Friday, May 1, 2020

A Squiggle and a Poem

For much of the month of April I have been doing a Squiggle and a Poem...

The process involves very little time.  I simply get my iPhone, go to Notes, get the Markup open and make sure I'm on black marker.  Then I close my eyes and make a squiggle on the screen.  I give myself about a minute to make some sort of sense to the squiggle and then begin using other colors to fill in the image I came up with.  When it is done, a poem emerges and I write that, often on my iPhone in the notes, sometimes on the computer or paper.  The poem is usually in one quick burst, though somedays I have to get up and get more coffee!  Or, as with this one, I got interrupted by who knows what, and it never got finished.  I finished it mostly last night, with just the last few lines of the poem eluding me until this morning.

Slick Kicks

I got new slippers, they’re the best,
Not beat up, torn up like the rest!
They keep my tootsies fireplace toasty,
Wrap my toes all cozy, roasty.
Don’t know why they call them slippers,
‘Cause on the bottoms they’ve got grippers.
“Take off those slippers, hop into bed;
Can’t sleep in slippers”, momma said.
So I slip them off, leave ‘em on the floor
Beside my bed always ready for more
Comfy foot time when I’m awake;
They even dance and shake, shake, shake!
These pantofles are the best thing yet.
You’ll have to look that up, I bet!

By Donna JT Smith, 4/30/2020

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  1. Oh wow! I love your process with this. It sounds like lots of fun and a great way to stir some creativity. Thank you for sharing!


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