Friday, May 29, 2020


It's Poetry Friday.  
I've not been here in a while - posts have been sporadic, visits to other blogs have been scanty.  
I apologize for being neglectful.  
It's been, as with everyone, a different time, different in so many ways for so long, that I've come to expect the unexpected at every turn.  But there are breaks in the difficulties that make you remember you know how to smile and how to laugh, and when to dance. Lol, dancing has been a long time coming!  But I kicked (albeit gently) a soccer ball with my grandson.
I've posted mostly on FB lately, not a venue I had been using much.  But I've done a Squiggle and a Poem every day up until this week when I missed a day.  Playing catch up.
I hope everyone is well and safe!  
I am fine and recovering and mostly feeling positive.  
Sometimes though, a myriad of things attempt to weigh me down.  I'm still getting up.


ever clouded
the way is not clear
and I fear
that I hurt as much
as I hurt
I would wish away
the hurt
I would wish away 
the cloud
so loud
fearsome thunderous
it is
I would wish
the tears of strain
would not sting
but they do
that the skies 
would blue shine
and I could see
you seeing
but it's clouded
and it hurts
I want the hurt
to not be
never clouded
except for
that one cloud
over there
in the shape of a heart
that can stay

by Donna JT Smith, 5/29/2020

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  1. I hear you, Donna! It's a loving poem that tells a truth I imagine, and like yours, I imagine others will say "yes", that's me, too.

    1. I'm so thankful for the heart-shaped clouds. They make all the others bearable.

  2. Keep getting up! We ALL need to keep getting up and keep looking up so we don't miss those heart-shaped clouds that will keep us going!

    1. Yes. We don't want to miss the special moments dwelling on the not so special!

  3. Like Mary Lee, I was struck by your line "I'm still getting up." That's what your poem is all about, and I'm so happy you shared it + I read it.

    1. That's my focus...getting up, both figuratively and literally! Glad you stopped in. I'm trying to get around to everyone's posts this week..

  4. A different sort of poem for you, Donna, a bit experimental. I like how vulnerable it feels and that it ends with holding on to love.

    1. Yes, my online offerings are usually quite the opposite of this! This is more a "dwelling in the dark" - but with love and hope just nearby. I almost deleted this instead of posting. But I guess I wanted to hear myself state that I AM holding on to love tenaciously, though it's as tenuous as a cloud.

    2. Donna: I feel your ache through so many of those lines. I'm sorry it has been such a heavy and painful time for you. I really like the poem... especially that one heart-shaped cloud over there. Wonderful. Keep on getting up, my friend. My best wishes to you.


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