest Infestation

Rat's Nest Infestation nothing today much more than  to say not sad nor depressed just empty impressed with each daily issue no need of a tissue   i'm okay some sun with a twist of a key could assist might unwind  in my mind this rat's nesting invasion replace infestation with pure relaxation yeah that would be cool with no one to fool  and nothing to say except  i'm really okay by Donna JT Smith, ©2018 Sorry to have missed Poetry Friday yesterday, though I did write this.  Good title, huh? It was a mind busy day.  There have been lots of them lately.  I'm still joyful, and okay.  Just pensively pent up.  So many things I cannot fix for others.  It tears my heart.  I need to let go.  Breathe. Now, today, I'm out for a bit on my own in SB wanting, waiting, writing for a story to happen.

First Spiritual Thursday - Celebrate

What manner of celebration is this? Today's post is hosted by Violet Nesdoly who is encouraging us to share how we observe or celebrate a special day: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, a birthday, anniversary... I'm having trouble with this today.  Is it because often, the actual date for the even and our celebration do not occur on the same day?  I began to think about my conversation with my daughter about how it is not important that you see the person on that special day, as much as you celebrate with them when you ARE with them. With families spread over miles and years, it has been difficult to keep things rounded up neatly to do what is expected in the expected time frame.  But as Christmas is not really December 25, and Easter doesn't have a set date... why do we care?  The important thing is that we DO care, just not that it has to be some particular day. I celebrate every day the fact that I gave birth to two wonderful children.  I celebrate the fact tha

May 1 Day 1

Yesterday we drove down the road to the beach.  It was a spectacular afternoon, and just the right air to clear the head of all that was cluttering and muddling thoughts. Shadows of Roses to Come As breezes blow They take the snows Crisp shadows grow - Slow by rows The full of green begins to show Till soon All know the sweet  of roses. by Donna JT Smith, 5/2/2018

It is May

May I've always liked the sound of that.  Short.  Rhymes with lots of words...even ballet and buffet; José and olé; relay and ándale...just to name a few of the less used ones. It's a long month - one that finally, in Maine anyway, gives us the spring we were hoping to see - the one that everyone else has been exclaiming over for two months now it seems. Ah, May.  I have created a tissue art on canvas for today.  May Day.  I remember when we used to make a May basket and filled it with Mayflowers that we picked, then hung it on a doorknob, knocked and ran away.  If the recipient caught you they could hug you and give you a kiss.  I guess, depending on whose doorknob you hung it, you would either run quickly or slowly.  We were pretty speedy when we hung it on the doorknob at Mrs. Russell's house.  But we'd hide to see her smile! When? There will be flowers I have no doubt, But when they'll bloom God figures out. by Donna JT Smith, 5/1/201