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Tree's Valentine

  I found this leaf tucked in the door handle of my car.  It looked like the tree had left me a Valentine! Happy Poetry Friday!  Visit more poems and poetic goodies at Jama's Alphabet Soup !

Spider and Scarecrow

I didn't have extra time today, but I still wrote a poem to go with a quirky watercolor I did a couple of days ago. Sometimes having no time to write is the best time. Spider and Scarecrow   There was an old scarecrow all lady-like staid who had a friend spider all hairy and grayed They both spun at midnight though not the same way the spider spun silk while  the scarecrow girl swayed The moonlight fed both in the field every night except on the new moon when dark wasn't light but still they enjoyed  the evenings well spun  as each of them shared their own kinds of fun The spider learned waltzing despite four left feet and scarecrow learned weaving of shawls and silk sheets While autumn kept creeping but neither one saw And then one day - whoosh! wind made piles of them all! Ho-hum, autumn's done Time for snowflake fiestas and the season of scarecrow and spider siestas! by Donna JT Smith, 10-16-2020

Inspiration from Molly's Garden

Sometime this week, Molly Hogan posted a picture on Facebook of her carrots .  Go there to see her great image of homegrown carrots. I wrote a Haiku for the carrots in the Comments... Roots try to stretch but Ridged rocks with stony laughs Inhibit their reach.   by Donna JT Smith ...but one carrot had a split root, and Molly commented back about its "dancing pants"... And so I could not leave that alone!  It was eating at me until I wrote this poem.  It wasn't what I'd kind of envisioned.  I was thinking a kind of Gingerbread Man scenario.  But you can't stop a Carrot Top. Thanks for the inspiration Molly! Carrot's Top The day was cold, the day was spring and I had not a better thing to do today but plant a ring    A ring of things    I call some carrots. The soil was moist The loam was brown and there I pictured carrot crowns and so I threw Some seeds around    To fill the needs    of me and rabbits. Tiny green leaves An emerald sprout came up in days In spi

A Recap of Some Squiggles

I'm finding balance these days in Squiggles and Poems. The uncertainty of a blindly drawn line, the discernment of a picture, the writing of a story in poem form... all somehow give me balance as I start my day. Sometimes I start it and am not be able to continue until later in the day.  Not liking those so much, but still it is something to look forward to every day. I know many of you have seen these posted on FB, but some have not. Here are a couple to give you an idea of what I'm doing.  I took a break in June.  Life got very busy and uncertain - more uncertain than it already was - as I prepared to travel to Maine to help care for my dying sister.  I did not know how long I would be here in Maine.  She died three days after my arrival, and COVID19 made it an interesting funeral with close friends and family gathering at the grave site or checking in on ZOOM. A month before her death, before I knew she was in her last days, I wrote this.  Although it is not really a sq


It's Poetry Friday.   I've not been here in a while - posts have been sporadic, visits to other blogs have been scanty.   I apologize for being neglectful.   It's been, as with everyone, a different time, different in so many ways for so long, that I've come to expect the unexpected at every turn.  But there are breaks in the difficulties that make you remember you know how to smile and how to laugh, and when to dance. Lol, dancing has been a long time coming!  But I kicked (albeit gently) a soccer ball with my grandson. I've posted mostly on FB lately, not a venue I had been using much.  But I've done a Squiggle and a Poem every day up until this week when I missed a day.  Playing catch up. I hope everyone is well and safe!   I am fine and recovering and mostly feeling positive.   Sometimes though, a myriad of things attempt to weigh me down.  I'm still getting up. Clouded ever clouded the way is not clear and I fear that I hu

A Squiggle and a Poem

For much of the month of April I have been doing a Squiggle and a Poem... The process involves very little time.  I simply get my iPhone, go to Notes, get the Markup open and make sure I'm on black marker.  Then I close my eyes and make a squiggle on the screen.  I give myself about a minute to make some sort of sense to the squiggle and then begin using other colors to fill in the image I came up with.  When it is done, a poem emerges and I write that, often on my iPhone in the notes, sometimes on the computer or paper.  The poem is usually in one quick burst, though somedays I have to get up and get more coffee!  Or, as with this one, I got interrupted by who knows what, and it never got finished.  I finished it mostly last night, with just the last few lines of the poem eluding me until this morning. Slick Kicks I got new slippers, they’re the best, Not beat up, torn up like the rest! They keep my tootsies fireplace toasty, Wrap my toes all cozy, roasty. Don’t know

Progressive Poem is Here - Jessica Bigi

Having started this poem on April 1 with a two line dilemma and deciding to free myself up of the choice, Irene, our second poet and originator of the Progressive Poem back in 2012, got to select the first line. Then she offered her two lines to the next poet.  And on and on it's gone.  The poem has come a long way, and has a nice flow.  It meanders with sights, sounds, smells, animals and now people... Each poet has offered two of their lines for the next poet, so it's a Progressive Poem with a choose-your-own-adventure flavor. It is Jessica Bigi's turn to select a line offered by Robyn Hood Black.  Here are the two enticing lines choices: OPTION 1: I free up my banjo, quicken my pace OPTION 2: I offer a wave but keep to my plan Drum roll.... Jessica picked Option 1, so the poem reads so far... Sweet violets shimmy, daffodils sway along the wiregrass path to the lake. I carry a rucksack of tasty cakes and a banjo passed down from my gram. I follo

Hello, My Name is Violet!

Have a happy Poetry Friday everyone.  Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is hosting Poetry Friday today.  Lift your eyes to the sky and look down by your feet. You are sure to see something to catch your eye, and help to remind you that we will be okay. That is all. Stay safe and smile at someone.  Hello, My Name is Violet! Hello, purple butterfly Are you looking for a flower? It’s quite early in the spring We might just have a shower. Hey! You are not a wing borne zipper, But a violet sunlight sipper You looked for all the world to me, As you hovered over there, To be a lovely butterfly Just flitting in the air; Spring’s gentle breezes fluttered you And made your petals flounce You may not be a butterfly But you’re as pretty ounce for ounce. By Donna JT Smith, 4/5/2020

Joyful Stuff in Trying Times

I am sharing my post here today, because every time I go back to edit something on that page today it loses one of my embedded things, and this last time it looked like it was going to delete the MrLinky I'm staying put right here. Ha! In isolation! One of the greatest joys of this time in self-quarantine has been the time to reconnect to God. And I count the self-quarantine time as starting Jan. 9  My "isolation" felt like it started the day I fell down the stairs and broke things that needed putting back together. It's the day I began regaining my joy. Life slowed down. It was painful and lonely. At rehab I'd kept asking to go outside even for a minute, but no one was available to help me get there and they kept telling me it was too cold. "yes, I know you are from Maine, but this is cold even for you." I'm sorry, how do they know that??? Me who stood outside at bus duty at 0 degrees and lower in Wisconsin winters?? And I wou

Spiritual Thursday: Joyful Stuff in Trying Times

Okay, a very bizarre thing just happened, and I will try to recreate my post in the morning.  I had this written and scheduled to post.  Then it absolutely disappeared.  The whole post. Lots of words. Wrote a haiku (which I will try to remember...) All I can remember are the first and last lines now...  I'll think some more... Blue sky buoys notes ????? Overwhelming joy I had found this on YouTube and was coming back to link to this when it all disappeared.  I came back to a blank page.  The title had changed and the words were all gone, and it was no longer scheduled to publish.  I scanned through my tabs to make sure I was on the right page and there was no other page open.  None.  I have no idea, but I will try to come back and write it again. Here's what I was linking when I lost it all....oh, and this just disappeared and I retrieved it again! So here's the Linky, and hopefully tomorrow morning early I can gather the thoughts together again.  I'

Progressive Poem Starts Here

I can't believe it is April 1 already!  And that means it is the first day of the Progressive Poem.  Irene Latham who began this poem project back in 2012, has handed it over to Margaret Simon to organize.  I am so grateful to both Irene and Margaret for this wonderful April collaboration to kick of National Poetry Month. Each day in April a different poet will add a line to this poem begun here today.  No one knows where it will go or how it will get there, but it always gets there beautifully! I wanted senses or movement in my line to begin this journey.  So I scribbled down a number of potential lines to start us off. And then I came up with an idea for getting the ball rolling… I selected TWO of my lines.  We will only USE ONE of them, but let’s let the SECOND PERSON DECIDE which of my two lines they will use.  That second person just happens to be Irene Latham!   So Irene will have the opportunity to decide which line speaks to her more, and then write the nex

Madness is

* Edited to update: All schools are closed for the next 2 weeks in PA.  So after cleaning up the kids and getting their school clothes in the wash, I came down to visit them. My daughter works at a school, so she is off, too.  I can come and go to see them these two weeks, but I'll still mostly be upstairs. I've hobbled upstairs to the in-law apartment for staying a bit more "germ safe" until I get more mobile.  No one's been here since my fall Jan. 9, so it's kind of a safe haven for me.  I'm canceling my PT.  Most things are really buttoning up and only essential travel, etc.  The libraries in the next county - a couple of miles away - are closed for the next 2 or more weeks.  So, being in the more "at risk" groups, I'm sequestered away for a bit.  Everyone just cover your coughs and wash your hands till we get on the other side of this Madness... Today is the last day for voting on Round 1 of Madness! Poetry... Matt, who is hosting Poe

Are You a Pluviophile?

"To be a poet is a condition, not a profession." Robert Frost   Here is a poem for Poetry Friday!  Thanks, Karen Edmisten , for hosting today! Rain Fresh the drops that slowly soak Into earth with gentle quenching Crash and suddenly it pours
 Kettles, buckets in great 
 Electric flashes pierce the sky Then just as quickly as they came Rumbles pass 
Into the night and
 Cease their Knightish horseless battle
 Leaving merely an
 Esoteric essence, Sweet tattle of spring By Donna JT Smith
 The prompt for Saturday, Feb. 29:  Here's a heads up for tomorrow - the last day of Laura Shovan's birthday month treat of poetry writing about all things "water".  If you are not a member of this group but would like to try this, let me know where you have posted it on your blog or FB so we can all go read it! Or put it in the comments here. Some new(?) vocabulary and music to "get you into the spirit" with the "rain" them

What's Up, Doc?

My last post and first of the new year was my OLW, Faith, post.  remember how I was a little afraid to claim that word?  I really wanted it as a reminder of how God has seen us through so much in the past two years, and having clear, calm faith was hard to come by at some points. Well, I've tried to focus on Faith ever since that post. Having taken a serious fall on January 9th - a tumble headfirst down the stairs of my apartment over the garage.  I broke my right ankle and right wrist, and damaged tissue in my left wrist. It meant i would have to use a wheelchair carefully.  I had one good limb. My ankle required surgery for pins. I have tried to stay positive and trust that all would go well, keeping my faith strong throughout the ordeal.  I have since then been in the hospital for 3 nights, a rehab facility for 2 weeks and a respite care facility for 9 days.  I have now been at my daughter's staying in her livingroom for 5 days, and looking forward to 4 more weeks

OLW - Faith

It is Spiritual Journey Thursday for January, and we are writing about our One Little Word for the year 2020. Visit Margaret Simon's Reflections on the Teche to get the complete list of our little first Thursday of the month group and read about the words they've chosen. I remember once thinking things like "How could someone not go to church if they had such a heavy burden?  That's what God and prayer are for." And then it happened to me. I picked the word "Faith" for me this year. I was almost afraid to have this word...maybe I still am a little.There were times this past year that I felt like I was too far away from God.  That things were too heavy, and I was too burdened to have the strength to bring the burdens to Him. What a ditz. But here's the thing.  If you ask God for patience, he will give you trials to test your patience so you can get better at it.  How can you learn patience if there is nothing to be patient about?  The sa